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In the words of Thomas Edison, “ If we all did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves.” 

As you guys know, goal setting is a HUGE part of my life and goals really light a fire in me. The last year has been very transformational, both personally and professionally. I left a very comfortable career and lifestyle, chased my dreams and opened two businesses Racquel Aesthetics & RFA Skincare and moved to a new town all in one short year while being a mama to my 3 beautiful kids and a wife to Sal. I’ve had many late nights, early mornings, both tears of joy and frustration, but these goals fuel my soul enough that I wake up every day ready to conquer the world! This was proof to me that anything is possible if you set clear goals and really put your mind and heart into it!

I came across these 10 Principles to help guide my goal setting and I absolutely love them. We tend to overestimate what we can accomplish in a day, but we underestimate what we can accomplish in 3, 5, 10 years! I think everyone can relate to these goal setting principles and apply them to your very own life to help drive your goals and dreams.

10 Principles To Consider When Goal Setting

  • Marriage and Family Harmony 
  • Proper Mindset & Balance
  • Commitment to Improved Physical Health 
  • Career Passion & Personal Satisfaction
  • Develop Empathy and Gentleness
  •  Financial Stability
  • Service and Social Responsibility
  • Stress-Busting Leisure Time 
  • Continuing Education 
  • Expanding & Growing Faith

When analyzing these 10 principles, I chose 4 that really stood out to me and reflected on how I can apply them to my life. Here is what I am committed to doing to achieve my goals over the next decade! 🤍

Maintain good balance with my marriage, career & family life.

I’m planning ahead for work events so they feel balanced on my schedule. I’m already scheduling those date nights with Sal and lining up a sitter and reservations. I also want to make an effort to put my computer away at night and sit with Sal after kids go to bed and chat or watch a movie and have more “us” time. I will give my kids my full attention on their days home with me…that’s what they really need more than anything.. our time and attention. I also want to continue to take time to take care of myself by treating myself to workouts, aesthetic treatments, and me time. My plan is to schedule everything ahead of time so I don’t have excuses for not having time or sitters, etc. I love that I can attend chapel with my precious babies through their school on my days off or on mornings before I go into work. I want to continue this special bonding time with them. 

Commitment to improved physical health

Continue to move my body daily…some killer workouts, some walks, some EMOMs, and then I will track my macros so I can eat healthy yet make room for indulgences….ya gotta live right?! I also want to try to incorporate more hot yoga this year. This will take effort but I will schedule it into my day. For now I am continuing to work out with my trainer two days a week and that has been just the boost I have been needing. 

Career passion & personal satisfaction

I am dedicated to continuing to excel at my craft. I already have some amazing trainings on the books this year both as the trainer and the trainee. I am getting ready to travel to shadow and train with an amazing injector I look up to as well as flying another one into STL for a private training. I am dedicated to continuing my education and being the best injector I can for my patients. Did you know that great injectors will spend nearly $10k or more a year on advanced training! It’s a financial and time investment but I am planning ahead and getting it done.

Proper mindset & outlook on life

I want to have a positive outlook on life and be a positive influence on others. I will not engage in negative or toxic talk or behaviors. You are what you tolerate. I will try to see the best in everyone. I want to continue to be more empathetic and gentle with others. 

I am beyond blessed to have my amazing husband Sal by my side who believes in me and encourages me to chase my dreams. I believe it is so important to hold each other accountable and support each other’s goals so that we can keep each other motivated and accountable.  

I want to leave you with a few tips for goal setting. I urge you to take the time to write down your goals so that you can start making steps today toward chasing your very own dreams! Anything is possible if you truly believe and are willing to work for it.

Tips For Setting Goals and Achieving Them

  • Set clear, attainable goals – be specific!
  • Write your goals down and keep them somewhere you will see them every day 
  • Journal about your goals regularly. 
  • Self assess and find a way to measure your progress 
  • Visualize yourself doing and achieving these goals
  • Take actions and maintain self discipline 
  • Share your goals with others. Find yourself an accountability partner whether this be a spouse, family member or a friend



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