30 Minute Workouts to Keep You Moving All Summer

Summertime means long evenings, beach days and busy schedules. Getting into the gym or fitting in a workout might feel impossible when your normal routine is turned upside down. Whether you have a cottage or lake house to visit, or you have the kids at home more than normal I totally get it, summer is busy! But what I also know is that staying consistent with my workouts keeps my weeks productive, it actually helps me stay in routine, and I feel amazing. 

Workouts That Save Time

The most important thing for me when it comes to working out is time! Sal and I have been investing in our home gym over the last few years and slowly we’ve added every piece of equipment we could possibly need so there are NO excuses! We save a ton of time by being able to workout at home. Second, I save time by doing EMOM workouts which are 30 killer minutes and then you’re done! 

Driving to the gym, training for an hour or taking an hour long class, driving home and showering takes at least 2 hours if not 2.5. EMOM at home means you’ve done a great workout and showered all within the hour!

What is EMOM?

EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute) workouts are a style of training known as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). This is super effective because you are doing full body training, at a high intensity, and incorporating weights with cardio. Using your muscles in this way keeps your metabolism boosted (calories burning) far after your workout is done! HIIT workouts also usually means high-rep and lower weight to give that lean toned muscle strengthening as opposed to low intensity high weight which would stimulate more muscle building. (Diet also plays a major role but I won’t get into all that science-y stuff here).  

If you can commit to THREE workouts this week you’ll be doing great lady! Below I’m sharing 4 fun and sweaty EMOM workouts to try out. You can pick which three sound the most fun, or push for all four! Don’t get discouraged if you don’t understand what one of the exercise names means. Just do a quick YouTube search and I know there will be a 30 second video with a quick demo waiting for you! 

How to do EMOM

In short, each movement in the workout gets a dedicated minute. If you finish early you rest. So if the exercise is 10 pushups and it takes you 30 seconds you get 30 seconds of rest! If the exercise is 12 bicep curls and it takes you 40 seconds you take a 20 second rest. BUT if you don’t finish the reps within the allotted minute you immediately switch to the next exercise when the minute is up, no rest! Use the heaviest weight you can while keeping perfect form. If your form is bad, drop down the weight. Move to the next exercise at top of each minute no matter where you are in the set. I also have a video on my site at the bottom of this page which explains how to do EMOM. You will need a timer!


4 rounds|20 mins

10 burpees
12 bicep curls
12 walking lunges
12 tricep extensions
12 Thrusters


Build the Buns!
4 rounds|20 minutes

10 Bulgarian Split Squats (10 on each leg)
10 Sumo Squats
6 Step Ups (6 on each leg)
10 Kettle Bell Swings
10 Hip Thrusters 


Build your Core! 4 rounds|16 minutes + finisher

15 sit ups
45 sec Plank
15 V ups
30 Bicycle Crunches
Finisher: 1 mile run


4 rounds | 20 mins

12 Front Raises
12 Upright Row
12 Shoulder Press
12 Lateral raises
10 Steering Wheel (10 turns)

We are all busy but I will ALWAYS make time to work out and take care of my body. Emoms allow me to get in a killer workout in less than 30 mins. This is the fastest way to burn fat and build muscle. Great for toning and cardiovascular health! Win win win!

Taking care of my body through exercise and nutrition means being a better more energized version of myself which means I’m happier and I show up better as a Mom, Wife and in my career. 30 minutes a day is worth it everytime, I don’t always want to do it but I always feel amazing when it’s done! 

PS. I post an EMOMs daily on my site.


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