What is full facial balancing?

More people than ever have become familiar with non surgical treatments, like filler, to the face. However, these are often shown as “a la carte” services like “lips” or “tear troughs” and we don’t highlight enough the importance of a more global approach to the face versus just one feature.

Hence, “Full Facial Balancing”. This method takes all of your facial features into account when making decisions on treatment plans or adjustments and allows your injector to maintain the integrity of the features that make you, YOU. The goal is to enhance symmetry and balance your facial features from top to bottom.

In my practice, this all begins with what I call a global assessment. I assess the face from top to bottom and give recommendations to address everything from temple hollowing, under eye hollowing, mid face volume loss, pre-auricular volume depletion, deepening of the pyriform, folds, shrinking lips, recessed or weak chin and chin shadows, undefined jawline, etc. Not everyone will need every area. It is 100% customized to each individuals anatomy and facial features. Even though that may sound like a lot of areas or a lot of filler, it is not. When we are sprinkling little amounts in all of the areas that need attention versus just overpowering one small feature, the face overall looks much more balanced and your work looks extremely natural and undetectable. 

The important thing to understand is that a great injector has the knowledge and experience to understand what you are wanting corrected and the correct way to treat that particular area. For example, you may think you have “hollow undereyes” and you may want filler there to correct it. After my assessment I may realize that yes you can use a little filler under your eyes, but you also need to support the C curve of the cheek, as well as support the tail of the brow in the temples in order to achieve the most beautiful result. Another example is someone wanting lip filler. If they have a very recessed or “weak” chin and deep folds or sunken pyriform, I know that in order to give them lips that look balanced on their face I need to address the entire perioral region to create that harmonized result. If you only do the lips you end up with ducky lips that do not suit your face.

Think of your face in three parts: the upper third, middle third, and lower third. If we only correct one of those areas you are left unbalanced. Now the lower face may look great, but what about your upper or middle face? Shouldn’t those areas look great too? We should aim to treat your face as a whole and correct any areas that need a little balancing. Little sprinkles all over to create one beautiful face from every angle. This is where we separate “good” from “great” injectors. 


This is so important to understand. When I first started injecting almost 15 years ago (that makes me sound old!) We used to be so cookie cutter. Everyone got 20 units of botox between the brows and a syringe of juvederm into their nasolabial folds. It honestly makes me laugh now! Oh, how far we have come. As an industry and a medical specialty we have come leaps and bounds! We are so full of knowledge in both safety and outcomes and we have a much better understanding of our injectable products and how to use them to achieve the best possible results. Experienced providers understand that by allowing patients to only treat one area of the face over and over again will lead to unbalanced and unnatural results. 


Yes, you should be afraid of those scary “maleficent” cheeks and over-filled lips…I know I am! This gives aesthetics a bad reputation and tells me that the provider is either just doing what the patient tells them to versus what they need or is trying to monetize on a patient. A great injector knows how to soften shadows and fill areas of volume loss or deficit. The goal is to highlight features by bringing light to shadows. We want to use our products to contour and highlight, just like you do with your makeup. It is all about subtle, beautiful refinements to enhance your natural features.


Aesthetic medicine is becoming more saturated and there are new injectors and med spas popping up on every street corner. While it is great to see our industry grow, it is sad to see so many injectors practicing unsafely. An injector who is doing aesthetics as a side job with minimal investment and training is no longer a trend and should no longer be accepted by any patient. Patients are becoming more educated and are seeking providers who dedicate their careers to aesthetics to ensure the best education, safety, and results. Remember…you would never choose a cardiologist who did cardiac as a side gig. 

A great injector prioritizes safety by having an understanding of facial anatomy and how to avoid danger zones and use the proper products in the proper areas. Even so, this is aesthetic MEDICINE and complications will arise no matter how great of an injector you are. The important thing is that your injector is knowledgeable and prepared with the right supplies and antidotes to handle and manage your complication. With complications time is of the essence. If an injector is not fully invested in the industry or practicing safely this is completely unacceptable and should not be tolerated.


As our industry continues to grow, both providers and patients are becoming more selective. As a provider, I always give my best possible recommendations in relation to what is safe and effective. There are times when a patient wants me to do something I know is unrealistic, unsafe, or will result in a poor outcome. In those situations it is OK to say “I don’t think I can make you happy.” My ethical code is to do no harm. It is worth taking the time to find a provider who will align with your aesthetic. For me, that means natural results geared for full facial balancing and harmony.


In-Office Treatments

At Racquel Aesthetics both myself and my injectors are fully versed on full facial balancing and we would love to help you. The first step is to email my amazing patient coordinator Lea Voda. Lea will get you information and ask for photos. Once I review your photos, Lea will give you my full recommendations for full facial balancing as well as any other rejuvenation treatments like lasers or skincare that I think will benefit you. This does not mean you have to commit to everything on your first visit, but I like you to have a fundamental understanding of what can be done to help you achieve your goals. It is nice to have a reference list to work towards. I do this complimentary for patients who want to come see me in the office. My injectors and I take local patients and we also have patients fly in from all over the country to see us. If you do not plan to see my team or I for treatment, I cannot give you treatment recommendations because I am unsure of your injectors skill level or product selection. If you would like a facial assessment please email Lea at Lea@RacquelAesthetics.com

Virtual Skincare Plans

If you are interested in a virtual medical grade skincare consult we can do those as well and you do not have to be a patient inside our practice. We help people all over the world through our amazing medical grade skincare line. We can transform your complexion virtually. You can receive a skincare consult by filling out this form and we will assess your skin and give you product recommendations and instructions. We can ship all over USA & Canada. 



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