The Secret to Longer, Thicker, Fuller EYELASHES!

It’s time to talk lashes! I often get asked if I have eyelash extensions and the answer is no! If you know me, you know I’m all about sharing beauty secrets and helping a sister out, my secret weapon is…Latisse! 

Latisse is an eyelash product that promotes thickness and growth. So, what is this magical eyelash serum? Well, Latisse is an FDA approved product that helps grow longer, thicker and darker eyelashes. I know, it sounds too good to be true. But trust me, I have used this product on myself and have watched thousands of patients have success with Latisse over the last 10 years. IT WORKS! 

How does Latisse work? 

Latisse extends the growth cycle of your eyelashes. Just like all of the other hair on our body, our eyelashes grow in a cycle. Once an eyelash has reached the end of its growth cycle, the lash falls out and a new one begins to grow. What Latisse does is it keeps that very same lash growing for twice as long. Your eyelashes then have the opportunity to reach their maximum growth potential and stay put till they reach their longest, thickest, and the darkest possible form.

How to Use Latisse

If you want Latisse to work, it’s something you have to keep up with. It is a product that requires maintenance but as a mom of 3 babies, I assure you that it’s super easy and manageable. All you do is swipe on the Latisse on before bed, and that’s it! It will take less than 30 seconds! 

When you open your first box of Latisse you will see a lot of little brushes and a small bottle. The next step is easy. All you do is put one little drop of the Latisse on the brush and then swipe the brush on the top eyelash line just as though you were applying liquid eyeliner. You do not have to apply it to the lower lash line.

I promise a little goes a long way – one little drop is all you need. Since you are applying this before bed, your eyes are closed and you will be treating the lower lash line.

Little pro-tip: After I apply to my lash line, I like to take the remainder of the product left on the brush and swipe it through my eyebrows to thicken them up!

When you first start using Latisse you want to try and use it every night. The more often you use it, the better. It will take about 4 weeks for you to start to see a change, and by 12 weeks you should have your lashes where you want them! Around the 12 week mark, you should cut back and begin to only apply your Latisse just 2-3x per week for maintenance. This maintenance stage is easy because you can just apply it randomly throughout the week either when you remember or when you have time. The key is to keep applying it a few times per week is to maintain those beautiful lashes! 

If you want to quit using Latisse altogether, that’s okay! Nothing bad will happen – but eventually, your eyelashes will return to what they were before you started. 

Latisse vs. Extensions

I think Latisse is a healthier option for your lashes vs. eyelash extensions. I also love that it’s a great option for everyone – ALL skin types and ALL eye colors! On top of it being healthier, it’s more affordable and less of a time commitment. As beautiful as extensions can be, they can be damaging to your natural lashes. Also, many women do not have time to go in and get regular fills.

What Does Latisse Cost?

Latisse is around $200 for a large (5 mL) box. The first kit you purchase will only last around 3 months because you are using it daily. But, once you get into the maintenance phase and use it only 2-3 times per week, your subsequent boxes should last 4-6 months. If you add that all up, Latisse costs around $35-40/month – which is more affordable than eyelash extensions! I am totally not shaming extensions, this is just my professional opinion! Let it be known, I have extensions in my hair sometimes so I’m 100% not judging! 

Where to Buy Latisse

If you’re interested in starting with Latisse, you’ll have to set up a virtual consult! It’s a prescription product and proper use needs to be approved by a medical professional (like me 😉 ). 
I’m happy to say I can ship out of state so you don’t have to be in Missouri to chat with me.
I’d love to discuss and answer any questions you may have. Consult calls are complimentary with the purchase of Latisse. 
Email to schedule !



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  1. Ahhhh Racquel, I am so excited! I am headed out of the country for holiday travel but will set this up as soon as I get back. I also need to restock so badly on Neocutis! Merry Christmas from your Hawaiian fan! 🙂

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