The Mental Benefits of Moving Your Body

Working out is a mental reset for me. It is when I can take time to myself, with my thoughts, and plan, dream or resolve anything going in my life. I have found that I am able to be very in my head if I need to be while working up a sweat but also I can shut off my mind if I just need to tune out for a while. This is one of my best hacks for keeping my cool, starting my day off right and being mentally available when my kiddos need me. I feel a sense of accomplishment working out first thing in the morning before my kids wake up and am ready to tackle anything the day throws at me. Also I don’t have to worry about it all day thinking “when am I going to get it in” (especially talking to you moms out there… you know how it is) Working out is my peaceful time to myself and I always make sure I am using that time wisely. 

There are so many mental benefits of working out but for me it is my time of reducing stress and anxiety. This is the time in my day to decompress and step away from mom life to have some peaceful time to myself. I do a lot of reflecting during this time a lot of life decisions are thought over. I can also get my creative juices flowing, my business ideas are born in the middle of a burpee or during a hard push on the bike. On top of all the mental benefits there is the physical health!

Fitness Mindset

I didn’t always love working out so much but overtime my love has grown because of all the benefits I have personally seen. You can listen to me or anyone else preach about how great it is but until you really experience it, it most likely won’t be enough. After experiencing the benefits came the mindset shift. I was able to go from “having” to “wanting” to basically “needing” to workout. I’ve formed a healthy habit and my body craves it. It’s gotten easier and even enjoyable overtime. It is easy to say “I don’t have time”, especially on days I see patients for 10 hours at the practice but with that mindset shift came “I WILL make time.” Instead of “if” I work out, we shift to I “will” workout. Make a plan and make it happen. If that means you need to get up at 5am so be it! It’s peaceful before everyone wakes. If I have to wait until they go to bed and do an at home workout so be it – that’s my least fav way but I’ve done it plenty of times to get it done!

It’s all about shifting your mindset, nothing is being done to you… it is for you!

Movement and Stress Relief

I have a lot of balls in the air and I can get bogged down with stress and anxiety. My days can run 100mph from the moment my eyes open until the moment my head hits the pillow at night and I still don’t get everything done. Anxiety happened for me after I became a mommy. I’m constantly worrying about something. To be honest, I do have a lot to worry about! But I’m trying to get better about managing my stress and anxious thoughts and working out helps me. It releases any of that negative pent up energy. With the surge of endorphins that follow a good workout it is enough to melt away any worries I have and be able to tackle the day with a clear mind. Mental health is just as important as physical health and we are for sure seeing that more in this past year. Exercise is a great overlap between the two if you are doing it willingly and with the right intentions. If you are there under the wrong mental presets it can be harmful. Check in mentally and if you aren’t in the right space help yourself get there or take a rest day.

Endorphins for Mental Clarity

My workout is often the only “me” time I get for the day. It might be the only chance I get to feel any sort of silence. I am able to get into my head and just think! Sometimes about nothing, but many times I think about the important things I don’t usually have the time to stop and process. Life decisions, business decisions, relationships, life planning, etc. I can dig deep and really just feel things out in my head. It’s my special time to do this. I am able to get very creative, you should see the notes in my phone or the random paper I find post workout, just a mess of brainstormed creative ideas I jot down to follow up on and not forget! 

Sometimes I even manifest. I think about what mine and my family’s future will look like. I picture dreams and goals happening. I also use this time for gratitude. I think about my blessings. I appreciate my life. I appreciate my husband and babies and thank God I get to live another day out with them by my side! I find my inner peace within my own silence. Pushing my body to the max clears my brain the best!

Physical Health & Longevity

Something I always think about is what a luxury and blessing it is to be able to work out and move this amazing human body. So many are bed ridden with illness or suffering from disease and do not have their health and are not able. They would probably kill to be able to freely on a treadmill or throw some weights around. Our health is a blessing and we should never take that for granted. We need to take care of our one and only body. I want to be around for a long healthy life. I want to snuggle my grand babies one day. I want to run and chase after them! My kids have fueled my passion to live my healthiest life. The longevity and health of my future self is a priority now.

Yes, it is hard to get started
Yes, it is hard to make time
Yes, it is worth it
Yes, it will make a difference
Yes, you can do it!



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