Almost daily, I receive a message on Instagram from men and women all over the country asking me what to look for in an injector and if I know of anyone near their home town. There are thousands of injectors in the country so today I want to explain how you can chose you own injector and also provide you with a list of providers that come highly recommended by me personally.

Cosmetic injections and treatments should always leave you feeling your very best. You should not look different, but you should look natural, rested, and refreshed. It is SO important that you choose an aesthetic provider who has the expertise and skill set to educate, assess, and deliver the results you are looking for. 

There are a multitude of factors that go into selecting the very best injector for you – from the type of medical professional or person they are, to their reputation, credentials, reviews, and online presence. By doing your homework, you can keep yourself safe, feel confident about your treatment, and always walk away with results that satisfy you.

Whether you are a botox virgin or a well vetted aesthetic pro, finding the right injector for you starts with asking a few key questions.

Who Can Be An Injector?

Just because someone has syringe full of Botox does not mean they should be an injector! It is critical that your provider is not only trained in the world of Aesthetic Medicine, but also that they are a doctor or nurse. Untrained or unqualified injectors are not only illegal but they are seriously dangerous. There are serious complications that can happen from botox and fillers, you need to make sure that your provider can take care of you should any of these problems arise. This ranges from allergic reactions to incorrect injection techniques to a straight up “botch” job which is probably what is holding you back from this field in the first place, you’ve seen the nightmare stories!

The following medical professionals are able to administer injections: Medical Doctor, Physician Assistant, Registered Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, and Dentists. 

Who should NOT be performing cosmetic injections: Medical Assistants, LPNs, Estheticians, and Salon Professionals.

With this being said, just because someone is a doctor or a nurse that does not necessarily mean they should be administering cosmetic injections. The Aesthetic industry is becoming more and more saturated and if you haven’t noticed there are med spas popping up on every corner. Both medical professionals and salons have started to add injectables to their list of services for supplemental income. Should you really be getting lip filler from your dentist or Botox from your OBGYN?! In short – honestly, no. For these kinds of reasons, you have to be more and more aware that carefully choosing an injector is important, recognize their experience and credibility before letting them work on you. Facial anatomy is extremely delicate and technical. Although botox and filler seems “fun” and “easy” to many providers and maybe even patients – it’s not. A true aesthetic provider can take days to explain to you how truly detailed these treatments are when done properly. It is key that your injector is trained on facial anatomy – and knows it well! After all, we are talking about your FACE!

Researching An Aesthetic Provider

Reviews – From Real Clients

When searching for a provider it should not be based on location, convenience, or pricing, but rather the injector’s overall skill level, expertise, and results. Look into reviews on google and yelp. There is also an excellent website called which is a forum for reviewing aesthetic providers. Let’s not forget about Instagram, where you can actually SEE their work and maybe hit up a client and ask about their experience.

So what are we looking for? You have to be able to answer this question for yourself before you start choosing a provider. Sifting through reviews or photos can feel time consuming, but can save you time later if it helps lead you to the right injector. Here are two key factors to look for:

The Injectors Expertise Level

Are they board certified and educated? Do they participate in continuing education and commit to staying relevant and on top of the latest and greatest in this ever evolving field? If they have qualifications and education they are probably making it known on their website/profile etc. If they aren’t bragging it up they probably don’t have the certifications/letters to brag about.

Before and After Photos

A picture is worth 1000 words! Do the before and after pictures look natural and beautiful? Are you happy with what you see? Does the injector seem to have a knack for huge obnoxious lips or are they natural and complimentary of the patient’s facial features?

Also I will point out – look at the injector themself! Does the injector look crazy? Because if he or she does…run! If you think they look crazy that is likely their interpretation of “normal” and they are going to make you look overdone too! Of course, to each their own with the look you are trying to achieve but just something to consider.

Word of Mouth Referral

Word of Mouth is everything, so ask around! Ask your hairstylist, brow artist, makeup artist, fashion stylists, etc.. People in the beauty industry know each other. Don’t be shy about asking someone even if you think they haven’t had work done. If it’s done well you won’t even know 😉 Find out where your acquaintances and friends go. Do they look good to you? Is this the look you are going for? If not, don’t go there! You would be surprised at how much someone will open up with one simple question – ask them where they go and why!

I know personally from business, word of mouth is my BIGGEST source of referral. I make sure that no matter what, my patients look and feel amazing and that every single patient I see has the BEST experience possible. The hope is that they love everything so much that they tell their friends!

Social Media

Social Media can be deceiving but if someone is good, they will show their work and show it proud. Top injectors love showcasing their work on platforms their patients use, such as Instagram and Facebook. If you are considering a provider, one of the best places you can learn more about them is through their social media accounts. Many injectors now showcase everything from before and after pictures, to live Q&A sessions with potential and current patients about the treatments they offer. 

Try not to get caught up in the number of followers, but by their content. Consider how they interact with and talk about their patients, what questions they are asking, and the overall feel of their practice is what is important. Don’t be fooled, many people buy followers and you can see it in their engagement!

It is very common for patients to find their provider first on social media. Social media is great because it not only allows the patient to see the providers’ expertise in a visual way, but it also gives a glimpse into the experience and environment of a practice and who that injector is as a person!

Say No To Groupon Injectors

This is something I will never stop preaching about to anyone and everyone. I have a whole blog post about it, here

While I love a great Group deal on a cute top, Botox on a budget is typically not a good choice. If you find an injector offering a deal on botox or treatments at a price that does not align with the local market – there is a reason why…and it’s likely not good. A lot of time I see discounts/coupons in practices that are either trying to stay alive or the injector is super new and trying to draw in clients.

My mantra: You are not paying for the botox or the syringe of the filler…you are paying for the years of knowledge and expertise in the hand holding it.

I’ll be honest a great injectors schedule is way too booked to be able to accommodate last minute groupon deals. If an injector can see you the same day that’s usually not a good sign. Unless of course they took a cancellation, etc.

With this all being said, even the best injectors offer really good deals and sales throughout the year as a way to thank patients for their business. Join their newsletter or check their website for monthly specials. If a great injector is booking a few months out…take the appointment and hop on their cancellation list. People cancel daily – especially in 2020 with covid illness, exposures, etc.

A Good Injector Isn’t Just in it For the Money

Lastly, a good injector will always work within your budget. If a patient tells me they can only spend $300 on botox then we decide where we can maximize that amount and we go for it! I would never want a patient to do anything they weren’t comfortable with or feel sad about leaving without treatment! A good injector always has the patients best interest at heart.

Bottom line…just like anything, you get what you pay for!

Injector Red Flags

Always go with your gut instinct. If it feels off, it is. Here are some red flags to keep in mind:

  1. They have no online social media presence

In today’s world, it is crucial for successful providers to have an online presence. If a provider is established they should have a website, social media pages, reviews, etc. If you can’t find this person anywhere – beware!

  1. They don’t answer your questions

If the injector seems nervous or is dodging your questions that is a good indication that they don’t know the answer and are likely not very experienced. A good injector can answer most questions with ease and should be confident in what they are saying.

  1. They are not providing education

If they are not explaining the ins and outs of the treatments, anatomy, why and how we use certain products, etc. They are doing you an injustice! You deserve to be educated on what’s going on with your face. 

To me it is so important to take the time to explain everything to my patients; their facial anatomy, why I’m using a certain product, how long it lasts, if it’s reversible, etc. I like my patients to feel confident and educated in all of their treatments.

  1. They are rushing

If they aren’t taking the time to actually sit their butt on the stool and talk with you – they’re not giving you enough time. A good injector will sit and talk you through the process and answer all of your questions. If your injector is not listening to your concerns or not being willing to work with you on a treatment plan – you may want to keep searching.

  1. They are being pushy

If the injector is overly pushy, they might just be after your money and do not have your best interest at heart. I would never push a patient into a treatment they could not afford or weren’t 100% comfortable with. 

choosing your perfect match injector

Ultimately, choosing the perfect injector is not easy, but by taking your time, asking questions, and vetting the process you will hopefully end up with an injector that is perfect for you. The ultimate goal is to form a life-long relationship with an injector who gets you and your goals and is committed to making you look and feel amazing. Your money is valuable to you and so is how you feel in your skin. If you are choosing to get treatments done you deserve the best care and someone who is willing to do everything to get you there.

Throughout my career I have met so many amazing clients that I hold near and dear to my heart. I love my patients like family! I have known many of them for more than a decade. I know their life stories and their kiddos. I’ve been by their side through celebrations, birthdays, weddings, and sadly been with them through losses of spouses & children. I’m blessed oftentimes to be one of the first to know of pregnancy and big life events! It’s such a special bond that I cherish so much. I treat each patient as if they were my own family, mom or sis. I truly love my patients and I hope that you can find an injector who has the same passion and love for the craft and who will take care of you.

If you are looking for an injector in your area I suggest first looking at the faculty of my Med Spa Mastery course (@medspamastery). This is a group of well known and expert aesthetic professionals from all over the country. If there is not one near you, now you know how to research and find your own perfect match!


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