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nice to meet you,

I'M Racquel Frisella

I am an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner, a Mom to 1 boy and twin girls, wife to an amazing hubby, Sal, and lover of all things beauty, skin, family, fashion and fitness! 

I created this blog and website as a place to share my expertise and love for the Aesthetic industry, as well as share my lifestyle as a mom of three & fitness wifey. My blog is a place to find tips, stories, and advice on aesthetic treatments & medical grade skincare, beauty, wellness, fitness, fashion and Momming.

I have over 12 years of experience in the aesthetic nursing field. I specialize in injectables, lasers, and skincare. I absolutely love my career! My mission is to help people feel amazing in their own skin. My philosophy to aesthetics stems from my belief in the look good, feel good mentality.  When we feel our best we project the best version of ourselves into every facet of our lives; making us a better partner, parent, co worker, and friend. Helping other people feel beautiful inside and out is my passion and I am blessed to be living out my dream job!

My 3 beautiful babies are Enzo, Francesca, and Isabella. I value my marriage, children, & family more than anything in the world. Fun fact – when my son was 6 months old in 2017 I found out I was pregnant with identical twin girls – I have irish triplets! Being a mother is honestly the best thing that has ever happened to me. I see the world through a whole new lens and I am forever changed as a person! I strive to be the best mother and role model I can for my babies and I want them to know I’ll be here for them until my last day on this planet.

During those quiet hours, which I know for most of us feels few and far between, I love to shop, read, and my guilty pleasure is Bravo TV – thank you Andy Cohen 🙂 I love to travel when we can and spend time with husband and babies. I love to get outside with the family and go on walks or hikes, go to the movies, and go out to family dinners.  Even in the midst of our chaotic lives, my husband & I try to do a date night every single week – it’s our little time to reconnect. Sal is in the fitness industry with his company @1stphorm, and because of that I have learned so much about proper diet, supplementation, and exercise. Fitness has become such an important part of my life and a true hobby. My favorite type of workout is EMOM style because it is so quick (#busymom) and SO effective more on that here. 

I have spent over a decade learning about the best ways to take care of our skin and age gracefully, a few years learning how to be a Mom, and am continually evolving and learning more in my wellness and fitness. Above all I love having this space to share my knowledge with you! 

Feel free to explore this site, you’ll find a lot of babies, beauty, & fitness, family, career & life!

Thanks for spending time with me this far, I hope you enjoy!


"My mission is to help people feel
amazing in their own skin."

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