Ending The Year Right

Let’s be honest, these last two years have been A LOT! That does not mean we shouldn’t still be looking forward to 2022 because well everyday is a blessing and exciting things are always around the corner. To end 2021 strong I am going to give you a couple tips that will help you close out this chapter and be ready to start the next!

This year has been a big and busy one for my family; some highlights: went to Disney, bought an acreage, started horseback riding lessons, bought a horse and a couple cats, and now finally launched my new business Racquel Aesthetics! I am so thankful for all the hustle, support and growth this past year and know 2022 will be filled with so much gratitude of that waves we have created in 2021. I love to start planning my next year in early December so it doesn’t get neglected with all the holiday fun. 

Gratitude Reflection

I love to do gratitude lists daily, whether it is in my head, on my phone or on paper but the yearly lists top them all. It feels so good to take a step back and really process the whole year and all the joy it has brought you, even when the world around you is hectic. Start by listing out all the months, then right down 3-5 good things that happened in each month. This could be anything from a big event to meeting a friend for coffee or just not killing that houseplant you love so much. Once you have completed this for all 12 months you can go one step further and write out all the reasons these things were important to you, brought you joy and then plan how you are going to add them into your 2022 calendar!

Mental Health Check In

With everything going on in the world, no matter your stance, it can weigh heavy on your mind without you even knowing it. Your subconscious is very strong in remembering everything you are experiencing even if it is not at the forefront of your mind. Take time to reflect and regroup with yourself about how you are really doing. This can make you feel raw and exposed but write it all out and then you will be able to have a better picture of how you can help yourself. Once you are all done it helps to start creating a list of things you can do to help your mental health stay in check or pick it up when you are getting low. Mine has always been working out or just moving my body. When I am having a really bad day, a long walk in the fresh air always helps me think more clearly. Finding your outlet can be tricky but it is usually something that makes you feel the most serene. Try to find a few, some that are quick and easy and others that will consume part of or most of your day for a good reset!

New Year, New who?

Setting goals and making plans for the new year is always very exciting and usually big things, the whole “new year, new me” mentality. But why don’t we have more of a “new year, new love for me” mentality? It can be easy to get caught up in quick new fads, habit building ideas and becoming “your best self” but the commonality between all those is they do not happen overnight! You can’t just wake up Jan. 1st with a whole new mindset and outlook on life, it takes time and dedication. Not to say you can not become the person you ultimately want to be, just don’t put super short timelines on it. Start with small habits and remember it is okay to not always be motivated, literally no one is! 

How To Plan For A New Year

First things first, give yourself grace; we are all just coming down from the holiday high and getting back into a work/school/life routine. Secondly, remember to not start a lot of new things at once, you will get burnt out and “fail” (I use this word loosely) which can make you discouraged. When I set new goals, big or small, I start with the goal itself, then break it down into an estimated timeline. If there is no end date you can work your way up to your goal. For example you want to workout 5 times a week – start with 1-2 for the first couple weeks, then increase to 3 and so on. When there is an end date you can break down the timeline more and then place actionable steps that need to be taken daily/weekly/monthly to be able to accomplish that goal.

Strive For Happiness

You can have a stable workout routine, meditate, journal, have a killer morning routine, get 8 hours of sleep, love your job and whatever else you want but you don’t NEED it. This is what is trendy and what social media makes you think will make you happy and finally “living your best life”. I will bet you are probably happy in the way your life is right now. I always start planning my social calendar with dates and events that bring me the most joy. Sal and I have our weekly dates which mean the world to me, then I add in spaces for dinner with friends or family, kids birthdays, holiday/vacation time and any other yearly events that I make me happy. This gives me lots of great things to look forward throughout the year when you see the rest of the monthly calendar fill up with work and other life things. 

Keep going, we are almost through 2021 and I know you can make it through. I hope 2022 brings you all the best blessings you could ever imagine!



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