New Year, New Skin: 10 Pro Tips for Glowing Skin in 2020

Happy New Year! ~Ahh 2020, a new year with new beginnings and endless possibilities. So, there is no better time than right now to commit yourself to achieving your best skin ever! Don’t know where to start? That’s what I am here for! Here are my top skin resolutions and self-care ideas that will keep your skin glowing and healthy all through 2020 and in the decades to come. 

1. Double-Cleansing Your Skin 

Start 2020 with a clean slate…literally. It’s time to stop sleeping in makeup and instead go to bed each night with a cleansed and hydrated face. When removing makeup I always recommend doing a “double cleanse”. Cleanse your skin by using a dime size amount of cleanser. Next, use a makeup wipe to remove any residual makeup and eye makeup (I like to use neutrogena makeup wipes for this). Lastly, cleanse again with another dime size amount of cleanser (the same one is fine). This is the best way to ensure all of your makeup is removed. It is a 3 step process but it’s quick. No cotton pads, or drying needed. Rinse, cleanse, wipe, cleanse, rinse! This is exactly how we remove makeup in the office before any kind of treatment.

2. Choose a Cleanser that is right for you

If you’re going through the trouble of cleansing your face not once but twice then you also want to know you’re using a product that’s great for you skin! 

Cleanser for All Skin Types – My go-to cleanser of choice is safe for all skin types, the RFA Gentle Foaming Cleanser. It is gentle on the skin yet effective for removing makeup, debris, and impurities. It’s glycerin base makes it silky soft and great for moisture and infusing the skin with hydration.  

Cleanser for redness/rosacea prone skin – Go with the best cleanser for sensitive skin types RFA Gentle Cream Cleanser.

Cleanser for more acne-prone skin- Try a salicylic based acne medication cleanser to help clear blemishes and break-outs. I’d recommend the RFA Gentle Foaming Cleanser.

3.  Exfoliate Regularly to Remove Blackheads or Impurities

Exfoliation isn’t just for during a facial! I do recommend exfoliating with a nice scrub just 2-3x per week. Use your cleanser daily and add the exfoliant on Monday, Wednesday and Friday or whatever makes sense for you! This is especially helpful for those who suffer from clogged pores or blackheads. Exfoliating improves the texture but also tone and brightness of the skin. Our medical grade exfoliating scrub RFA Exfoliating Scrub is an incredible product.

4. Never, Ever Pick your Blemishes

I know, I know this can be easier said than done. But it’s time to commit to STOP. I beg you, please stop picking at your blemishes! It only exacerbates the problem and transfers bacteria from your hands onto your face – right where you DON’T want it. Not only that, but the inflammation caused from picking creates broken skin, sores, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (little red marks/scars) that can takes weeks to months to fully heal. Instead, use a treatment cream that contains salicylic acid. It works to slough away dead skin cells, minimize excess oil production and unclog pores of unwanted debris for a clear and calm complexion! Picking at your skin now will only require more expensive treatments down the line to help heal scars and discoloration. Save yourself now! 

5.  Apply SPF Daily

It’s 2020, do we really need to go over the importance of sunscreen?! Prioritize your health and the largest organ on your body this year and start wearing a sunscreen that will protect your face without irritation. Elta MD UV Clear SPF 46 provides UVA/UVB protection with 9% transparent zinc oxide and 7.5% octinoxate and contains hyaluronic acid to hydrate and niacinamide to help clear acne-prone skin and improve circulation.I LOVE the tinted version to combine your foundation and sunscreen in one simple step!

6.  Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!!!

Hydrated skin is happy skin. Think of your moisturizer as giving your skin a big drink of water (our skin is almost always thirsty!). I recommend moisturizer in the AM & PM.  For more oily skin types choose a hyaluronic acid serum moisturizer called HA Peptide Serum.  This lightweight moisturizer really absorbs into the skin to improve hydration, glow, and fine lines and wrinkles. For more dry skin types I love to use HydraLipid Moisturizer. For very dry skin the best trick is to layer both! Apply HA Peptide Serum first and then layer the HydraLipid Moisturizer on top!  

When you are ready for the next step, we add hydration and anti-aging products to specific areas of the face like Youthful eye cream & neck cream. Linked my two favorites! They contain micro peptides small enough to provenly penetrate into the skin and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. The eye cream also contains a little pop of caffeine which eliminates under-eye puffiness! Little pro tip – you can always use your eye cream on your lips when you need some extra hydration there too!

7. Exfoliating Acid – If you’re going to splurge do it here.

If you are new to skincare, don’t get overwhelmed with all of this info! No one is expecting you to start with 100 new products and 25 steps every day. I recommend starting with a couple of great products and to stick with them when it comes to daily use. Consistency is key! 

Put which products to prioritize? Basically everything I talked about so far in the blog.

  • A cleanser that suits your skin 
  • A moisturizer 
  • SPF
  • And an exfoliant. Did you know acids exfoliate? A product doesn’t need to have a sandy or sugary texture to provide exfoliation! 

Consistent use of an exfoliating acid makes all the difference. I always say when prioritizing your skincare you should “splurge” on your exfoliating acid. This is the type of product that is going to really induce change in your skin. Your exfoliating acid could be retinol, Koji-C pads, and/or Lux pads. By implementing a product like this into your routine we are increasing skin cell turn-over leaving you with brighter, tighter, and glowing! You see, as we age, our skin cell turnover slows and slows and we are left with dull skin. These products not only brighten you back up but they also can be used to treat pigmentation and acne. If you wanted to start with just one new medical grade product, my recommendation is go for the Lux Pads, baby! This is my one stop, overnight, facelift in a jar. Cleanse, apply pad, (no moisturizer), go to sleep, and wake up to noticeably tighter, brighter, and GLOWING skin! 

8. Heal Your Skin From the Inside Out 

Almost any disease, pain, rash or blemishes in the body are a result of inflammation. Not to get to sciency but inflammation is the result of free-radicals in the body. Imagine free radicals as little tiny villains that run rampant throughout the body and antioxidants as the superheroes which come and neutralize them. An overload of free radicals is not good and leads to inflammation in the body which is the main cause for imbalances. Imbalances that may result in unhappy skin! Antioxidants fight off these free radicals that damage the skin and can even cause skin cancer. 
Nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables are high in antioxidants, and other foods include coffee and chocolate! Yup, it’s true! So while we can eat our antioxidants, applying them directly to our skin is also hugely beneficial. Using a daily antioxidant is important for healing and protecting the inside of your skin. 

One of the most common antioxidants used in skincare is Vitamin C. There are thousands of products out there that have Vitamin C or ascorbic acid in them but if they are filled with other preservatives or not able to penetrate the skin then you might be wasting your money. I have searched high and low for the latest and greatest when it comes to Vitamin C Serums. Finally I’ve found one that I am obsessed with! Radiant Vitamin C! I rave more about it in this blog post, but just take my word, it’s the one. 

9.  Invest in Clinical Treatments 

…and don’t feel guilty about it!  There is nothing wrong using something more that a product line to take care of your body and your skin. If a cosmetic treatment is going to make you feel better about yourself and more confident then of course you should do it! Take the time. Make the investment. You ARE worth it.  Here are some of my top treatments to mix in throughout the year for amazing skin:

  • Botox every 3-4 months (see my Botox 101 blog for more info)
  • Fillers to enhance your natural beauty or correct volume loss (Fillers 101 blog here too!)
  • Hydrafacials + Dermaplaning + Chemical Peels (learn more about these 3 here)
  • Annual Intense Pulsed Light therapy
  • Microneedling

For more info on treatments I perform or to schedule your complimentary consultation fill out the contact form on my site and I will be in touch!  Keep in mind I typically book out about 8-10 weeks for in-office treatments. So plan ahead!

10.  Save Money and Time by Getting A Professional Opinion 

There’s no sense in throwing money at products and never finishing them (hello to all those half used bottles in your bathroom drawers and cupboards), or buying things that aren’t right for your skin because someone at CVS recommended it. Sorry CVS, one size does not fit all! 


I provide complimentary, custom regimens online! 

Whether you are looking for anti-aging, acne treatment, or even pregnancy-safe regimens – I can help! I help patients nationwide achieve their best skin by using medical grade skincare. I love being able to reach and help people all over the country with the very same products I use daily in my practice. Skincare is not one size fits all. I create complementary, custom skincare regimens for my clients and I am able to do this via email and in the convenience of your own home. 

If you’re ready to start working towards healthier balanced skin today fill out the form here and click ‘Request Now’. I’ll create a plan that fits your needs with product recommendations. I ship nationwide. What are you waiting for!? 2020 is your year to have CLEAR and GLOWING skin baby! 

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9 thoughts on “New Year, New Skin: 10 Pro Tips for Glowing Skin in 2020”

  1. Great read!!!
    Thanks, Racquel for publishing such a useful and informative blog posts regarding skincare.
    Skin is a very sensitive organ and thus needs special attention. The use of harmful chemicals might have negative outcomes.
    Thus, a person should be aware of the factors which should be taken into consideration to keep the skin healthy.
    Besides, undergoing massage therapy also has proven benefits on skin health.

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