Nia Gel & Lotion

I am super excited to announce we have added two new medical grade skincare products to our line up! These are both hydrating products a soothing and hydrating gel for acne or rosacea prone skin and an amazing lightweight hydrating lotion. These can be used as stand alone products in your regimen, and they also go great layered together!

Nia Gel

Okay let’s start with the Gel, first step of the duo! This is a lightweight, Hyaluronic acid-based hydrating gel fortified with soothing Vitamin B5 and Green Tea extracts. 

If you are one of my acne and rosacea patients, or struggle with those, this should become one of your new staple products. It is used to correct acne and inflammation.  It calms redness and is both anti-bacterial and corrective. Keeps you clear from acne. Nia Gel is best for rosacea or acne patients.  It is great for hydration and anti- bacterial. This is calming and soothing treatment gel for acne and redness.

Use 1-2x daily. You can use stand along or layer underneath the Peptide Hydration Serum or other moisturizers (reach out to me if you need help working this into your skin plan).

Nia Gel vs Peptide Hydration Serum

If you are more occasional when it comes to adult acne you would benefit more from Peptide Serum. The Serum is a better product for anyone over 30 that may have some acne issues, it is also a anti-aging serum with collagen boosting peptides and can be layered under moisturizer and spf for more hydration.

Of course you can always use both in your regimen if they both speak to you 🙂

Nia Gel Benefits

  • Soothing, lightweight HA based hydrating gel for oily/combo skin
  • Antibacterial peptide-10
  • Anti Inflammatory Niacinamide
  • Soothing and anti inflammatory Panthenol and Green Tea
  • 100% FREE of fragrance, paraben, dye

Nia Lotion

A combination of Niacinamide with barrier enhancing lipids in an elegant emollient lotion.  Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3, has been shown to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The lotion also contains a combination of ceramide, fatty acids and cholesterol to help enhance the skin’s natural barrier.

Incorporate this one in your skin care routine by using it 1-2x daily. You can use stand alone or layer underneath the Peptide Hydration Serum or other moisturizers.

Is it for you?

This lotion is ideal for:

  • acne prone patients looking for light moisturizer can use, Niacinamide is good in slowing down oil production
  • sensitive skin and red prone skin moisturizer
  • normal skin type can use if looking to change up as seasonal needs ( spring, summer) or if you want a light weight moisturizer in line up. Great for day time as well.

Nia Lotion vs Lipid Trio

Lipid trio is a little more emollient and more anti-aging. Lipid trio is best for normal to dry skin types. I wouldn’t replace anyone that is on Lipid Trio with Nia Lotion. Especially now with fall and winter season upon us. Think of it like fall/winter- Lipid Trio and Summer- Nia Lotion

You can have both in your skincare portfolio (Of course I use both ;))  

Nia Lotion Benefits

  • 5% Niacinamide  (form of Vitamin B3)
    • anti- inflammatory
    • non- vasodilating ( reduces redness in skin)
  • Squalane ( derived from Olives)
    • Humans carry squalene as building blocks for some hormones
    • helps moisten skin and makes fine lines and dryness less noticeable 
  • Additional Anti-inflammatory: 
    • Bisabolol
    • Panthenol
    • Evodia
  • Contains Fatty Acids, Ceramide, Cholesterol for healthy skin barrier (helps with penetration to correct skin barrier)

If you don’t know if these products are right for you or you need help working them into your skin plan reach out to me!

As always use code RockyNP saves 10% 



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