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When I opened Racquel Aesthetics it was & still is my mission to make sure our patients receive the highest quality aesthetic care. I hold myself and my providers to high standards to make sure patients not only look their best, but also feel their best! From their initial experience on the phone with our patient care coordinators, to the actual treatment, to their post care experience. 

Not only do we want the care to be of the highest quality, we focus on results, evidence based practice, safety and take a very personalized and individualized approach with each of our patients. All of my staff are absolutely amazing, highly trained and are committed to delivering this type of aesthetic care day in and day out. 

Treating patients with Botox & filler is the furthest thing from “easy” when it comes to all of the knowledge, constant learning and development. Anatomy, safety, dosing, facial vasculature and patient goals are just a few of the BIG important components that go into a patient assessment and treatment. As our mission states, our approach is not “cookie cutter”. We take a “less is more” approach to aesthetics as we develop individualized integrated treatment plans focused on results. We also all focus on full facial balancing to make sure you have harmonization over volumization. Our advanced, innovative treatments are performed by highly certified nurse practitioners and registered nurses. 

As our industry continues to grow, both providers and patients are becoming more selective. As a provider, I always give my best possible recommendations in relation to what is safe and effective. There are times when a patient wants me to do something I know is unrealistic, unsafe, or will result in a poor outcome. In those situations it is OK to say “I don’t think I can make you happy.” My ethical code is to do no harm. It is worth taking the time to find a provider who will align with your aesthetic. For me, that means natural results geared for full facial balancing and harmony.

What Makes Us Different With Injectables

Initial Consultation

At Racquel Aesthetics we want to make sure you are fully prepared for your injectable treatment with us. The first step in wanting to schedule an injectable treatment is to email my amazing patient coordinator Lea Voda. Lea will get you information and ask for photos. Once I review your photos, Lea will give you my full recommendations for injectables as well as any other rejuvenation treatments like lasers or skincare that I think will benefit you. This does not mean you have to commit to everything on your first visit, but I like you to have a fundamental understanding of what can be done to help you achieve your goals. It is nice to have a reference list to work towards. I do this complimentary for patients who want to come see me in the office. My injectors and I take local patients and we also have patients fly in from all over the country to see us. If you do not plan to see my team or I for treatment, I cannot give you treatment recommendations because I am unsure of your injectors skill level or product selection. If you would like a facial assessment please email Lea at

Pre-Treatment Instructions

Once you have scheduled your appointment, we strive to provide you with as much information as possible to help reduce the risk of bruising and fully prepare you. 

Some of the biggest pre-treatment instructions include:

  • Avoiding alcohol and caffeine at least 3 days prior to your appointment. This will help diminish the bleeding, bruising, bleeding, swelling during and after your injections. 
  • Stay hydrated and avoid coming to your appointment on an empty stomach. 
  • If okayed by your health provider, do not take any blood thinning medications such as Ibuprofen, Advil, Aleve, Aspirin, Vitamin E, Turmeric, Fish oil, etc for at least 2 weeks prior to your treatment. Tylenol is okay to take. 
  • Antibiotics taken need to be completely finished two weeks prior to your injection appointment. 
  • You may use Arnica tablets 2-3 days prior to your injections to reduce the risk of bruising. 
  • If you desire numbing prior to your treatment, please arrive 15 minutes early to your appointment. 
  • Arrive with a clean face and no facial makeup.

During Treatment

Before your provider starts with your treatment, she will go over your goals once again to make sure nothing has changed since the initial consultation. This is your time as a patient to really look in the mirror and voice any areas of concern prior to starting with treatment. You are investing in yourself, so happiness is definitely a priority! 

Every nurse injector at Racquel Aesthetics takes their time with their patient very seriously and devotes their heart & soul into their treatment. This means concentrating, taking a full face approach, using the appropriate products for the best results and communication. We want to ensure that you are in LOVE with your end results when we hand you that mirror! 🤍

Like I constantly preach, safety and results are always a priority. We are excited to be the first practice in Missouri to offer Mindray Ultrasound Imaging, complimentary, into our treatments. Using this incredible technology, our team of injectors can precisely image our patients’ anatomy. This aids in treatment planning, helping reduce bruising, assessing dermal thickness and being able resolve any unforeseen complications. 

Another amazing device we have at RA, that we use all the time with Botox is the AccuVein finder. We love that we can help avoid bruising whenever possible. It doesn’t mean you won’t bruise, but absolutely helps lower the risk! 

The AccuVein finder is a device used to help visualize vasculature directly under the skin. This device is the global  leader in vein finders and we are so excited to have such a great resource in the practice. We will be able to personalize treatments even better using this device, working to make sure you’re receiving the highest quality and safest treatment. We love that we can conveniently use this tool to help avoid bruising as much as we can. 

If you’ve had a small bruise from your Botox injections in the past, let your skilled practitioner know and we will pop this device out to do our best to avoid any potential bruising.

Post Treatment Care

Once you leave the practice, it doesn’t mean your treatment is “over”. We make sure you are equipped with all the tools and information you deserve for optimal results. 

One of my favorite things we provide you with is our custom Racquel Aesthetics ice packs! These are cute lips that you can pop back in your freezer and reuse. Icing the treatment area as needed helps with any potential bruising and swelling. We also provide you with Arnica/Bromelain natural tablets to take to help decrease inflammation and bruising. Other post-treatment recommendations include: 

  • Avoid exercise for 48 hours
  • If okayed by your health provider, avoid taking blood thinning medications for at least 48 hours after your treatment. Tylenol is okay to take. 
  • Taking an antihistamine like Claritin or Benadryl for a couple days post treatment will help decrease the inflammatory response. 
  • Stay hydrated!
  • Avoid makeup for 24 hours. 
  • Sleep with your head elevated 
  • Do not massage your face aggressively

*Watch your skin for any unusual discoloration, bruising or pain. Alert the Racquel Aesthetics team immediately if so. We want you to know, it is completely normal for residual swelling to last up to 2 weeks. Swelling and bruising can often give the appearance of asymmetry or unevenness, don’t judge your results for 2 weeks. However, if you feel that further enhancement is desired, definitely schedule a follow up appointment with your injector! 

Lastly, because we care so much about you, it’s not uncommon for your injector or one of our patient care coordinators to contact you within a couple days of your treatment for a personalized check in! 

As you can see, we are HERE for you, every step of the way! We want you to love your results with your injectables and your experience at Racquel Aesthetics. Please know if you ever have any questions or concerns, before or after your treatment, you can call/text us at 636-742-1122, email us or reach out on Instagram! 

I hope this helps you if you are thinking about starting the journey with injectables or have already started and need a reminder! ☺️



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