The Frisella’s Fall Bucket List

As much as we all love summer, I feel like it’s safe to assume you’ve probably been counting down the days until the first day of fall. Whether it’s the kids going back to school, the crisp morning air or the turning of the leaves there’s just something about fall that is so easy to fall in love with. 

Once September finally rolls around, there are endless fall activities to enjoy! Between hayrides, pumpkin patches, and corn mazes, you and your family will have plenty of ways to stay busy in the weeks ahead. With so much to do and so little time I decided to create a bucket list to prioritize all the fun things I’d like to do with the fam. 

One thing I love about creating bucket lists is that you can print them off and put them on display to where your kids can help keep track of what you have and haven’t done as a family yet. It gets everyone excited and is a surefire way to keep you and your family from ever getting bored on the weekends. I like to save our bucket lists as well as little mementos from our adventures and stash them in my kiddos “baby books.” I want my kids to look back at their childhood and be filled with fun memories of things that we did together as a family when they were little. Then hopefully they can pass that tradition down to their own kids! Make the most of fall this year and enjoy all that comes with it; the pumpkins, cozy atmosphere, and pumpkin spice lattes, thanks to these fall bucket list ideas for all ages!

The Fall Bucket List

1. Decorate the Front Porch

A trip to Target isn’t complete without some new home decor am I right? In reality I don’t think we need to feel the pressures of getting new seasonal decor every season, I mean, that’s a lot! I find that many seasonal faux wreaths rarely go out of season, pair that with a few fresh pumpkins styled on a bale of hay, and a couple of cornstalks or scarecrows- and you’re good to go!

2. Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Here is STL we love going to the Stuckmeyer’s Pumpkin Patch. Pumpkin patches are a fun place for the kids to run around. And pumpkin patches often have other activities like sunflowers, or petting zoos. This article lists the 33 Best Pumpkin Farms Across America. Who knows you might have one in your own backyard!

3. Carve Pumpkins

While at the pumpkin patch you might as well let each kid pick out one of their own to take home for carving! We let the kids pick a design, and help take the ‘guts out’ but leave the cutting and carving to Mommy and Daddy.

4. Roast the Pumpkin Seeds

This is the next logical step on the pumpkin’s fall journey. If you’ve never roasted your own before it’s super easy. Basically you remove as many of the seeds as you can without bringing too much of the extra stuff, give them a really good rinse, let them dry out on some paper towel then roast in the oven with seasoning of your choice. You can go sweet with cinnamon, savoury with salt, or spicy with chili!

5. Pick Out Costumes

I love brainstorming costume ideas with the kiddos and reverting to Pinterest for ideas. Then we take a special trip to visit the nearest Halloween store to pick out costumes! Enzo will most likely change his mind 3 times in the store but I know he’ll come home super excited with whatever he chooses and the girls too!

6. Have a BonFire

Summer bonfires are fun but fall bonfires are so cozy! I love bundling the kiddos up and of course bucket list item number making smores! Mom and Dad might have a cup of warm apple cider, tea or red wine, depending how we’re feeling but yes most of Dad’s job is dedicated to cooking the s’mores and most of Mom’s job is wiping sticky fingers. It’s worth it.

7. Rake the Leaves

Okay maybe with their little rakes they aren’t going to get a lot accomplished but it is so fun building those huge crispy piles of leaves and letting the kids jump in them! I don’t know what it is about the thrill of jumping up and landing on your knees but all kids seem to love it lol! I also get a kick out of the run-and-slide move. Or..the run-and-skid-to-a-stop-before-the-pile-of-leaves-move.

8. Go to a Fall Festival

Fall and harvest festivals are so gorgeous and another great get-outside activity for the family! Imagine booths selling things like jams and preserves, or hand-made home decor and jewelry, maybe food trucks and hopefully some kid oriented activities too!

9. Enjoy a Hay Ride

We love to find a local hay-ride or head to the family farm and create our own. Pack a little cooler with kiddo and of course ‘adult’ beverages and a few warm blankets and snuggle up under the fall crisp air – there’s nothing better! The spooky hayrides are always fun for the older kiddos. This is such a fun and cozy way to get outside with everyone.

10. Visit a Corn Maze

We prefer the scary level to be low! I’m enough of a scaredy cat not to mention the girls. Make sure you do your research before heading out to a local corn maze so you know what you are getting yourself into! This article shares 30 Corn Mazes in the US.

11. Drink all the Pumpkin Spiced Lattes

It’s okay to be basic! The pumpkin spice blend is so iconic and so good! Warm cinnamon and nutmeg, mmm! Walking through a corn maze with a pumpkin spice latte in hand sounds like a pretty good afternoon to me!

12. Take Outdoor Family Photos

Speaking of getting outdoors, why not get some pictures of the family! Lauren Muckler in STL does some really cool ones if you live in the area!

13. Boo At The Zoo

You know my twinnies are obsessed with the zoo right now so Boo at the Zoo is a must for us. Plus it lets the kids get more than 1 wear out of their costumes which is a win since we know they won’t fit them next year.

14. Make a Big Batch of Chili

Chili is a fall tradition around here, as soon as the temperature drops the chili goes on! It’s a perfect hearty warming meal and it freezes well!

15. Go to a Haunted House

I mean, if that’s your thing…

16. Watch Halloween Themed Movies

– Hocus Pocus
– Monster House
– Halloween Town
– It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
– Spooky Buddies

17. Watch The Nightmare Before Christmas

This one is my personal fav!! It gets in own spot on the list. Jack Skellington is pretty much my boyfriend (Sorry Sal!)

18. Go to a Football Game

Sadly, we don’t have the Rams games to go to anymore but it’s sometimes worth the trek to watch the Kansas City Chiefs as a weekend date night! Whether you know the rules or not the atmosphere is always fun!

19. Apple Picking

Apple picking is another fun way to get some fresh air! Plus you can come home and make your house smell amazing by baking an apple pie or apple crisp.

20. Participate in a fall themed 5K Walk/Run

You knew I wouldn’t let us off the hook without do something a little more physically active. 5Ks are fun for all levels, we do the Kirkwood Turkey Trot here in STL!

21. Make a Fall Themed Craft

Here is another blog post with 58 Fall Themed Crafts for Kids

22. Make a list of what you are thankful for

This is great for Thanksgiving week! You can post up your lists on the fridge or wall to help remind everyone in the home how much there is to be thankful for as you lead up to the Thanksgiving meal. You can top it off by having everyone at the Thanksgiving able share one thing they are thankful for this year before digging in!

I hope these ideas have inspired you to have a little more fun this fall! I’ve teamed up with some of my fav family bloggers who will be sharing their fall bucket lists.  Be sure to check their awesome blogs for ALL of the good Fall Bucket-list ideas!

Lindsay + Carley – of The Babbling Blondes
Kristin – of Growing Up Gill
Val – of Lovely Lucky Life

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