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Majority of men often overlook skincare unless pegged with particularly bad skin as an adolescent. My hubby was one of those people until I converted him! All humans have skin and all skin needs to be taken care of. Those of us that produce mainly estrogen and progesterone are more likely to have difficulties with our skin because of our 28(ish) day hormone cycles while humans that revolve around testosterone have a 24 hour hormone cycle. Not giving y’all excuses though not to take care of your skin because aging is real for all of us.

I have made some simple skin care routines for men and Sal has tried and approved them. They are for all types of men and you can always get a free consultation from me on our website if you want something more personalized!

Skincare Products For Men

Men are simple and they want to use one or two products.  

LUX Cream

The easiest is the LUX Cream. They also have bigger pores, oily and rougher skin. This will smooth the texture and minimize pores.  


  • With regular use of the cream, over time the man will notice he is getting a closer shave.
  • Aids in eliminating Folliculitis (in grow hairs)
  • Anti- aging ingredients
    • High keratolytic power of TCA( high exfoliating) and Niacinamide (anti-inflamm)
    • Vitamin C E (antioxidant) Gentle Retinoid (stimulate collagen, fine line wrinkles)
    • 5 brightener”s to even out skin tone, such as Koji dipalmate, Resorcinol, Rumex

Exfoliating Scrub

A scrub is an easy product to add to your shower routine, just leave it in there and use 3x weekly as an exfoliator.


  • Great alternate option for the guy not giving up his soap.
  • Deep cleanses with lactic acid
  • Use before shaving to get a closer shave.

HA Peptide Serum

Once you are out of the shower and shaved follow with this quick serum to add moisture to your skin and help fight off any razor burn


  • oil free hydrator
  • HA helps hold water in the skin to hydrate and plump without feeling greasy
  • Oligopepetide 10 is anti-bacterial so it keeps the skin clear
  • light in feel, gel like serum that is easy to apply
  • half a pump is all you need, bottle will last 4 months

LUX Weekly Pads

Once a week at night when you are feeling good and ready for some extra skin support, use these pads. They are simple and rather soothing to use if I do say so myself!


  • high exfoliation
  • smooth texture
  • minimize pores

*bonus: women you can use the pads too. Have a “peel” date night.

Daily Balancing Pads

If you have acne prone skin you can add in these pads as a daily use. After your shower and shave use them before you do any serums or moisturizers. This will allow them to penetrate deep into your skin and use its antibacterial properties.


  • Salyclic acid, Glycolic and Lactic acid helps keep skin anti-bacterial and exfoliates
  • great for the teenager, athlete 
  • keep in gym bag to use post sports to help keep the skin anti-bacterial

Skincare Routines For Men

The following is a simple break down:

Man’s Man Skin Regimen:

The one who won’t give up his soap

Business Man:

Man who is into skincare:


Red prone skin for men:

Typically in older men 50+

Last but not least all men should be using an SPF DAILY. I recommend Prime & Protect SPF 40!

Even though I shared multiple products for men’s skincare.  If you wanted only two products Lux Cream and HA Peptide would be the way to go! Most men will opt for their 3-in-1 whatever but, we should change that and help them start caring about their skin. I am here to teach the women out there to take care of their man’s skin too.



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