My Morning Protein Shake

Being a busy mom and business owner leaves me (I know many of you can relate) with minimal time to myself most mornings once I get the kids to school and before heading into work, let alone to get in a solid breakfast. Taking care of my overall health and wellness is an important personal goal, especially since what we eat truly reflects on the inside for health but also in our hair, nails, and skin! 

One of the easiest ways for me to make sure that I get what my body needs to function at its best, especially going into sick season, is to get adequate protein in, take care of my gut health, and get in my essential micronutrients each day.

To keep things easy with my crazy mornings I mix all of these together in one quick shake, drink it quickly, and am on my way. 

Here are 3 simple ingredients that I mix with water and throw back on my way out the door… 

1. Phormula-1 Chocolate Milkshake Protein 

This is a whey protein isolate; simply put, a quick digesting protein that helps to hit my protein goal each day. Protein is key in our health and does not make you bulky, but that’s for another day….Think building cells like muscles, skin, organs, literally everything. This is seriously the best tasting protein ever!! 

– Other options could be to use Level-1 protein for more calories and different flavors and a creamier texture OR Vegan Power Pro if you cannot tolerate whey. 

– 1 scoop gives 20 grams protein (you can always use 2 scoops for more protein)

2. Opti-Greens 50

A greens superfood blend that contains organic greens and grasses to help diversify your diet if you are lacking in that department. The main reason I love opti-greens is the gut health benefits; they contain digestive enzymes and probiotics. These help to break down the food you eat and then to absorb the nutrients more efficiently. We know that gut health is tied to brain function, skin health, and mood; making gut health ever so important. 

3. Microfactor (powder) 

This is a daily essential nutrient powder (it also comes in a pill pack if you want to throw these in your purse or travel with them.) I recently changed to the powdered mixed berry flavor since it is so easy to throw in my shake. Being a daily essential powder, it gives your body essential nutrients that you cannot make and that could be lacking in your diet (you would never know).

It contains 6 powerful blends to make sure your body is functioning at its best – A multivitamin. A probiotic. Antioxidants. A fruit & veggie blend. Essential Fatty Acids. and CoQ10. These cover everything from cell function, heart health, and gut health. But just remember.. these are only supplements and does not replaced a quality whole food diet.

– Comes in 3 amazing flavors – mixed berry, orange and mango pineapple

This 3 ingredient shake is my morning staple that ensures I am starting the day off on a positive note and giving my body what it needs to be its best as I run around from the drop-off line to the office. I mix it with water but you can add some ice and blend into a smoothie, change the flavors, add fruits/veggies or mix them separately. That is the beautiful thing, you can create your own morning health blend. 

If you have any questions about any of these products be sure to reach out! All of these products can be purchased at

XO Racquel

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