My Philosophy as an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Racquel! Maybe we’ve known each other for a year, months, or barely at all. First, I’d love to get to know you! My inbox is always open. Second, I want to introduce myself! I’m thinking if you’re here we probably have something in common. 

In life I’m a mother to 3 beautiful children, a boy and twin girls! I’m a wife to Sal who works in the supplement industry and so nutrition and fitness are major passions of ours. 

In career I’m a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner & Aesthetic Specialist based in Saint Louis, Missouri. Here I see patients in-office at Racquel Aesthetics for treatments. Additionally I consult online for customized, complimentary skincare plans.

I’ve worked as a cosmetic injector and skincare specialist for over 12 years in the Aesthetic Industry. My career is a major passion of mine and I love to help people feel like the very best version of themselves. 

How Did I Get Here?

I knew I wanted to be in the medical field for as long as I can remember. In grade 2 I was drawing myself as a doctor. I guess it was the fashionable white jacket that I liked because even though I took the nursing route I never looked back. I always envisioned myself in this field. 

Fashion and beauty were always interests of mine. I was definitely a girly girl and loved to learn about makeup. But when I realized that it wasn’t the physical makeup that made me so excited it was the confidence it instilled in myself and other people I found parallels in how aesthetic nursing could help people in the same way. 

I started my nursing career in the NICU as a neonatal RN. I absolutely loved working with the preemies and babies. I attribute my gentle stick to starting out in the neonatal specialty. I always knew I wanted to end up in aesthetic medicine but I also believe it’s important to get core nursing experience in the hospital before specializing in private practice. I learned so many critical thinking skills that I use in practice today. 

After a few years in the NICU, and some part time work in a Medical Spa I knew I was ready to make the leap to cosmetic full time so I interviewed at a medspa located in St. Louis. At the time I was still inexperienced and knew this was my shot to sell myself into my dream job. I assured those in my interview that I was incredibly passionate about this and they would not regret hiring me. 

I got the job! 

Fast forward a year and I decided to go back to school to get my masters in nursing to become a Nurse Practitioner. I chose to go back to school so that I could have the doors open for every opportunity in this career. Getting my masters would allow me to prescribe medications if necessary and perform specific treatments which required the advanced designation to do so. 

What’s my role now?

I am fulfilling my dream and have opened my very own Aesthethics Practice! After 10+ wonderful years at Nayak Plastic Surgery, I made the exciting decision to chase my dreams and open my very own practice – Racquel Aesthetics! My goal with the new practice is very simple… give the gift of confidence and beauty to as many people as physically possible and to make sure that I’m able to play a small role in driving that impact as an aesthetic provider. I continue to learn about new techniques and new treatments as the industry evolves. I love keeping up with what’s on the rise. As a community me and my peers and colleagues globally are always working to improve client care and satisfaction and it really is so exciting!

Are aesthetic treatments vain?

Now, you might be thinking that changing your hair, wearing makeup or having ‘work done’ like botox, is vein or unnecessary or whatever else, and that’s totally fine! But the way I see it is, if I can help someone feel more confident in their skin, which will lead to them showing up more fully as themselves in life, and in turn doing amazing things because they are so confident, then my work is done! THAT is what I strive for – helping people feel like their best selves. 

No one wants acne, or rosacea and many people don’t want wrinkles or sagging skin. But these things are out of our control. So instead of looking in the mirror and pointing out something you hate you can either learn to love it or do something about it! 

Botox isn’t just erasing wrinkles. It’s creating confidence and happiness. Adjusting a small issue on the skin can create major shifts and confidence internally for a client. My biggest reward is helping someone feel like the best version of themselves.

Will aesthetic treatments make me look fake? Plastic? Crazy?!

The way I perform treatments is with the intention of enhancing natural beauty. People who have had work done only ‘look plastic’ when it’s overdone. You likely don’t notice the people who have had tasteful work done because it’s so natural! 

As an aesthetic nurse it’s my role to provide assessment and education. Not to convince you or talk you into anything. It doesn’t bother me one bit if you come into an appointment and end up walking out with no treatment! I’m here to show you what’s best for your needs and at the end of the day the decision is, of course, always and only yours. 

I know that sometimes hearing “you’re already gorgeous” from your partner, Mom or best friend isn’t enough. It just doesn’t make you feel better and that’s fine because this is about how YOU feel. 

And girl, let me tell you, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. The goal is always, enhance or correct, soften or refresh.

How do I know what’s best for me?

There isn’t one way to administer or pair these treatments. Everyone is different and has different needs so you might come in with an idea of what you want/need and we might create a different plan for you. Be open minded and trust that your nurse knows what they are doing and that the number of units or syringes your friend had might not make any sense for you at all!

If you’re considered getting a treatment or just want to know more I’m leaving my 5 most popular blog posts that cover everything you need to know about some of the most common treatments! 

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I feel so blessed that I love what I get to do every single day. The fact that I can help make a few small changes on the outside help someone SO much on the inside makes me so incredibly happy.

I consider myself so so lucky that I get to do this work. I love what I do. I love the people I work with. I love the clients satisfaction. 

If you’re interested in working together, please reach out! I am here to help and would love to talk to you further.



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5 thoughts on “My Philosophy as an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner”

  1. Racquel! I teared up reading this! You are such an inspiration to me and I love following you and your journey. Before I met you, I wanted to be someone like you. After I met you, I have been able to hang onto that dream by seeing that it IS possible! Keep on keeping on! Love what you do!

  2. Hi Raquel! Thanks for sharing your story here. Did you end up getting the job with Dr. Nayak after having no experience? Is this something that other nurses can do even if they have no experience? Did you “specialize” in aesthetics in NP school? I am just curious how other nurses can get on this path. Thanks 🙂

    1. I had 2 years of part time injectable experience when I applied with Dr. Nayak and I did get the job. I always recommend networking and interning with derms/plastics and med spas as a great way to get your foot in the door. I am an Adult Nurse Practitioner. Just like there isn’t a ‘cardiology’ or ‘urology’ NP, there is no ‘Aesthetic’ NP pathway. You specialize after school and learn most of the speciality on the job training, etc. Best of luck to you! Follow your dreams!

  3. Racquel, thank you so much for this amazing post! I am currently an Emergency RN and a part-time FNP student. My dream is to transition into aesthetic medicine but I have felt so overwhelmed about how to make the leap since it is not as clear-cut of a path as getting a job on a typical hospital unit or outpatient clinic. You have given me confidence that I can achieve my goals. If you have any more advice for how I should pursue my dream career while I am finishing up my degree as well as after graduation, I would be extremely grateful. Thank you for being so open and encouraging of other nurses wanting to get in the field as well as the patients that come to you to enhance their natural beauty and feel like their best possible selves.

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Racquel Frisella

Board Certified Nurse Practitioner & Aesthetic Specialist based in Saint Louis, Missouri

I work as a cosmetic injector and skincare specialist with 12 years of experience in the Aesthetic Industry. I see patients both in-office at Racquel Aesthetics for treatments as well as online for customized, complimentary skincare plans. I focus heavily on preventative and corrective injections, treatments, and skincare.  My career is my passion and I love to help people feel like the very best version of themselves. I am a wife and a mother of 3 beautiful children under the age of 3. I love all things beauty, fashion, and fitness. I am creating this site as a place to share my expertise on beauty, anti-aging, and skin while also giving a glimpse into my lifestyle as a mom, wife and lover of fitness!  


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