Koji-C Pads – A Top Product for Reducing Pigmentation

Do you suffer from uneven skin tone? This is known as hyperpigmentation, which is the darkening of pigment on the skin due to sun damage or melasma. Another form of hyperpigmentation is PIH or Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation. This type is when you see small little dark spots left behind old acne marks.

Uneven complexion can really affect your self-esteem. I know this because I’ve suffered from it before. After my son was born I was dealing with a combination of sun damage and melasma and my skin looked horrible.

I went on a mission to get my skin pigmentation restored which meant little to no sun exposure and my saving grace, Koji-C Pads!

The image below shows a 3 month transformation on one of my clients using Koji-C Pads!

Why I Love Koji-C Pads

Koji-C Pads are my go-to daily pad recommendation for patients who are suffering from pigmentation. They are a kojic-acid + salicylic wipe that greatly reduces and lightens pigment for all skin types!

Kojic acid is a very effective medical grade acid that works to lighten pigment deep within the skin right up to the surface.  Other benefits include pore tightening, acne reducing, and overall tightness and brightness in your skin tone. They also contain glycerin which is what helps hydrate the skin. Therefore, you do not need to put moisturizer on top. They will actually be more effective without moisturizer on top.

When using Koji-C Pads in the evening this is the routine I recommend; cleanse, apply pad in a thin light layer over the skin, and go to sleep!

Koji -C Pads are super easy to use. I recommend introducing them slowly into your skin care routine and gradually increasing use over time. Start using them 3x per week. If your skin is tolerating them well, gradually increase and start using them every other night, and then eventually move to every single night. If you prefer to use them during the day – that’s okay too! Just give your face a moment to completely dry before applying you SPF and normal makeup routine.

While Koji-C Pads are a great all-around solution there are a couple other products and treatments I recommend if you’re curious! If you are suffering from hyperpigmentation, consider these 5 things:

  • Wear medical grade face specific sunscreen every single day. Here’s is my all time favourite: Elta. Be sure to always wear a hat when in the direct sun (i.e. sporting events, pool, beach). I have a blog post for choosing what SPF is best for you here.
  • Start using a lightening agent like Koji-C Pads to help even your complexion.
  • If you are a candidate, utilize IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment in off suns easons.  If you have a lighter skin type and suffer from the above symptoms this will be a huge help!
  • If you are not a candidate for IPL, look into chemical peels. There are certains types geared for sun damage.
  • Be patient with yourself and your skin – lightening pigment takes time!  It took me about a year to get mine under control. Now, I have been following steps 1-5 religiously and my skin tone has NEVER been better!

Koji Pad Transformations

It is easy to feel like you are “stuck” with bad pigmentation or uneven skin tone, but no matter how minor or severe – it can be improved.  It takes both time and effort, but it can be done! Time and effort. If you ever need help or advice – I’m here to help. If you’re interested in purchasing Koji-C pads, purchase them here! XOXORacquel

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12 thoughts on “Koji-C Pads – A Top Product for Reducing Pigmentation”

  1. Jessica Gannon

    Hey Raquel! You mentioned that you shouldn’t use moisturizer on top of the koji pad, is this only at the time you use it or all together? I use my koji pads at night so is it ok to use moisturizer in the morning or should I refrain and let the koji pad do its thing?

    1. Hey Jessica! There is glycerin in the koji wipe that will provide hydration. The Koji wipe will be most effective with no moisturizer right on top. You can definitely use moisturizer on the nights you are not using a koji wipe, and you can also use moisturizer in the AM like you have been doing 🙂

      1. I just started using the Koji pads and have noticed areas around my nose have broken out in bumps. Is this a normal reaction?

  2. Hello,
    I have noticed my pads have started to turn a orangey color. I purchased them in April, does this mean they are no longer good?

    1. racquel Frisella

      That is totally normal. They will oxidize after a few weeks-months. They are just as effective and safe. I usually recommending finishing the batch within 3-4 months and then its time to refresh.

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