Find your FIERCE through fitness

This blog is a powerful pep talk from my friend and motivational coach, Amy. As Amy says it her purpose is to share her expertise in the fitness and wellness industry in a way that helps you find your best self! Give her words a read and get inspired to find your fierce!

Fierce (adjective)- Showing a heartfelt and powerful intensity. 

We all have habits, those that are conscious and those that are subconscious. Habits form through decisions we make every time we are faced with a choice.  I have found in my many years of doing, teaching and facilitating fitness, that what you do in the middle of your workout translates to what you do in the other areas of your life.  When the workout gets tough, you have habits in place that dictate what you do in those moments. Whether its the bullshit excuses that immediately flood in (thinking “I’m tired, this is so hard, I didn’t sleep well last night”, etc.), maybe you pull back in your pace or effort, maybe you straight up quit… OR, do you find your fierce and rise, push, pick it up? (Take a moment and think about what you consistently do when the workout gets tough.) Whatever you do in those tough moments, is exactly what you do in life when things get tough.  What you need to realize is that you have full control in those tough and stressful moments. Your body will go where your mind takes it.  It is within those moments, that you can literally change habits. In those moment, you can teach yourself to find your FIERCE! 

It starts with being locked into the moment, consciously aware of your habits and noting the ones you want to change.  Your attitude and mindset are also extremely crucial to making lasting changes.  You have to teach yourself to choose positive thoughts and a positive attitude. This can begin with having a saying already picked out ahead of time to repeat over and over when you need it. For example, “I am strong. I am capable. I am amazing”. Even if you can change just one thought, do one more rep, or push for longer than you planned, you have made a change and you are on your way to finding your fierce. It’s easier to change your habit in the middle of your workout because it’s a situation you have chosen to be in, instead of a situation that you have come upon. Fitness is something you can do with consistency, therefore, you will consistently be working to change habits and become fierce in life. 

I promise you, if you can implement small, yet consistent changes in your fitness habits, you will make tangible and lasting changes in your life.  You will see new accomplishments and successes. Most importantly, you will gain fierceness, confidence and courage, even in tough times.  

So I ask you…What are you doing everyday to find your FIERCE? 



I love this concept so much! I think we have all had those moments of pushing through something really hard. You get this “RAWH!!” feeling and you make it happen! I think that is the moment of finding your fierce and if you know it, you know it feels so good! As women I think it’s so empowering to work through these things, to lean into our power and to be the badass lioness that you are. We do not just have to be dainty, quiet and soft we can be strong, and spoken and bold!

If you want to connect with Amy to chat more or to work with her 1:1 you can find her here on Insta!

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