Aesthetics as a Form of Self Care

Self-care has become a huge trending topic in the last couple of years and I love it! Finally, we are getting permission from society to take time for ourselves. More and more we are steering away from the belief that workaholism is a virtue and burn out leads to success. What I also know is that self-care isn’t always bubble baths, massages and tropical vacations. Self-care means many different things to many different people and one form that I see every single day is self-care in the form of aesthetic procedures!

As an aesthetic nurse there are a lot of judgments, “it’s not real nursing”, “plastic surgery is so unnecessary”, “they must be so vain”. It’s actually crazy to me because the right to the very core of my heart I feel the opposite. Of course, it is real nursing but I don’t need to get out my diplomas and master’s degree papers to show you. Just because we aren’t tending to sick people doesn’t mean we aren’t making people feel better! If I can help by making some small changes on the outside that lead to better body satisfaction, more confidence, and improved internal happiness then I’m absolutely thrilled to do so!

It’s not about vanity, it’s about feeling good for YOU

Here’s what really gets me excited. Imagine that body imperfection you feel like you have that drives you insane; maybe it’s little wrinkles on your forehead that appear when you raise your eyebrows, even if you are only 25. Or maybe it’s dark circles under your eyes that no amount of sleep can revive? Maybe its lips that you feel like just don’t compliment the rest of your features properly? What if you woke up one day and it was just..fixed. You could wear less makeup, feel more confident and just stop worrying about it! I’m not saying that forehead wrinkles or anything else are a bad thing, but if the stress of these ‘imperfections‘ lowers your quality of life then, of course, I want to help you!

In a lot of cases, the client is simply taking a corrective or preventative approach when considering aesthetics long term. Getting botox when you are younger actually helps prevent permanent creases and wrinkles as we age. Additionally, botox can reverse mild lines altogether when targeted early on. But we don’t need to get into the technical stuff.

It’s okay to take care of yourself exactly how you see fit

Just like dying your hair or shaping your eyebrows, an aesthetic procedure can build confidence! So I’m here giving you permission to get that ‘thing done’. It’s your body and your happiness! Whichever doctor or nurse you work with will support and help you make the best decision for your body, not just try and empty your wallet. We are healthcare professionals, here to serve. 

I love the ability to help people feel good about themselves. The majority of the patients I see are wonderful people who want to look and FEEL their best. They are doing it for themselves, not for others. Why do we work out? To be in shape and to stay healthy, and to feel good about ourselves! This is the same. Why would we not take care of our skin and face as well?

Taking care of yourself is something a lot of people don’t prioritize – but the truth is, how you take care of yourself is the example you set for how others should treat you. And busy Mamas, I see you! You’re thinking, “oh I’m married I don’t need that”, or “Oh my friends will judge me”, or “Oh I should spend the money on something for the kids”. What does Rachel Hollis say? Girl, wash your face! You DESERVE to feel confident. You aren’t just a Mom or a wife or a student, you are YOU, beautiful, powerful, individual, and you should feel as such 🙂 

So what exactly do aesthetic treatments consist of?

If you were ever wondering if maybe this would be something for you… please reach out, I’m always here to help I could go on for hours explaining all of this stuff (trust me), but I’ll save it for other blogs! If you just want to see what it is that I am am talking about with these procedures my highlights on Instagram are loaded with before and after photos and testimonials etc. I also have a Botox 101 and Fillers 101 blog post!

One thing I have learned for sure is that we are all a work in progress and if I can play any role in helping someone feel better about themselves then I 100% consider that a win.

It’s OK to take care of  YOURSELF. When you feel fulfilled on then can you best serve everyone around you!


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Racquel Frisella

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I work as a cosmetic injector and skincare specialist with 12 years of experience in the Aesthetic Industry. I see patients both in-office at Racquel Aesthetics for treatments as well as online for customized, complimentary skincare plans. I focus heavily on preventative and corrective injections, treatments, and skincare.  My career is my passion and I love to help people feel like the very best version of themselves. I am a wife and a mother of 3 beautiful children under the age of 3. I love all things beauty, fashion, and fitness. I am creating this site as a place to share my expertise on beauty, anti-aging, and skin while also giving a glimpse into my lifestyle as a mom, wife and lover of fitness!  


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