Skincare on a budget

Skincare On A Budget

Did you know that you can completely transform your skin from your very own bathroom!? With medical grade skincare, less is more and you do not need a 10 step plan to achieve amazing results. In this blog, I am going to give you a few tips for skincare on a budget. With a few of the right products for your skin type and proper and consistent use over time, you can achieve the skin of your dreams!

Why Medical Grade?

The saying “You get what you pay for” rings true when it comes to medical grade skincare. Our products at RFA contain the most active, potent ingredients. Unlike drugstore and beauty counter brands, they do not contain “fillers” which means that the molecule size, per product, is scientifically determined to allow optimal penetration and absorption into the skin.

We have all fallen victim to promising and glamorous skincare bottles that line the shelves of Sephora and the beauty counters, but the truth is those products are not prescriptive strength and they are not going to yield impressive results. You end up spending hundreds of dollars over time, when in reality you could have invested in 1-2 quality medical grade skincare products and be on your way to CHANGING your skin. Having specialized in skincare and injectables for over 14 years, I have made it my mission to meticulously study the relationship between different skin concerns, skin products, and ingredients needed in order to achieve the best possible results.

With medical grade skincare, a  little amount goes a really long way. Most of our products will last between 3-5 months, depending on what it is. I promise you are going to find that you aren’t going through medical grade skincare products as quickly as your previous ones.

So…Where do you start!?

First, I want you to know that at RFA we pride ourselves on what sets us apart. At RFA, all of our highly qualified providers love working one-on-one with our clients and customers to create 100% customized skincare plans. We will get information about your skin type, struggles, and goals and we will lead you to the right products for your specific skin. Even further, we will make sure you know exactly how to use those products to get the best possible results. You can have the best products but if you are not using them correctly, you could be missing out. We can work with any budget to prioritize where to begin.

Less is more and you just need a few great products to get your journey started.  I believe a great foundational beginning is your cleanser, moisturizer, SPF, and exfoliating acid. Over time we can work together to build your skincare routine according to your skin’s needs and goals. 

What if your budget only allows one product at a time?

That is A OK! In this case, we go medical grade on your exfoliant. Your exfoliant is the powerhouse of your skincare regimen. That is where we want to put our money – where it counts and where the CHANGE is made. I recommend that you go with a drugstore cleanser and moisturizer. For this, I recommend only CeraVe, Cetaphil, or Vani-wash. These brands are approved by me for my patients as basic, safe, and non-irritating. These pair nicely with any medical grade exfoliant and will work just great until you are ready to add medical grade. The difference with a medical grade cleanser or moisturizer is that they also contain anti-aging and more treatment based components. But again, when on a budget the important thing is that we clean and hydrate the skin and those drugstore cleansers and moisturizers mentioned will do that just fine along with your medical grade acid exfoliant. 

Keep It Simple


Gentle Foamy Cleanser (More Budget friendly Option: Cetaphil, CeraVe, or Vani-wash from drug store)

Oil Free Moisturizing Gel

Light Lotion

Daily + Protect SPF


Gentle Foamy Cleanser (More Budget friendly Option: Cetaphil, CeraVe, or Vani-wash from drug store)

Mandelic 5% Pads A great budget friendly pad that brightens the skin, reduces acne, & improves texture *every other night alternate your pads and your moisturizers*

Oil Free Moisturizing Gel

Light Lotion

Once per week: Lux Pads 

Our Lux pads are our top selling RFA product, they contain TCA and Salicylic acid and are used only once weekly, allowing them to last about 9 months. This will tighten and brighten your skin overnight. This is a great at home treatment! This could be the “one” product you begin with!

Remember, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming! We are here to take the guesswork out for you and we would love to help!

Key Takeaways:

Foundational Products

1- Cleanser

2- Moisturizer 

3- SPF

4- Exfoliating Acid

“A little dab will do ya!” Most products last between 3-5 months, others can even last up to 9 months 

Medical Grade Skincare = Highest Quality & Potent Ingredients sold by licensed medical providers 

What sets RFA apart? Our 100% customized skincare plans to meet your skins goals and needs! 


Whether you are looking for anti-aging, acne treatment, or even pregnancy-safe regimens – we can help! We help patients nationwide achieve their best skin by using medical grade skincare. We love being able to reach and help people all over the country with the very same products we use daily in our practice.

Skincare is not one size fits all. We create complimentary, custom skincare regimens for our clients. We are able to do this via email and in the convenience of your own home. If you would like to start achieving your best skin today, complete the form below. Based on your answers, we will send back a plan that fits your needs! Never hesitate to let us know about your budget and we would love to work with you to help you fit your needs.

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9 thoughts on “Skincare on a budget”

  1. You note that your #1 product to use medical grade is the exfoliant however in the simple steps your don’t include the exfoliant?

    1. Racquel Frisella

      The mandelic pads are the exfoliant in the example regimen. They are a wonderful budget friendly exfoliating option with brightening, anti inflammatory, and anti bacterial benefits.

  2. This is exceptional for those of us who want to purchase but need to begin slow in spending. Thank you.

  3. The products you list all say acne – what if you don’t have acne. I am more worried about my signs of aging. Thank you 😊

  4. Racquel…I just read Jocelyn McClellan’s Newsletter and was directed to your blog. I read the suggestions above by you. I am 57, brunette, brown eyes, have very clear skin (no blemishes, am a little freckley). I do have the wrinkles that come along with being 57 years old. I feel like I have tried everything from Drugstore to high end skin care products. I feel like after a certain time of use, they stop working. I am always in search of things that WORK for my skin. Help!

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