Lower Face Botox with Rebecca Strickland

My name is Rebecca Strickland, I have been an Aesthetic Nurse Injector for over 2 years and I am currently in pursuit of obtaining my Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner degree. EEK, graduating April of 2023! I love all things beauty, skincare, and injectables!!

I couldn’t wait to get into the field to begin transforming lives and start educating myself on EVERYTHING aesthetics! I had been a long-time follower of Racquel and at the beginning of my aesthetic journey would bug her with alllll my questions (and actually still currently bugging her LOL you never stop learning!). I knew the best learning experience for myself would be to shadow her for a day, and I was BLOWN away by her knowledge!!

FAST FORWARD TO 2022- I am honored to be part of her dream team as an Aesthetic Nurse Injector at Racquel Aesthetics- performing treatments using Racquel’s pearls from over the years! I treat many areas of the face and neck with injectables using botox/dysport and hyaluronic acid fillers. I also offer complimentary skin assessments with recommendations using medical-grade skincare products, either virtually or in the office!  

Lower Face Botox

I want to talk today about an area of the face that is often overlooked when it comes to the use of neuromodulators- & that is facial muscles below the nose! Botulinum toxins are neuromodulators that are used to relax muscles. Toxins that we use at RA are Botox and Dysport. These toxins can be injected into many different lower facial muscles. A few of my favored areas are the upper lip, DAO, masseters, and chin. 

WHY these areas & HOW long it will last

Upper Lip

  • Correct gummy smile, create more volume of the top lip (a lip flip), and treat those stubborn vertical lip lines. 
  • 2-10 units of Botox, 6-30 units of Dysport 
  • Longevity of toxin being between 1.5-2 months


a muscle that can cause the corners of our mouth to turn downwards

  • Quite literally causes your frown to turn upside down 🙂 
  • 4-8 units of Botox, 12-24 units of Dysport 
  • Longevity of toxin being between 1.5-2 months


The muscle that creates tension in our jaw and bulky jowls

  • Correct TMJ/teeth clenching and A PERK is that it slims the face! 
  • 16-30 units of Botox, 48-90 units of Dysport
  • Longevity of toxin being between 4-6 months


As we age, our chin begins to turn upwards causing a submental crease, if we inject the muscle of the chin we can relax it to prevent that upward turn and minimize dimpling as well! Get rid of that “orange peel” look! 

  • 5-10 units of Botox, 15-30 units of Dysport 
  • Longevity of toxin being between 3-4 months

Platysmal bands

Last but not least, these muscles are often used and neglected but make a big impact in lines on your neck. The muscle attaches to the jawline to the collarbone/shoulders. Seen along the sides and front of the neck causing deep neck creases and tension into our shoulders

  • 10-40 units of Botox, 30-120 units of Dysport 
  • Longevity of toxin lasting around 6 months

Botox + Anatomy

Educating on our facial anatomy as we age and the results that are to be expected after treatments are one of my favorite things to do with my patients!! I believe that as a patient you must know EXACTLY what to expect and I love to take the time to educate and answer all of your questions! If there is a question that I do not know the answer to, you best believe I will find the resource that can answer it! My goal is to make all of my patients feel as comfortable in their own skin as possible!! Seeing you smile back in the mirror after your treatment, brings me so much happiness!!

Book with me!

I am currently taking new patients at Racquel Aesthetics and look forward to meeting so many new faces! Specials thanks to Racquel for asking me to chat about tox!!


Rebecca Strickland

Email me: rebecca@racquelaesthetics.com
Follow me on Instagram: @rebecca_strickland_rn

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