Why You Should Have A Hobby As An Adult

Before this year my main hobby was working out, it was time for just me to be alone with my thoughts and also made me healthier. While I still love my workouts I decided to take up a new hobby, horseback riding. When we bought our farm I knew this was something I wanted to do. It has always been a dream of mine actually. I bought my first horse, a fox trotter named Nelly 🙂 In addition to being a hobby I would enjoy, I knew that this particular hobby would be a great way to include the kids and family time. I am also using this experience to teach the kids about nature, animals, discipline, and responsibility. Win, win!

If you know me well enough, you probably realize chilling and relaxing are things I am not very good at. As a working mama of 3 young children I GO GO GO. I don’t sit well and I never have. I have learned over time it’s important for me to take mental breaks from the daily grind to decompress and relieve stress. Being with my horse has become a great way for me to “chill” without having to sit on the couch lol. It’s my special time out in nature, disconnected from all technology, with my majestic horse. A time of great peace to be in thought with just myself and nature. I love to feel the fresh air and think about nothing, or maybe reflect or just express internal gratitude, it is very meditative. Taking up this hobby is amazing for my mental health, it’s the one time of the week where I check out of the daily noise and check in to myself. 

Still not convinced a hobby is the solution to your stressed out workaholic/momaholic life? Here are 5 more reasons:

1. Reduce Negative Stress

As far as hobbies go they should bring you joy and pleasure. You don’t necessarily have to be good at them but they should not add extra negative stress to your life. Hobbies are also a stress reliever because they are an opportunity to just leave the rest of your life “at the door” and do something fun that helps you step away or at least decompress.

2. Personal Development

As adults it is very easy to be stuck in our ways and comfortable but this is not necessarily a good thing. If you are a parent you know we are always telling our kids to go make new friends, try something new, use their imagination, etc. but why did we ever stop doing it ourselves? Hobbies can be whatever you make of them but it is important that it helps you grow and develop even in the smallest of ways. 

3. Confidence

Push yourself to try something new or that you already know you are not good at. There is a way to make any hobby challenging, and upon challenging yourself you are able to develop confidence. This confidence will spread into the rest of your life as well, making your overall life better.

4. Social Interaction or Alone Time

This one is big and they are both important. Depending on your lifestyle/career social interaction could be overwhelming or very important. Even when you deal with people all day, intentional social interaction with like minded people can be really important. On the other hand you could be someone who just knows they do better after having some alone time to regroup. Hobbies are always about doing what is best for you!

5. Self Care

Finding time to fill your own cup with something that makes you happy is very important for your mental health. It is very hard to prioritize yourself but if it is not done then burnout happens more and more. A busy schedule can become a lot less overwhelming when you add in hobbies or time just for yourself. 

When life becomes too overwhelming, your hobbies can help you relax. Doing something you enjoy outside of work can be beneficial for your mental health. Having hobbies can lower anxiety, lower your stress level, and help cope with depression. Hobbies help you form a life outside of work.



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