skincare should not just be limited to your face

I have always believed skincare should not just be limited to your face. Just as you should use a facial cleanser, exfoliator, and moisturizer (and more) on your face, you should also use skin care products on the skin below your neck! 

The RFA Home Collection provides the highest quality home fragrance and personal care products. These luxurious products were formulated to bring a calming essence into your home and add a little bit of luxury to your life. From lip balms to exfoliating sugars to bath salts and soap… we have you (and your home) covered!

What makes the RFA Home Collection so special?

RFA Apothecary Home Collection is a luxury collection made with the finest, most simple and clean ingredients. Paraben and Petrochemical free, these vegetable based formulations are cruelty free and composed of the most natural ingredients available. We take pride in the fact that our products are American made, and the majority of our apothecary items are made right here in St. Louis! The wax is made from soy and other vegetables grown by American farmers.

Body Care Routine

Here is a basic body care routine I’ve broken down into a few simple steps…

Step 1: Cleanse with Luxury Bar Soap

No matter what part of your body you’re dealing with, the best way to kick things off is by getting completely clean. For your body, Look for a gentle soap that won’t irritate or dry out your skin. 

RFA Luxury Body Soap is a triple milled vegetable soap made with olive oil, shea butter and oatmeal which is known to help maintain moisture and keep skin feeling silky smooth. It contains no parabens or petrochemicals and available in all 3 original scents: fresh, peony, and vanilla + oatmeal.

Step 2: Soothing Bath Salt

After a long day at work or a hard workout, a soak in the tub is just what the doctor ordered. Mineral salt baths have been known to relieve stress and soothe both muscle aches and joint pain. Our bath soaks are handcrafted with mineral salts, vitamin E and fragrance oil. Available in all 3 original scents: fresh, peony, and vanilla + oatmeal.

Step 3: Exfoliating Sugar Scrub

The primary goal of exfoliating is to remove dead, dry surface skin cells and promote a smoother, more even skin texture. Our sugar scrub is a gentle sugar cane-based exfoliant, which hydrates and protects skin. This combination of pure coconut oil and delicate sugar leaves your skin feeling smooth and lightly fragranced. Available in all 3 original scents: fresh, peony, and vanilla + oatmeal. Recommended to be used two-three times per week.

Step 4: Hydrating Body Lotion

Using natural plant extracts, this lotion is made with the finest ingredients. It provides a protective barrier that helps retain moisture and soothe irritated skin while lightly scenting it. Our lotion contains oat extract and shea butter, which makes it perfect for those dry winter months! Available in all 3 original scents: fresh, peony, and vanilla + oatmeal.

Step 5: Lip Balm + SPF

This is one of our top selling items all year round! Our lip balm is formulated with high quality ingredients including beeswax and vitamin E leaving your lips feeling naturally soft. This Lip Balm features a unique Vanilla + Oatmeal scent. Made with natural milk proteins and oatmeal extract, this fragrance is a soft and soothing scent with hints of sweet milk, therapeutic oatmeal and grounding chamomile.

Refreshing Scents for the Home

60 Hr Jar Candle

All of our candles are hand-poured in small batches with a 100% natural soy and vegetable wax blend and 100% cotton wick. These candles will burn up to 60 hours! Available in a variety of scents, so there is something for everyone! 

Original Collection – Fresh, Peony, and Vanilla + Oatmeal

Holiday Collection: 

Gingerbread: Warm, spicy notes of cardamom, cinnamon and ginger. An embracing fragrance that fills any space with savory warmth. 

Evergreen: A bright woodsy scent that celebrates crisp winter nights. A true balsam fir fragrance.

Chestnut: Rich vanilla, brown sugar and cinnamon. A comforting earthy, nutty aroma.

Scented Reed Diffuser Kit 

My favorite thing about reed diffusers is that they release their scent consistently throughout the day, rather than having to be activated, like a candle. You can leave the reed diffuser all day long and it will do the work for you – even during the night. 

We use only the highest quality essential oils and fragrance. Filled in a shatterproof amber bottle, the oil is protected from light until use, maintaining the integrity of the scent. Our glass bottles can be re-used or refilled. Our thicker reeds saturate thoroughly, allowing the scent to disperse further. You can adjust the intensity of the aroma by removing or adding reeds. Available in all 3 original scents: fresh, peony, and vanilla + oatmeal.

Not only are they perfect to incorporate into your own skincare routine, but they also make amazing gifts! The Home Collection Gift Set is the ultimate self-care gift for that special person in your life! All RFA apothecary items can be purchased in store at Racquel Aesthetics or online at

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