The Benefits of Working Out With Your Partner

It might feel impossible to get out of the house together as a couple to get anything done, let alone work out. I mean it’s easier when Mom works out before the kids get up and Dad works out after work right? I get it but working out together has so many awesome benefits!

Improved Physical and Mental Health 

We know that working out, in general, is amazing for our bodies. Being physically active helps renew cells in the body, it keeps your organs stimulated by promoting blood flow, it helps in joint health and cortisol levels. ALL these things that don’t even have to do with physique or weight. 

Improves the Efficiency of Your Workouts 

We know that working out, in general, is amazing for our bodies. Sal & I definitely don’t work out together everyday but we love to get in a good sweat session as a couple when we can.  When we workout together we don’t just go to the gym in the same car and then do our separate thing with headphones in, we move together through the same workout and make sure to put a little pressure on each other when it counts 😉

I can promise you there is no slacking off when Sal is around! He makes sure I’m sweating before we hit the 5 minute mark. When you have an accountability partner in the gym whether it’s a friend, partner or trainer there is a much better chance you will be focused and push yourself harder!

Improves Sex Life

Yup, I said it! Getting active decreases stress hormones and can increase libido. Plus being physically active which results in an increased heart rate, shortness of breath, and muscle fatigue actually mimics in the brain the same ‘symptoms’ so to speak as sex. That’s why when you are together in the gym you might feel a whole new sense of “damn my husband is HOT!”. Plus, getting in shape boosts self-confidence which can also boost your desire to have sex. Doing physical, adrenaline-boosting activities with your partner definitely brings you closer. And it’s fun!

Strengthens Emotional Bond

There’s something about accomplishing a task together as a couple that is so empowering. A shared goal as simple as even putting together a piece of furniture, which may feel stressful during the task, always feels awesome when it’s done! The thing about the gym is there is usually less stress and less patience tested and way more fun! A workout is generally a time of day when you are totally present, no phones, no distractions, just you and the workout. Being in this space together gives us a chance to connect. Sometimes we have great conversations sometimes we talk only about the exercises etc. Either way we always enjoy each other’s company and getting an endorphin boost together always makes us feel closer.

Setting an Example for the Kids

Of course, our babies aren’t quite old enough now to understand just how important physical movement and nutrition are but as they grow I want to make sure that seeing Mom and Dad go to the gym together is part of their normal. It’s almost scary how much influence we have over our children’s beliefs and behaviors, I always want to make sure my influence on them is positive! Enzo will literally ask me, “can I work out in the gym with you mommy?”  and that’s when I take a step back and think, “wow! He really is watching and learning from everything I am doing!.”

Between 3 babies, careers, & this crazy ass schedule the one thing we make sure to do is making time for one another. Whether it’s waking up early before the babies or getting a quick workout in while they nap we capitalize on the opportunity to spend time together while working out. With my family being in the fitness industry, health & fitness have become a huge part of our lives. I’m honestly very thankful for this lifestyle.

Next time you are planning your workouts for the week whether it’s hitting the gym, unrolling your yoga mat, or pounding the pavement check in with your partner and see if there are any time blocks in the week that you could sweat it out together!

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  1. This is so amazing. Also very true. I know it is hard to do but if we could create that good habit of working out together it would truly be a blessing. Thank you so much for sharing this Aunt just being You. You have such great Discipline. Thank you for being a great example.

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