The Anti-Aging Cream That Does It All: Lux Cream

We all want that beautiful, glowing skin all year long, but first…what is glowing skin?! Glowing skin is characterized by smooth texture, even complexion and clear skin without blemishes. So, how do we achieve this flawless skin? The best way to get your skin in tip top shape is to protect it from the sun (SPF all day every day!), eat a healthy diet, keep stress and hormones in check, consider in office skin treatments, and use great skincare on a consistent basis. You would be surprised just how important your daily skincare routine is…believe it or not, quality medical grade skincare can completely transform for your skin. In this blog, I wanted to highlight Lux Cream, one of my favorite skincare products. It is the one product that does it all for your skin and you will see changes in your skin within weeks.

I highly recommend Lux Cream for reducing pigmentation, brightening, reducing any acne, and improving overall texture. The Lux Cream is your one cream that does it all and contains a gentle retinoid, 5 brighteners, TCA, & Vitamin C & E. The brighteners will even the skin tone, the retinoid and TCA will improve pores and texture, and the Vitamins will stimulate collagen and improve fine lines and wrinkles.

What Makes You Glow

Lux Cream is one-of-a-kind on the market due to its amazing ingredients; including the high keratolytic power of TCA (high exfoliating) and Niacinamide for anti-inflammatory properties. Skin issues are most commonly derived from inflammation within the skin so this one is big. Other key ingredients are Vitamin C & E, which are your antioxidants to help your body fight off free radicals that do damage to your cells, and a gentle Retinoid that helps to stimulate collagen and fine line wrinkles making your skin fresh and smoother. Collagen is what keeps your skin strong and firm, an important part of being healthy and glowing. The 5 brighteners in the cream will tremendously even your skin tone. Lux Cream has all the active ingredients needed for transformation and correction of the skin! This cream is best paired with the infamous Lux and Koji-C Pads, which are already a go-to for most people’s skin care routine, it really ups the game.

Lux Cream Benefits

I am not going to give you all the info without backing it up with some benefits. 

  • Minimizes pores
  • Smooths texture of skin
  • Great for those with a busy lifestyle (low maintenance!) 
  • I love to use this for my patients who have a great plan going and are ready for a boost
  • Great for MEN
  • A starter product for young patients ( 25+ )
  • College students that only have a budget for that one product
  • Great for travelers (only need to pack this one product!)
  • All skin types can use it

This cream is really a one stop shop if you are just getting started in skin care, on a budget or always on the go. You cannot go wrong with this one! If you are already an existing client or have a skin care routine you love, this can be added in easily.

Get That Glowing Skin

Lux Cream is easily added into anyone skin care routine and here are some tips of how to do it:

  • DO NOT APPLY MOISTURIZER over the Lux Cream. Moisturize in AM and on nights you are not using cream.
  • For sensitive skin start once a week at night, then add a second day, then add a third.  Typically, 3 nights a week are good, on alternate days use moisture or other products suggested.
  • For sensitive skin clients keep Rescue Cream on hand. This will help you work through any irritation (more info in next section).
  • Due to active ingredients, I recommend PM application, and you can alternate with retinoid for stronger correction.  
  • Another suggestion for patients that are experienced in skin care for a stronger correction: The night a patient is doing a weekly pad (koji-c or Lux), they apply the pad, wait 10 min. then apply the Lux Cream over it.
  • A tip for those retinol cream users: Apply the cream nightly and apply the retinol cream over the Lux cream. If you are dry from using the cream, take a night off and use moisturizer.
  • Use this cream to switch up your usual skin routine to keep maintaining the results, this helps in avoiding plateau.
  • The cream can be used in the AM if one chooses.  If tolerated some people can use it AM and PM – work your way there*

Glow For All Skin Types

I’ve been layering my Koji-pads with this Lux Cream and it’s been just what I needed to boost the effects. I can tell a huge difference in the overall texture. This cream is an amazing anti-aging cream for all skin types. It is gentle on the skin and works with the skin for corrections, tightening and well of course glowing. When fine lines, wrinkles, pores and dullness are all reduced the skin gets that smoother, more luminous look. 

Sensitive Skin

For my sensitive skin friends I recommend having the Rescue Cream on hand. This is an aloe based hydrocortisone cream helps soothe and calm irritated skin. Formulated specifically for the face, this 1% hydrocortisone cream temporarily relieves itching caused by minor skin irritations, rashes, and post-procedure treatments. Squalane and Glycerin help hydrate the skin barrier while protecting against dryness.  Gluten, Oil, and Fragrance Free. Non-comedogenic, will not clog pores. Use this on the nights you are not using exfoliants or Lux cream/pads and that will help you push through any irritation you may get. This product is really helpful for sensitive skin clients. You can use this twice daily.

You can purchase any of these products or request help with your skincare plan here! Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or any help with skincare plan…I would love to help you!



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