10 Things I Can’t Live Without

As you know, I am all about sharing anything & everything I love! A lot of times my weekly “What I’m Lovin” in my newsletter is a tangible item. But not everything in life is tangible, the most important things in my life aren’t actually items, they are people or experiences! We all have “things” we think we can’t live without, however when you really sit down and think about 10 things most important to you, you may surprise yourself. 

As the saying goes, “The Secret of life is not finding someone to live with, it’s finding someone you can’t live without”! My forever #1 is my family! ❤️

1- My Family

They are my priority. Schedule time to make memories. Take annual family photos. I take care of my relationship with Sal and protect my marriage. I make sure to be the best parent I can for my babies. 

2- My Health

Daily exercise and eating healthy helps me keep my health in check for my family. I use 1P app to understand and track macros when needed. I move my body daily. I workout with my trainer 3x week. I use workouts in 1p app or EMOMs from my blog site. I eat a 80/20 diet. I have a company meal prep for me and make healthy lunches and 3 dinners per week. This keeps me eating healthy when I am busy and would normally not make great choices due to convenience. On the weekends, I splurge a little and enjoy Italian food and a margarita here and there. Life is about balance. In the end, without our health we have NOTHING. I want to set the example for my kiddos to live a long and healthy life.


Here are my go-to products I use every day from 1st Phorm. Phormula 1 shake for breakfast, Micro Factor vitamin, Full Mega fish oil, Opti Greens 50, Magnesium at night, Mega Watt before a tough workout


You had to know this was a must! 😉 I cannot go without my daily routine. My regular routine is Gentle Foaming Cleanser, Koji-C Pads, Hydralipid, Silk Serum, Hydrating Eye, Vitamin C, HA Peptide & Lux Pads! Literally changed my skin forever. I have helped thousands of meWe can help. Request complimentary skin consult now.

5- Skin Health Treatments

I have the “look good feel good mentality”….botox, filler, lasers, facials, microneedling quarterly! Taking care of my skin is important to me. I want to look how I feel inside as I age. It’s not about vanity, it’s about confidence! I want to help other people feel amazing. We can help at Racquel Aesthetics!

6- Grocey Delivery

You can’t be everywhere and do everything. I have learned that the best leaders delegate where they can! I want to spend any spare minute outside of business with my family. Shipt and Instacart allow me to save hours each week. It also saves me money because I get what is on my list and skip the extra fluff I find roaming aisles.

7- MY Tribe

People ask how I do it all? I don’t! I have a community and family of people right behind me helping me manage this crazy life. I have 2 amazing sitters who help with my kiddos, an amazing school and activities that I can trust my babies with, amazing grandparents, a team of 20 incredible professionals, an operation and practice manager who help me run the companies, so I can do what I do best, see patients and train injectors! I am beyond blessed and words can’t describe how much I appreciate my support system. I could not do any of this without them.


Sal and I try to go on a date once a week. It’s our time to re-connect. Sometimes it’s a fancy dinner and sometimes it’s grabbing a workout class together, going on a long walk, watching a movie, or escaping to our farm. The key is to always make time for each other, no matter how busy we get or how many babies we have on our hip. Sometimes date night rolls around and I’m hesitant to go, you know “Mom guilt”. This especially happens when we don’t have a plan set in stone we just both ‘know’ it’s date night. To help combat this I’ve decided to book reservations ahead of time! I try to book on Monday so that by the weekend we are excited for our date and ready to relax! It’s easy to make any and every excuse not to go, “the house needs to be cleaned, I was away on Tuesday night with clients, we have a dinner party Saturday”. The excuses will undoubtedly come up in both you and your partner’s mind so it’s important to be on the same page that date night is non-negotiable. And I’ll tell you what, we NEVER regret going. Someday when our babies grow up & move on – we don’t want to look at each other and realize we’ve neglected us! Plus, who doesn’t love eating out?


Traveling with Sal and my family is my favorite way to create memories that I will cherish FOREVER! It is a time for bonding, having fun, relaxing, and truly enjoying what life is all about. Sal & I try to take a trip together every year for our anniversary and we love taking the kids on a vacation as a family!


This is what life is all about. Helping other people. Being a servant leader. Leaving the world a better place than we found it!

I urge you to take a step back and think about 10 things you can’t live without! It will be a fun activity, even do it with your significant other. See what things are important to the both of you that are the same and learn what is most important to them! It will help you grow as a person & couple! 



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  1. I love when you tell about the things you love! What company do you use for your meal preps with lunches and dinners?

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