Omnilux LED Mask

Have you heard the buzz on red light therapy devices when it comes to aesthetics? Aesthetic providers and dermatologists are recommending red light therapy devices for anti-aging and skin rejuvenation! Who doesn’t love a device that you can use in the comfort of your own home? 

At Racquel Aesthetics we definitely did our research and we are so excited to be launching the Omnilux LED Mask. Myself and a couple other providers at RA have been using them for the last couple months and we are all obsessed! We only stand behind products that deliver quality results. We believe in the great benefits of the Omnilux Contour. It is the most powerful flexible LED device on the market today.

Why Omnilux?

The Omnilux LED Mask has clinically proven results for anti-aging and skin rejuvenation. It is equipped with 132 medical-grade LEDs. It has 2 optimized wavelengths of red and near-infrared light, which work on a cellular level to stimulate collagen production, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and the visible signs of aging. It is also great for healing wounds from acne scarring. All these benefits will leave you with healthier, younger-looking skin! WIN, WIN.. right? 

Contour Face is designed and manufactured using Omnilux’s proprietary gold-standard medical device technology. The device utilizes the same technology you’d find in a dermatologist’s office for a fraction of the cost! 

Using The Omnilux

It is so easy to use and portable! Omnilux is made of a flexible silicone that is comfortable. No one has tons of time to sit around for hours with these types of devices. That is why I love the Omnilux, it’s just 10 minutes, 3-5 times per week for 4-6 weeks. Then you follow up with maintenance as desired. With consistent use, you should start to see results from your device starting in 4 weeks. Just think if you invest now and start using immediately, you’ll start seeing results by Christmas & New Years! 

We definitely encourage you to take before and after photos. Just as consistency is key with using your RFA skincare regimen, the same applies for the Contour Face Mask. 

It’s safe, no pain, side effects or downtime! Those 10 minutes can be in the morning or at night, whatever you prefer, it can be your nice little time away to relax. My kids think it’s so funny to see me wearing it. My routine is to double cleanse my face, use my mask for 10 minutes, then complete the remainder of my nighttime skincare regimen. Always apply your skincare products after treatment. 

This device pairs beautifully with your RFA Medical Grade Skincare Regimen and in-office treatment to boost results! Another aspect we love about the Omnilux Contour is it’s safe for all skin types! If you find yourself loving your Omnilux Contour Face, you’ll be pleased to know they make a Neck and Décolletage Mask as well. You know I always preach… “Don’t Neglect The Neck!”

How To Get Your Omnilux ASAP!

We’d love to help you explore if this device is a good fit for you and your skin goals. The Holidays are just around the corner, this would be an incredible gift to add to your wishlist or gift to those special people in your life! You can purchase online, here or stop in to Racquel Aesthetics to purchase your device. 

We are always happy to help answer any questions! You can contact us at 



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