Sea Island Resort

One of my roles as a Mama has been to plan a yearly family vacation. We get away so we can focus 100% on family time without the distractions of home. The trips have created fond memories that Sal and I and the kids will cherish forever. I am always making lists of new places we could visit and scheming on the next getaway. 

It’s official, Sea Island is one of our fav vacation spots! My little fam of 5 took our annual family vacay a few weeks ago and we loved every minute! We really enjoy experiencing new places we have never been before. We were supposed to stay at Sea Island last summer, but it was cancelled due to closure because of Covid-19. I’m so glad we were finally able to make it happen because it has been on our bucket list. Sea Island is the most beautiful and charming island located on the coast of southeastern Georgia. Before even crossing the bridge onto the island, you will fall in love with this area of the country. The giant oak trees draping with spanish moss hang over the roads and make a picture perfect setting. The history and southern ambiance of the terrain will put your mind at ease and in vacation mode before you even step foot onto the Sea Island property.

Sea Island Resort

There are very few places that come to mind, if any, where you can get such incredible views of the marsh, the river, the beach, and this degree of lush coastal landscapes all in one place. Practically every turn at Sea Island is like a page out of a magazine. We loved just driving around the resort at night on our golf cart taking in the scenery and oohing and ahhing and the incredible beach homes- each with their own unique design.

There are multiple accommodation options there: The Cloister, The Cloister Beach Club, The Lodge, The Inn, various cottage rentals (we stayed in one of these), and then Broadfield. You can check out different accommodations right here.  We loved staying in a private home that had its own little pool. The kids were able to swim every night before bed and having a kitchen and washer and dryer was clutch with the littles! We rented a golf cart that we used to cruise the resort all week and it was so much fun. We would drive around at night after dinner listening to music and admiring all the beautiful scenery and beach homes. You can also rent bikes- and if the kids were bigger I would have definitely wanted to do that!

Endless Activities

The best thing about Sea Island is the endless activities. Whether you are taking time off to simply sit back and relax or you are looking for a more upbeat, active vacation, Sea Island truly has an activity for everyone. With three golf courses, five miles of private beach, several pools throughout the property, fitness center, tennis center, yacht club, shooting school, and so much more, there are endless ways to spend your day at Sea Island. 

Here are some of the activities we enjoyed throughout the week:
Beach Chair set up daily
Swimming in the pools with the kiddos
Playground in the sand
Room service for breakfast or at one of the restaurants on property
We visited the horse stables a few times (so fun!)
Bowling – this was SO fun and they had great drinks and apps while we bowled. We did it once while it rained and we all had so much fun we went back again!
Children’s boutique and Adults boutique – A little retail therapy is always fun!
Private kids fishing trip – We loved this!
Private dolphin excursion – We saw so many it was UNREAL! Just being out on the water is so peaceful and amazing.
The resort has different activities for adults and kids daily…things like live music, tye-dying T shirts, inflatables, wine tastings, you name it! You can get a weekly program and see what fits your flavor.
Dinner at Southern Tide or other restaurants on the property
Kids Ice cream & Candy shop (Oh yeah – my kids were regulars!)
Kids Arcade
Nature & Wild Animal center

Other activities that looked fun:

  • Kayaking
  • Sailing
  • Shooting and Archery
  • Horse Trail Riding
  • Tubing & Skiing
  • Private Boat Rentals
  • Art Classes
  • Golf & Tennis
  • Paintbox Kids Club 
  • Beach Bikes
  • The Spa

So basically, they have a little bit of everything for everyone. This is the perfect place for families with kids who want to have fun things to do to keep them busy. Don’t get me wrong we spent a lot of time relaxing, but with one full week with the kids we had a few things planned every day and that really made the trip exciting and fun!

The Beach Club

The Sea Island Beach Club could almost be a resort entirely of its own. With 5 miles of private beach, three amazing pools, numerous watersports, poolside service, and three dining options, it is a beachside heaven. Whether you prefer lounging by the pool, long walks on the beach, or devouring the freshest seafood, the Beach Club is the place for you. The beautiful landscaping, bright flowers, and towering palm trees waving in the ocean breeze make the Beach Club one of the happiest places on Sea Island.


The resort has several amazing restaurants right on the property but nothing rivaled breakfast in our screened-in porch in the mornings. The in-room dining was perfect! It is impossible to have a “bad meal” at Sea Island. The resort boasts over a dozen dining options throughout the property ranging from casual to fine dining. There is a flavor for everyone! Every place had a great kids menu. More nights than not we had a nightcap at the Ice-Cream shop.


Sea Island is truly a special place. Checking out of the resort and back into reality wasn’t easy! The family bonding time is so valuable to me. It isn’t often we get to sit as a family on the porch and snuggle during a rainstorm, truly something I will remember forever. Watching my kids smile and have fun is what it’s all about, but the truth is Sal & I had just as much fun with them. I recommend Sea Island for any families who like to be taken care of and enjoy amazing accommodation but also want a balance between casual and luxury. This trip definitely inspired me to be more open minded when traveling and to try new things – because you just might find your new favorite spot. We would absolutely go back, although I do have a long list of places I want to take my little fam 🙂 


Well Inspired Travels

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Kelli Boyd Photography

IG: @kelliboydphotography

Kelli was recommended by a friend and she actually took our family photos last year in Palmetto Bluff, SC as well! She shoots tons of events at Sea Island. If you are in the Savannah area, SC, or St. Simon area I highly recommend her. I’ve never regretted taking family phots and caputing special moments with the babes 😉



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