Botox to Balance Facial Features

Are you ready to achieve your ‘Golden Ratio’?

Facial aesthetics is the perfect blend of science and art. Our most beautiful look can be achieved by symmetry and balance of the facial features.  Oftentimes, we are unhappy with a certain facial feature because it causes an imbalance or asymmetry of the face.

The “Golden Ratio” is a concept which is used to define the perfect balance we see in nature, design, and architecture. It can also be applied to the face and the proportions of nose length, eye position and chin length.

Assessing Facial Symmetry

At Racquel Aesthetics, our goal is to enhance your natural beauty by bringing this concept to life. We can use injectables to help you balance your facial features, create more symmetry, and help you feel like your most beautiful self. The goal is improvement not perfection.

When you come in, we’ll assess everything from your forehead down to your décolleté and put together a treatment plan. You may think you need lip filler or eye treatment, but there could be other more crucial areas to correct first. Our job is to help you build a priority list. We will educate you on how including the chin area helps improve the overall perioral/lip region, and how including the cheeks will help support the C curve under your eyes.  Your job is to tell us what you would like to improve and our job is to educate on what you really need. We love to give a thorough facial assessment and then we can start with your priority areas. We always let our patients know that we can start with as little or as much as they would like – less is more – and sometimes patients start by just “dipping their toes in the water.” We can build the foundation and make improvements slowly over time. 

We will assess your profile, and by using the golden ratio we can see if there are any areas we can improve. If the lower third of your face is the smallest part, we can use Voluma to build out your chin. This would give you a longer, more slender-looking face.

We may also put a little Botox in the chin area as well to keep you from pulling and dimpling the chin area. We call this “orange peel.”  If you have overactive masseters or jaw muscles we can use a little botox there to slim the back of the jawline as well as decrease symptoms of clenching or grinding.

Men may especially want a more pronounced chin because a strong jawline is such a classically masculine feature. We often use Voluma to build or strengthen the jawline.

Strengthening a weak chin and sharpening the jawline can truly bring about a whole new look for you. By slimming the face and balancing your profile, you’ll achieve your best Golden Ratio. 

Giving You Confidence

At Racquel Aesthetics, we know that when you are looking and feeling your best you project that version of yourself into every aspect of life. There is nothing better than feeling confident in your own skin. You are a work of art and you deserve to feel amazing! 

Whether it is improving an imperfection or just enhancing your natural beauty we would love to help you rejuvenate your look with a more balanced, symmetrical profile. 

If you are interested in seeing what treatments would best suit you, you can reach out for a complimentary virtual assessment. Our patient care coordinator will collect photos, review them with Racquel or one of our providers, and give you treatment suggestions and pricing. This is a great way to see what treatments could benefit you and help you make the most of your visit in the office. 

Here is an example of a patient who received a full facial assessment and correction:

We did Botox on the forehead and between the brows to lift the brows and open the eyes. We used Restylane in her undereye area to correct hollowness, and Voluma in the cheeks to lift and contour her midface. We used Restylane Kysse to build her lips, and Voluma in the chin to add balance and projection. A total of about 50 units of Botox and 4 syringes of filler were used for this correction.

If you are wanting a consult, contact me through my website or call and book one at the clinic!



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