My Antepartum and Pregnancy Regimen for Fitness, Nutrition and Beauty

If you follow along with me on Instagram you probably know that I have 3 beautiful babies, Enzo our son and twin girls Francesa and Isabella. I found out I was pregnant with the twins when Enzo was 6 months old! Yup, I was basically pregnant for 2 years straight.

Fitness and nutrition are a huge part of my life thanks to my husband, Sal.  He owns a supplement company called 1stPhorm so I’m sure you can believe that diet and exercise mean a lot to us. On top of that I am an aesthetic nurse so beauty treatments really are a norm. The tricky part of all of these things is that during pregnancy eating, fitness and beauty routines have to be adjusted! In this blog post I’m going through what I did before getting pregnant to support my body, how I ate and worked out during pregnancy, and what beauty treatments to avoid or keep while you’re pregnant!


When we knew we were ready to start trying for a baby I had my IUD removed and started a new supplement routine right away. On top of my normal protein supplement and fish oil I added pre-natal vitamins. I ate super clean during the time we were trying to conceive and I limited my alcohol intake. As far as beauty goes I continued all beauty treatments until I saw that lovely little “+” show up on the pregnancy test! I also made sure my fitness levels were up so that I was in good shape before I got pregnant. It’s much easier and safer to keep up with a fitness routine you already have upon getting pregnant versus trying to start something new after you get the news.


Fitness During Pregnancy

During pregnancy it’s usually safe to continue almost anything you were doing before fitness-wise. We shouldn’t start any new kinds of exercise because the strain on the Mom’s body and muscles requires more resources to be sent to her muscles for healing. Things like protein and minerals are now being split between her healing needs and babies growing need. You don’t want to be healing torn muscles while also trying to create new tissue and muscle for the baby.  

When I was pregnant with Enzo I was very active! I continued lifting weights and did Barre classes throughout the entire pregnancy which was awesome since it’s a low impact, total body workout. With the twins it was a lot harder to have the energy and motivation to workout. Identical twins share a placenta so it is considered a high risk pregnancy. I never pushed my limits. Growing two babies was pretty hard on my body but I still lifted weights, no more than 25lbs with the girls, and I would get in light cardio where I could. I kept moving my body every single day and it was a huge help. I felt better mentally and physically. It also aids in blood flow for baby and helps stimulate placental perfusion which is the transfer of oxygen and nutrients to the baby. Staying active even helps with swelling and labour, and of course elevates our mood.

Nutrition During Pregnancy

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During my pregnancy I ate well but of course the strawberry snow cones and burger cravings took over every once in a while. I honored my increased proteins needs by enjoying PHORMULA-1 protein shakes (tons of flavors) post workout, and the Level-1 meal replacement protein as a breakfast or snack. I had fish 2x week, smaller, more frequent meals, high protein and lots of water, hydration encourages better nutrient delivery to the baby!

When I was pregnant with Enzo my husband Sal did a ton of research to formulate the perfect prenatal vitamin! What a husband, right?! Don’t be fooled by the free ones from the OBGYN, they might not be as well absorbed into your body or be as high in the vitamins and minerals you really need. 1stPhorm has a package called the Joy Bundle which includes their Prenatal Plus and Full-Mega, this set didn’t exist when I was pregnant with Enzo but I took it religiously with the twins. The Prenatal has 100% Daily Value of the B-Vitamins, minerals, Vitamin E, A, C and D and obviously folic acid plus a ton of other good stuff it really is a powerhouse vitamin! Plus this is a bit of ginger powder in it to help with digestion since prenatals can often cause an upset stomach.

The Full-Mega is a high quality fish oil which has DHA fats (important for baby’s brain and yours!). And the last supplement I include is Opti-Greens 50 are great for bloat and motility. It is recommended to avoid stimulants during pregnancy. This means no fat burners or pre-workout. Coffee is okay, especially if you drank it before. I stuck with 1 cup a day after  the first trimester.

My Pregnancy Supplement Regimen

At the end of the day I ate the best that I could. Reminding myself that what I eat is what is growing my babies helped me combat cravings on many days. At the same time it’s still important to have treats in order to keep mental sanity! Keep in mind that ‘eating for two’ is generally taken out of context and all we really need is a 300 calorie increase per day on average!

Beauty Treatments

Once I found out I was official pregnant I discontinued anything unsafe or anything that hasn’t been studied during pregnancies. This includes botox, fillers, all lasers, coolsculpting, Latisse, and certain topical acids. If you’re unsure ask your OBGYN, better to be safe than sorry!

The good news is there are still great treatments you can enjoy while pregnant! Those include microneedling which tightens pores, brightens skin and stimulates collagen, and it’s also safe to have dermaplaning done and facials!

Skin Care Routine During Pregnancy

It’s always a priority for me to stay on top of my skin care routine but there were a couple of products I took out during pregnancy, specifically Retin-A/Retinol and salicylic acid for which I sub with the Lite Lytic Tx product. I also stopped Latisse during pregnancy.

This is the pregnancy skin care regimen I recommend for morning and night:


    1. Neocutis NEOCleanse Gentle Cleanser – Super creamy, glucerin-rich cleanser which gently purifies skin without stipping the natural barries. It works as a makeup remover and is ideal for dry and redness-prone skin.
    2. Neocutis Hyalis Moisturizer  – Has a high concentration of premium-grade Hyaluronic Acid, which is a safe acid during pregnancy. It helps the skin looks plumper, fuller and the appearance of lines and wrinkles appear smooth because of its hydrating properties.
    3. Elta UV Daily Tinted – This is a dermatologic moisturizer & sunscreen combo with 40 SPF. It contains zinc oxide which reflects the sun off the face. I love love love the tinted version.
    4. Neocutis Lumière Riche Eye Cream– An ultra-hydrating balm formulated for the eye area to help restore a vibrant appearance around the eyes and reduces skin puffiness with caffeine. It refreshes the eye area with a component of chamomile extract, and alleviates the under eye darkness.


  1. Neocutis NEOCleanse Gentle Cleanser – same product as AM 🙂
  2. Lytic Lite by Epionce – This is a pregnancy safe nightly acid that can really help reduce acne, blemishes and irritation. Also improves texture and overall glow! After baby, we would bump this up to a stronger acid like nightly Koji pads or retinol.
  3. Neocutis Biocream – Major skin revitalization This Moisturizer helps reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin tone and texture, and replenishes moisture.
  4. Neocutis Lumiere Riche Eye Cream – same product as AM 🙂 code ROCKYNP for 10% off and free shipping.

Although there were many small changes in my routine during pregnancy with diet, fitness and beauty, they were easy switches and of course 100% worth it. Staying active and keeping my nutrition in check really made a huge difference in how I felt throughout my pregnancy but also labor and hopefully has benefitted the health of my children for their whole life!



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