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Do you ever feel like you see that fine, cast of hair on your face that looks like “peach fuzz”? I know I do and that tells me I’m ready for some self care! Over the past couple of years, dermaplaning has become a really hot topic in the world of aesthetics. You’ll see celebrities talking about it, read about it in magazines or watch TikTok videos on how to “shave your face” at home. In the practice, I constantly have patients asking about what they can do for the hair on their face. I’m here to tell you all the benefits, common questions and more! ☺️

What is Dermaplaning ?

Dermaplaning is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment to temporarily remove the tiny, fine hairs on your face, called vellus hair. Not only does dermaplaning remove hair, but it is a great form of exfoliation for your skin as it also removes all of your dead skin cells just sitting on the surface!

Dermaplaning is great for the skin for regular exfoliation of dead skin, dirt and debris. It will help your skin feel revitalized, feeling softer, smoother and brighter! I just LOVE how my skin feels after a dermaplaning session! Dermaplaning can also help stimulate new skin cell turnover, boost collagen production and allows deeper penetration of your at home RFA skincare products.

At Racquel Aesthetics, our highly trained & licensed estheticians and laser technicians perform dermaplaning with a medical grade, surgical blade, gently gliding it along the face to remove those top layers of skin and hair. Your skin will be held taut to provide optimal safety. Oftentimes, your Racquel Aesthetics provider will incorporate it into more invasive procedures, like chemical peels or laser treatments to provide most optimal results. 

Common questions

Does it hurt?

Nope, dermaplaning is painless and incorporated into all of our customized facials. Many people find it very relaxing and enjoyable. I think the sound of the surgical blade gently gliding across my skin is so soothing! 

Is it safe?

Our in office treatments are 100% safe and I want you to know safety is always our #1 priority. At Racquel Aesthetics, new blades and tools are used for every patient and proper hygiene and safety protocols are always followed.

Does your hair grow back faster, thicker and/or darker? 

Nope! It is not a permanent fix, with time the hair will grow back. But it doesn’t grow back faster or thicker than before. Because it does not affect the actual hair follicle, it’s different from “shaving” other parts of your body. Don’t worry either, it won’t come back darker or courser either 😉

Who is a candidate for dermaplaning? 

YAY, dermaplaning is great for all skin types, tons, genders and ages. Even pregnant and nursing mamas can be pampered with a dermaplaning and facial combination! There may be some exceptions, but leave the guesswork up to your skilled RA provider.

Once I start, do I always have to continue?

Nope, if you dermaplane once and find that it’s not for you, your fine hairs will grow back just as before. But what if I LOVE it? Most people find that they love how their skin feels after dermaplaning. Their skin is smoother, the complexion is brighter and their skincare and makeup applies better. 

I recommend a frequency of every 4 weeks. Your skin cells turnover anywhere from 28-40 days, depending on age.

Is there any downtime with dermaplaning?

No downtime! You will leave the practice with glowing, hydrated skin when combined with one of our customized, relaxing facials! As always, remember to wear your SPF every day. 

Does dermaplaning help better absorption of my RFA skincare products?

Definitely!! Because there will be no hair, you’re freshly exfoliated and have clean pores, this will allow your skin to deeply absorb all the active ingredients in the skincare products. Who doesn’t want their products to go further ☺️

What about dermaplaning at home?

There are many “tools” marketed at home to help with peach fuzz in your own bathroom. However the quality of treatment is not as beneficial as an in office treatment by a licensed provider. Also, at home dermaplaning can be dangerous, leading to scars, nicks and even scarring. 

What can I use at home in between in office dermaplaning?

Our RFA Exfoliating Scrub paired with our Lux Pads is a great at-home treatment! Your skin will feel deeply cleansed, exfoliated and brighter with this dynamic duo.

How do I schedule my dermaplaning ASAP?

We’d love to see you in the practice. Our favorite way to dermaplane is within one of our amazing facials, including our new hydrafacial! You can reach us 636-742-1122 and our amazing patient care coordinators will help get you scheduled as soon as possible. Feel free to contact us via social media or on our website



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