10 Halloween Traditions to Start This Year

In case you didn’t notice, I love Halloween and I’ve turned my kids into little halloween obsessed crazies too! We are officially ‘regulars’ at the Halloween store, LOL. I also love traditions and creating those special traditions with my family. Traditions are such an important part of celebrating any holiday! They not only mark the passing of something, but they give you something fun to look forward to. And let’s be real it’s 2020, we could all use something fun to look forward to!

Trick or treating might look a little bit different this year but that doesn’t mean we can’t implement some some activities to enjoy the season and drag it out a little bit, in a good way! Aka Halloween festivities all of October! Here goes 10 Halloween traditions to incorporate into the rest of your October

Decorate Your House

You don’t have to become regulars at the halloween store, BUT I will say my kids love going there to pick up fun home decor! From window cling ons, to spider webs, to a little cemetery we made in our front yard – the halloween store does not disappoint! I like to incorporate LED candles and there is something magical about coming home to a decorated house at night! I do believe that this is something my kids will remember forever. My mom decorated my house growing up and I know I sure do.

 Get The Halloween Books Out 

If you have little ones and read to them at night, it’s fun to change things up and keep a little pile of halloween books out during the month of October. No little one? Maybe you can read a thriller or murder mystery to hype of the terror.

Create a Halloween Playlist

A little music always sets the mood. I made a little playlist on my phone and we played it while decorating the house and sometimes we play it in the car when we’re in the mood. Who didn’t love the Monster Mash as a kid!? And yes it will be stuck in your head for days. Spotify also has multiple Halloween playlists if you don’t want to put together your own. 

Halloween Movie Night 

Pick one night of the week each week and snuggle up on the couch with your coziest blanket & popcorn and watch a halloween themed movie! If you’ve been around for more than a year you’ll know The Nightmare Before Christmas is an absolute MUST in our house.

Send Out Halloween Cards

I don’t know about you but I still love sending and receiving good ole fashion snail mail. Have your kiddos craft up some homemade cards, or head to the store to pick out some funny halloween cards to send to friends and family, grandma and grandpa. It’s the little things in life that can make someone’s day and put a smile on someone’s face. It’s 2020…everyone could use a reason to smile. 

Make Halloween Treats

Get everyone in the kitchen and make a classic Halloween treat like popcorn balls or candy apples, or just some fun halloween cupcakes to share to with friends, neighbors, or bring with you to work. Pinterest has LOADS of ideas. My girlfriend brought me Jack Skellington cupcakes to work one year and it made my entire day. 

Hit Up The Pumpkin Patch or Farmers Market  

This is a must! It’s beautiful and relaxing walking through a pumpkin patch. They usually have fun activities for kids and then of course everyone needs to pick out a pumpkin for carving! I also like to go all out with corn stalks, bales of hay, gourds, and pumpkins for my front porch. If the pumpkin patch that you go to also has a corn maze then you’re in for a lot of fun.

We’ve also had an awesome time doing farmers markets in the fall. They are a chance to get out doors and the kids like browsing at all the goods.

Have a Pumpkin Carving Night

Every single person needs to carve a pumpkin for halloween. There’s something about pulling out the ‘guts’ of the pumpkin that brings out the kid in all of us. This has to be one of my favorite halloween traditions which is probably why it’s so classic. We have also let the kids paint the pumpkins. Take some pics because these nights make the best memories. When we are all finished we bring our pumpkins to the porch and light a candle inside. And then of course don’t forget to bake the seeds!

Pick Out Halloween Outfits

I found the cutest little halloween outfits on amazon for the twins and Enzo. I bought them a couple halloween shirts they can wear to school and of course had to grab some halloween PJs from Target. It’s fun to dress up throughout the month – Halloween Pjs are def a favorite tradition (not just for Christmas). For adults, I love wearing cute festive earrings to the office, socks, or just incorporating some halloween colors. It’s fun to be festive!

Go Trick or Treating (or Stay at Home)

Perhaps the most famous tradition of them all! What kid (or adult) doesn’t want to dress up on Halloween and go have some fun and get some candy. Little kids can go trick or treating while ‘big kids’ can have an intimate costume dinner party or sit on the driveway around a fire pit and enjoy a cocktail or two 😉 

This year trick or treating may be a no go in your area due to covid. Alternatively we are going to hide Halloween treats in and around our house (Easter style) and then have a spooky candy hunt in the dark (ish) my kids are small lol. We go to my Mom’s house every year and hang outside around the fire pit while the kiddos can run around and have fun! We always have chili – another little tradition 🙂 Trick or treating might not be the same but we will still make it fun for the kids.

I was also thinking an outdoor costume parade could be super fun depending on your neighbourhood community. And even having the kids helps in the kitchen and prepare a fun Halloween themed dinner like Spooky Spaghetti with ‘Blood’ sauce. Is that morbid?! This blog post has 25 healthy halloween themed food ideas.

I hope you can incorporate a few of these fun Halloween idea with your family and enjoy all that spooky season has to offer!

Happy Haunting! 

XO Racquel

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