Current Thoughts and Life in Quarantine during Coronavirus Outbreak 2020

Well I think it’s safe to say that life as we know it has been completely flipped upside down in a matter of weeks…days…hours. I never imagined living through a Pandemic. It is scary. I worry. I am anxious. It is easy to let negativity consume you into a downward spiral, but what good is that going to do for anyone?  Personally, I am trying to take things ONE day at a time, which is generally very hard for me, I’m someone who likes control and always needs a plan. I am doing my very best to stay positive for both me and my family. I know that my kids feed off of my energy so I am trying to keep life as we know it together for them as well.

This is going to sound deep, but I honestly can’t help but think of this whole situation as Gods way of sending a little message to stop what we are doing and reprioritize our lives. Maybe we are supposed to pause our focus on work and the hustle and bustle of daily life and check in with our families. To be more thankful and grateful for the things we do have. To get back to the basics. To stop taking the things that really matter to us for granted; our health & our family.

I stopped seeing patients in the clinic two weeks ago and I am unsure of when it will be safe to see them again. Patient safety is always my #1 priority and right now elective procedures need to be stopped in order to help slow the spread of this disease. Being quarantined in my house with 3 toddlers (going on day 14) is not easy. Teachers are legit saints by the way. This shit is hard! But I keep reminding myself that the silver lining in all of this is that we are gaining extra time with the people who matter most to us. I am getting to spend some very precious time with my babies. Time that if I hadn’t been spending with them I wouldn’t get back. We are able to make memories that we will hopefully look back on someday and smile. 

I wanted to share some about what I am doing to try to stay sane and positive during a time of global crisis. Hopefully these tips can bring some comfort or help someone here in my community.

Tips to Making the Most Out of Your Co-Vid 19 Quarantine 

1. Work on Personal Development

This one will look different for everyone and should really cost zero $. Let me also mention that I know how hard it is to get anything done if you have kids at home, but what I personally do is set time aside when my kids nap or when they are entertained with a movie or activity and get to work! Even if it is just a couple of hours per day, you can really make some great progress in a week’s time. This is the time to work on emails, social branding, building business, or bettering your career. What if you don’t work or don’t want to work on work? Use this time to to deep clean your home, organize your closets, kitchen cabinets, pantry, and purge your closet (Check my home organizational blog). Whatever it is, if it moves your life forward – that’s a win!

2. Move Your Body Every Day

I know this might be the last thing you feel like doing but I promise it will make you feel better! It could be quick 20 minutes of cardio, a Kick ass EMOM (I post these daily for free here on the blog!) or a youtube yoga workout. It is really cool to see many of the local fitness studios coming together and streaming free online classes on IG for the community. Moving your body daily stimulates the release of endorphins which will immediately give you a sense of relief and feeling of happiness. Mental health right now is HUGE. With all of the change and disruption in the world this is a time where depression rears its head and working out is honestly an amazing remedy and treatment for that. My dad always told me that “clear heads prevail” and I really believe that after a good workout I am able to think and see more clearly. 

If it feels hard to commit, try and imagine what exercise you could get excited about, or what feels manageable. Maybe its 50 squats and 50 jumping jacks. Another good trick is to go PUT ON workout clothes. Just take step 1. Then do a little stretch. And before you know it you’ll be in full workout mode. 

3. Self Care Daily

It is NOT selfish to take care of yourself while you are at home. Feeling good about yourself is important and helps you maintain a positive mindset. Self care is a little different for everyone, but the basics apply to everyone. Eat healthy. Try not to binge eat or eat out of boredom. Practice self control. I try to keep a lot of junk food out of my house so it’s not even an option. I’m using the extra time home to actually cook dinner for my family which I don’t normally have the time to do (its kind of fun!). I have some fun healthy snacks here on the blog if you want to give them a try. Drink lots of water. And of course you know I have to say use good skincare daily. I have been telling all of my patients that even though they cannot see me in the office right now they can still be making huge changes in their skin with medical grade skincare. I am taking virtual clients online and I will create a complimentary, customized skincare plan for you via email if you are interested – more info here. *Look for Request a Custom Skincare Regimen*

4. Don’t Feel Like You Need to Become an Overnight Teacher 

If you have kids at home, just enjoy your time with them. Trust me I know it can be  hard to see at times (#3under3) but this extra time with our babies is a blessing. Try not to get too stressed out about making them follow curriculums, etc. They will not forget everything they have learned in school/daycare. I am definitely trying to do little preschool activities with the kids but we are taking it easy and lighthearted. I am not a preschool teacher, I am a mom. My best advice is to just have fun with them and make memories they will cherish forever. Over here at the Frisella house we have been building forts, baking cupcakes, watching movies I loved as a child, doing toddler yoga, dying easter eggs, etc. Get creative & make memories. Try to remember kids feed off our energy!

5. Check In With Your Elders

Now is the time to check in on your grandma or grandpa if you are so lucky to have them in your life (I miss mine so much!). Pick up the phone and take a few minutes to call someone older who you care about. They might not be sick but they are likely scared shitless and they will really appreciate the gesture and phone call. They are bored as hell at home and would love to hear from you. You never know when the last time you will speak to them will be and the silver lining in this situation is for once in your life you have the time to do this!

6. Thank a Healthcare Provider

I am so grateful for all of those nurses, docs, and healthcare workers out there working the frontlines combating disease in our community. We couldn’t beat this pandemic without them. These men and women are working tirelessly assisting those in need and risking their own health to protect ours. Thank you for the hard work you do every day. Thank someone in your life who is continuing to go into work and serve your community! 

I hope these little tips help you focus on the good even though times are tough. Oh one last thing, my girlfriends and I did our first “Quarantini happy hour” on Zoom and it was so fun! I was thankful that we had the time to do this since we normally don’t get together often enough 😉 I highly recommend trying it! 




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