At Racquel Aesthetics we are dedicated to providing the safest and highest quality care possible. We are committed to continuously improving our practice by incorporating tools and techniques to enhance overall patient wellbeing, satisfaction and results. The team at RA takes a very personalized and dedicated approach to making each and every one of our clients feel their most beautiful and authentic self, with patient safety at the forefront. 

We are thrilled to announce we are the first practice in Missouri to introduce Mindray Ultrasound Imaging into our aesthetic practice!! Ultrasound technology is the future of aesthetics and we are so proud to offer this innovative solution, complimentary, to our clients and community. 

What Are The Benefits Of The Mindray Ultrasound Machine ?

Using this incredible technology, our team of injectors can now precisely image our patients’ anatomy, as well as image old filler located inside the face. 

  • Treatment Planning: Your injector is able to map out the major blood vessels in your face so we can avoid them while performing your filler injections and provide the highest quality care
  • Assessing Dermal Thickness: This is really neat because it allows us to individualize your treatment even more. Measuring skin thickness for procedures such as filler, Sculptra or microneedling allows us to set the optimal depth for treatment. We can also assess skin thickness after using products like Sculptra. 
  • Guided Dissolving of Old or Migrated Filler: Sometimes old filler or migrated filler can cause discomfort or an unpleasing visual appearance. With our Mindray technology we can now identify the area of concern and precisely dissolve if necessary. 
  • Resolving Complications: Even the best of the best injectors can encounter complications with fillers. In these cases, our ultrasound technology allows us to quickly identify the exact location of the filler and dissolve the area causing complications.

Our Commitment To Learning

It’s been a couple of really exciting and fun weeks of learning! I attended an advanced ultrasound training course in Chicago, IL and trained with some of the best of the best injectors! Our team flew in an amazing sonographer to Racquel Aesthetics to train us on musculoskeletal and aesthetic based ultrasound. During these trainings we dove deeper into facial anatomy and we became very skilled at identifying major vessels, lymph nodes, muscles, bone structure and new vs old dermal filler. It is so beneficial to visibly see all of the anatomy on a screen while treating a patient!

My providers and I are so committed to patient safety and developing their knowledge professionally. It’s so fun to have these types of days of learning together and growing as a practice. Not only do you learn from the trainer, but you learn from each other. There isn’t a day in your life where you shouldn’t learn something new. I can’t thank my staff enough for their continued dedication to our patients at Racquel Aesthetics, but also to themselves for personal growth!

How Can We Help?

We hope we can make you feel comfortable during your injections as well as give you peace of mind by keeping safety at the forefront of our filler treatments. We can offer ultrasound imaging with any injectable appointment completely complimentary to you.  If you have old filler that is not serving you anymore we are happy to take a look and see if it is something that could or should be dissolved. I do want to point out that not all old filler needs to be dissolved. Filler dissolval is $500 & up. Corrective work is a process. You must wait two weeks after dissolval before adding new filler. If you have questions or want my team of injectors and I to take a look please email our amazing coordinator Lea@RacquelAesthetics.com



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I work as a cosmetic injector and skincare specialist with 12 years of experience in the Aesthetic Industry. I see patients both in-office at Racquel Aesthetics for treatments as well as online for customized, complimentary skincare plans. I focus heavily on preventative and corrective injections, treatments, and skincare.  My career is my passion and I love to help people feel like the very best version of themselves. I am a wife and a mother of 3 beautiful children under the age of 3. I love all things beauty, fashion, and fitness. I am creating this site as a place to share my expertise on beauty, anti-aging, and skin while also giving a glimpse into my lifestyle as a mom, wife and lover of fitness!  


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