How to Protect Your Dyed and Heat Treated Hair

tips for damaged and dry hair

You might be surprised that my hair is completely natural, as in not dyed at all!! Except I have extensions, which I LOVE. I love my warm brunette color and the extra volume and length of extensions. I heat treat my hair almost every single day with a straightener or curling iron so I definitely want to keep it healthy and minimize breakage. I’ve been using extensions on and off for years and they’ve never damaged my hair. I have thin hair so I do it for thickness and volume. They make my hair look fuller, I can do more with it and it’s easier to style. Candice is my go-to girl and the only person I’ve trusted with my hair for the last 5 years!  She is a hair magician.

I asked Candice if she could share with us some of her top pro tips for keeping your hair healthy, what to know about extensions AND her favorite products. Read alllll of her awesome tips below!

Damage Prevention for Heat Styled Hair 

The biggest problem I currently see trending in the salon, when clients come in, are the effects of the styling tools we use on a daily basis. Now, more than ever, there are a vast variety of  hairstyling tools to use when it comes to faster, easier ways to style our hair in the morning before work or getting ready for an event.

If you are like most, you have noticed that the ends of your hair have become slightly damaged, your hair may seem more brittle or fragile, and split ends occur more often. This is due to temperatures on our styling tools being too hot, or from certain low quality products applied to the hair before using said styling tools.

This is why styling tools have evolved to have temperature settings on them compared to in the past where styling tools just had an on and off switch! 

Tips to Keep Your Hair Safe and Glamorous

  1. Use a leave-in conditioner (Marrakesh is my fav) once or twice a week. It adds an extra layer of heat protection.
  2. When using a blow-dryer, make sure there is a diffuser attached to the end. The metal grates on the end of your blow dryer become very HOT, if the ends of your hair touch the metal grate in can instantly scorch your hair.
  3. If you are using an oil or serum apply the product to your hair when it is WET before you blow dry, NOT before you style. Imagine this, if you were to heat up a skillet on the stove to 350* + and then add oil to the pan, would you then put your hair in the pan? Of course not, because the oil is so hot, it would burn your hair!
  4. Use SALON QUALITY – Shampoo & Conditioner. While this might seem like a no brainer, there is in fact a huge difference between drug store “commercial” shampoo & conditioner and what you actually use in a salon. Due to diversion, most salon brands are not sold at the local drug-store. Be sure and ask your hair colorist what they recommend & buy that!
  5. Temperature Control- use these settings! I recommend styling tools be no higher than 300 degrees. MOST women do not need that high of a heat setting to set in the curl or to straighten their hair. Also, when using a straightener, only pass over each section ONCE! By passing over the section multiple times you are tripling the effects of the heat on your hair and literally burning it at the ends, due to the straightener increasingly getting hotter as the two plates are clamped together as it goes down the section of your hair.
  6. Don’t wash daily. This is something that may take some getting used to in the beginning but it’s natural for your hair to produce oils! If we are constantly washing our hair we aren’t letting it produce those oils at the root which help the hair grow. Plus daily washing will be hard on your color/dye if you have any.
  7. Avoid a tight pony. I get that it’s easy to pull your hair up and out of your face but a super tight pony tail can cause breakage around the face. Those ‘baby hairs’ aren’t hairs that are just growing, they are broken off hairs! Working out and sleeping in a braid is much better for your hair since there isn’t constant pulling at the scalp.

Bellami Hand Tied EXTENSIONS

For Racquel I use Bellami hand tied extensions. Hand Tied extensions are one of the safest forms on extensions currently on the market as the weight of the extensions are distributed evenly across the clients hair making them suitable for fine/thin hair. If you’re considering getting extensions we’ll need to decide on length, volume and color!

We can customize any color that would include a shadow root look, balayage, or custom highlight color match. Lengths range from 16-24 inches. The length of your current hair doesn’t really matter as a client can go from chin length hair to long luscious hair that easily blends & matches perfectly.

Initial costs vary depending on length and volume desire for each person. Maintenance appts are scheduled every 6 weeks; with a low maintenance cost of only $175.

Once you have your extensions installed you’ll want to take extra good care of them and of course treat them like they are your own hair! This means keeping them brushed out daily and holding your hair at the root while you brush to minimize pulling. If you have long extensions I also recommend sleeping with them in a braid.

If you’re interested in extensions you can come in for a free consultation and we’ll discuss exactly what you need.

Favorite Hair Products

In 2008, I started my apprenticeship program where I had the privilege of training under 5 individuals learning the ins and outs of coloring, cutting, styling, and building relationships with my guests. Unlike cosmetology school, the apprenticeship program required 3000 hrs. to complete before taking the State Board Exam to become a Licensed Cosmetologist, while a traditional school only required 1500 hrs. Continuing on throughout my career these past 11 yrs, I have taken a number of classes across the United States, ranging from New York to California, from the top hair colorists and stylist within the industry who have a high clientele of celebrities to learn their formulas and techniques so that I can recreate their looks for my guests! After all, styles are always evolving so I felt the need to follow and learn underneath those who are creating them. I love to create a custom look for each individual guest.  It’s a creative outlet that, I love, that allows me to listen to the guests needs and wants. I strive to make every guest feel beautiful and have their hair reflect that.

If you have any further questions on products, extensions, or ways you can help prevent damage to your hair, or any hair questions in general, Please feel free to email me at

– Candice

Candice and I have a lot in common! We both love making our clients feel beautiful and we both have a huge passion for fitness. I hope you learned something new from her tips, apply them at home and if you’re in STL definitely try and get it with her.



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