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Racquel Aesthetics is so excited to be one of the first in Missouri to offer another revolutionary Juvederm product, SKINVIVE. SKINVIVE is like no other, a first of its kind, being the only FDA-approved Hyaluronic Acid microdroplet injectable. I just recently spent the weekend in Washington, D.C. at Allergan’s Train The Trainer Conference training and growing my knowledge.

Like I have always said, never stop being a student of your profession. At Racquel Aesthetics, it’s a part of our mission to have the most advanced and innovative treatments, to help our clients look and feel their most beautiful and authentic self. Once I got back into the practice Monday, I was able to immediately dive into training our other amazing injectors at RA. We are all so excited to be able to offer this treatment to our patients at Racquel Aesthetics and have yet another new tool in our toolbox! 

How Does It Work?

SKINVIVE is a skin boosting treatment approved for improving skin quality in the cheeks by increasing hydration. An easier way to describe this product, a heavy duty, long-lasting injectable moisturizer! AMAZING RIGHT?! The science behind this product is incredible, having both intrinsic and extrinsic properties. Intrinsically it increases aquaporin3, a protein in our skin, which then leads to intracellular water intake. In layman’s terms, it increases something biologically in the skin, to allow your skin to hold more water. This process continues to increase for up to 3 months. Extrinsically, it works through the concentration of Hyaluronic Acid plumping the epidermis. Dewy + Plump skin, the perfect combination! 😉

Who Is It For?

No matter your age or skin type, this product is a fit for everyone, which makes my heart sing! With benefits of improving an overall more radiant glowing complexion, hydrating the skin, increasing firmness, smoothness & elasticity, everyone is a candidate for this incredible product. As we age, our skin becomes more textured and less hydrated. SKINVIVE is a product that is designed to plump and hydrate the skin, which will help the skin to appear more smooth and glowing. When injected into the dermis of the skin, this hyaluronic acid based product increases certain proteins that control the flow of water into and out of our cells, which leads to more hydrated and healthy skin! 

SKINVIVE pairs so nicely with all of the treatments at Racquel Aesthetics, from lasers, facials, microneedling and full facial balancing. This is not meant to replace any treatments or skincare, just enhance and compliment what you are already doing! SKINVIVE can provide patients with acne scarring or rosacea great results.  Say you are someone that has never had injectables, this is a great starting point, as an injectable hydrater, rather than filling volume like other facial fillers do. If you are a patient that is already optimized with your skin health and looks and feels amazing, but want to work on your skin quality, this is for you too! 

Like I stated, it’s the cherry on top for all of our services at RA! It can be added to full facial balancing injectable treatments in the same day. When it comes to complimenting laser results, it’s incredible with post procedural dryness. For best results, it is recommended to wait 2 weeks after your last treatments for SKINVIVE. 

Treatment Details

As with any injectable, expect some mild bruising and swelling the first few days. But don’t worry, we will provide instructions for minimizing “downtime”. Patients will notice full results within 1 month and last for 6 months. 

We are so excited to add SKINVIVE to the collection of injectable treatments we offer at Racquel Aesthetics!  We can’t wait to give the most glowing, hydrated and smooth skin. We want you to be happy and love your face because the happiest patients are the most beautiful patients!

How Do I Schedule?

At Racquel Aesthetics both myself and my injectors are fully versed on SKINVIVE and we would love to help you. The first step is to email my amazing patient coordinator Lea Voda. My injectors and I take local patients and we also have patients fly in from all over the country to see us. If you do not plan to see my team or I for treatment, I cannot give you treatment recommendations because I am unsure of your injectors skill level or product selection. If you would like a complimentary assessment please email Lea at

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