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Supplementation has become a key part of my health and fitness journey. As I built healthy habits like eating better and working out consistently, supplements were part of the natural progression and are now a non-negotiable in my routine and balanced lifestyle. Consuming all the nutrients my body needs every day from whole foods alone can be really hard to do. Supplementation helps me bridge that gap in my diet and “supplement” in any areas I am deficient. I want to make sure I am putting the highest quality supplements into my body and that is why I won’t ever use anything other than 1st Phorm

Not only do the the supplements taste amazing, but I can honestly FEEL the difference in the way my body functions. 1stPhorm supplements are bar none and the highest quality. They are made in an SQF level 3 FDA inspected facility. They are tested at the ‘raw goods’ level and again at the ‘finished goods’ level ensuring that you receive the highest quality and safest possible supplements for your body. The best part about 1st Phorm is that they are so much more than just a supplement company. This is a company who truly cares about people and is invested in helping you become healthy and change your life. For this reason, I recommend 1st Phorm to everyone!

my top favorites

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Opti-greens 50

This is my daily dose of greens and probiotics! Like most people I struggle to get in a well balanced variety of greens and OG50 helps me fill that void. This product is amazing for Gastro-Intestinal “gut” health, it helps with gut motility, digestion, regular bowel movements, & majorly decreases BLOAT! The Opti-Greens are berry flavored and go down easy and smooth!


This is my daily multi-vitamin pack. I love how easy it is that all of my essential vitamins are in one little pack ready to go. I live a super fast paced life and having everything set out for me in a convenient pack not only fills my nutrition gaps but makes it EASY! I don’t have to open and close 5 different pill bottle to get each thing. This pack contains EFA, CoQ10, Multi-Vitamin, Probiotic, Fruits and veggies cap and antioxidants! You can also order the Micro Factor & Opti Greens 50 together as a Daily Stack.

Level-1 protein

This is a low temperature processed, whey protein blend that you would use as a snack during the day or a meal replacement on the go. The reason low temperature processing is important is because it maintains the nature of the protein and isn’t as harsh on your tummy, causing less gas and bloating.

Phormula-1 protein

This is my post-workout protein shake. It’s also a low temperature processed protein. This powder is a protein isolate which absorbs very fast. This is just what you need for optimal muscle recovery immediately after a workout. You want to drink this within 30 minutes of working out to aid your body in recovery and help it to retain more lean muscle mass. Repairing and recovering lean muscle tissue also helps you burn more body fat!

Megawatt pre-workout

This is my favorite pre-workout. It gives me just the right amount of energy during my workouts without making me feel shaky. It helps me feel more energetic and strong during tough workouts, especially on days when I am dragging, this helps me wake up! I never took it while I was pregnant and definitely missed the energy boost!

Full Mega

What I have learned most about fish oil is this…not all fish oils are created equal and the saying that you get what you pay for is never more true than it is with this product. EPA and DHA are what make the difference in a fish oil and if you want to see the benefits of heart health, joint health, brain health and all the other benefits you receive from taking a high quailty fish oil it must have a high concentration of EPA and DHA. If you want to compare your fish oil to 1st Phorms to see how it compares just simply compare the one you’re taking to Full Mega by comparing the EPA and DHA number on the back of the label. I have yet to see one that is higher so I stick to this particular product to ensure the best results.

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