Dr. Nayak & I have been putting on this MedSpa Mastery course multiple times throughout 2020 and it has been such a wonderful success. Now that summer is over we know practitioners are itching the get back into their routines and career is coming back into focus. There is no bad time to improve your skills, knowledge and techniques when it comes to your industry.

We created MedSpa Mastery as a 2 day virtual flash course with Live Zoom trainings for the most interactive experience possible. MedSpa mastery has X speakers over the two days covering a range of topics from running or being part of a medspa to loads of info on treatments, surgery and techniques from multiple practitioner’s point of view as well as segments on branding and marketing. The value really is incredible!


When you join us in MedSpa Mastery you will be learning from leading experts in our field! When Dr Nayak and I are choosing who to invite into our roster we always consider who is at the top of their craft and who inspires us in the industry. Keynote speaker Erin Jensen will be focusing on the customer side of things. Client experience is so important and often doesn’t get enough attention in the development of our practices. Missing the mark on customer relationships can make or break a business. We also have Julie Horne, an absolute master of lip fillers, and Jason Bloom as well as Ben Talei both plastic surgeons who are pioneers and on the forefront of the I distort with latest innovative techniques treatments. Ben is a modified upper lip lift pioneer and has incredible technique to share. Not to mention the 23 faculty speakers who will be sharing their expertise as well.


These two days will provide you with a wealth of knowledge. The itinerary is jam packed into Saturday & Sunday  (Oct 3 & 4). I’d love for you to join! Check out the itinerary (below) for the juicy specifics!


This course is amazing for both current providers and those aspiring to-be in the medical spa industry. This includes surgeons, physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, estheticians or students in any of those categories. MedSpa Mastery is an excellent course to add on to a resume as you are learning from incredible mentors. 

What Does It Cost?

The unique format of this meeting avoids only featuring lengthy presentations by solo presenters. Instead, panels are intentionally constructed to cover specific topics in the medical spa industry from multiple, sometimes opposing points of view, to yield maximum education and attendee interaction, Plus, you get to join in from the comfort of your own home and know you’re doing something to better yourself and your career! 

Standard Single Admission: $750
Two Ticket Admissions: $1000 ($500 each)

Can’t wait to see you inside!!



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2 thoughts on “MED SPA MASTERY 2 DAY ONLINE COURSE #NOFILTER – October 3rd & 4th”

  1. melissa joy cartagena

    this mastery course looks so good racquel. super interested in taking the course. will check in for the next date. your website is awesome!!! much success and love, melissa dr cartagena

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