What’s Your RA provider’s Favorite RFA Product?

At Racquel Aesthetics we are all obsessed with our RFA Skincare. Everyone has different skin types and concerns, but our goals are all the same… GLOWING RADIANT SKIN! We take pride in helping patients achieve these same goals. All of the providers at RA are highly trained experts  and skilled in providing customized, complimentary skincare consultations. We have helped transform thousands of patients’ lives and continue to, with our transformational medical grade skincare. 

I thought it would be fun to do a fun interactive blog, getting to know my wonderful team of women. I am honored to work beside them daily. They are truly the BEST of the BEST! They are beautiful from the inside out and we all have the same mission,to make each and every one of our clients feel their most beautiful and authentic self.

Not one of the 16 of us have the exact same skincare regimen. Skincare is not one size fits all. We all have our favorite go-to products, so let’s break it down and hear everyone’s current favorites and why LOVE them! 

Racquel Frisella: Luminous Booster Pads– I love all our RFA Pads! It’s really hard for me to pick a favorite but right now, I am loving the Luminous Booster Pads, formerly known as our Lumify Pads. These are an excellent booster for reducing pigment. This pad specifically targets sun damage, melasma, and post acne hyperpigmentation while leaving your skin with a beautiful glow. These brightening pads are a great addition to our Koji-C Pads and can be alternated with our popular Lux Pad for more brightening results. These pads are great for all skin types, even those who are sensitive to TCA!

Brooke Coudret : Radiant C Serum– I love the Radiant Vitamin C for a plethora of reasons! It protects my skin from free radicals, prevents pigmentation, reduces redness, and even brightens my skin. My most favorite part about Vitamin C is it is literally silky smooth & soaks right into my skin!

Jasmine Henderson: Go Glyco PadsGo Glyco Pads are my go to for a big event!  I also love them if I’m struggling with congestion and just need a great reset.  Swipe this 20% glycolic acid pad over your skin after cleansing and wake up glowy and gorgeous! XO

Rebecca Strickland : Lux PadsLux pads are my FAV!!! These contain TCA and Sal Acid, which are excellent at tightening and brightening the skin!! I love to recommend these to my Botox patients!! If you’ve had Botox before, you know that lifted and refreshed feeling when your tox kicks in at the two-week mark! Well, what if you could have that feeling ONCE A WEEK? Lux pads are it!! Super simple– double cleanse your face in the evening, swipe the pad, and wake up with that tight Botox glow! You will surely get compliments on your glowing skin the day after you use your pad!! 

Molly Steppe : Refreshing Toner – I love the Refreshing Toner, it truly is the BEST toner I have ever used. It smells so fresh and is super hydrating. It leaves my skin feeling super clean, soft and moisturized before applying my Radiant C Serum, Hydralipid & Prime + Protect. I don’t go a day without my Refreshing Toner! Added bonus…. It serves as a great setting spray for makeup! 

Emily Altman: Koji-C Pads- My personal favorite are the Koji-C Pads. If you have ever been a laser patient of mine, then you already know how much I preach the importance of a pigment inhibitor! These pads extend the life of your laser treatments, prevent you from making new pigment and help get rid of exhibiting pigmentation. I love how they are safe all year long too! They are a MUST for everyone! 

Denise Wilson: Lux Cream–  I’m a less is more girl, so I want one product that does it all! The Lux Cream is my anti-aging product that helps with pores, texture, fine lines, stimulates collagen and brightens the skin. It contains a gentle retinoid, five brighteners, TCA & Vitamin C&E.  The Lux cream makes my skin glow and feels so smooth it’s seriously a game changer! 

Annie Snodsmith: Silk Serum– This product is literally liquid silk for your skin, hence the name! It makes my skin look and feel so silky & nourished- I love using a small amount to give my skin a healthy radiance. Anytime I use this product, I get compliments on my skin! It is great to use day & night- a little goes a long way but you will be obsessed when you feel it on your skin! I love using this in my regimen with my other RFA products before makeup- makes my skin look like glass & feels so healthy.  Also love using at night in my regimen to allow for full absorption while I sleep so that I wake up refreshed and never dry.

Lucy Greene: Mandelic PadsI love the mandelic pads because they clear acne, help with pigmentation, and give a glow to anyone who uses them.  They are gentle yet a powerhouse for correction!

Stephanie Garlick : Hydrating Eye SerumI love this eye serum because it’s filled with Hyaluronic acid and caffeine to give your eyes a little pep to your eyes. It’s filled with antioxidants to protect and nourish your delicate eye area. 

Darcy Kammeier: Hydralipid MoisturizerI have super dry skin year round – this is the perfect balance, not too heavy or light to keep my skin hydrated and feeling amazing!

Alyssa Brotherton: Daily Balancing Pads – These pads are my favorite because I can take them with me on the go! The Daily Balancing Pads contain salicylic acid, which is a key ingredient for unclogging pores and wiping away excess dirt or oils. Salicylic acid wipes are great peeling agents that really remove that outer layer of excess makeup, sweat, and bacteria. 

Danielle Ryan: Mandelic Serum– This serum has totally been a game changer for me! It has helped me clear my current acne, while also helping to brighten and get rid of any dark spots and scarring from previous acne. I also love that I am able to use this serum every single day! 

Madi Mergal : Prime + Protect– I love prime and protect because it gives me the sun protection I need all year long. It also blurs pores and smooths out lines, so it acts as a great primer for my makeup! 

Jamie Young: Youthful Neck– I love the Youthful neck cream because it compliments my botox injections that I receive in that area. 

Lea Voda: Oil Face Cleanser– My absolute favorite product right now is the Oil Face Cleanser. It gives my skin a beautiful glow after using it and smells SOO GOOD! It’s the perfect refresh and gets me ready to start my day in the mornings!

I know everyone had a very hard time deciding on their favorite product.. right now, and there aren’t enough of us to cover all of the products! Perhaps you just read about a product you don’t currently have in your regimen & you’re convinced you need it now? Don’t hesitate to check in with your RFA skincare provider to learn how you can incorporate it into your medical grade skincare plan! 

If you do not yet have a skincare plan and would like to start achieving your best skin today, complete this form. We create complimentary, custom skincare regimens for our clients. We are able to do this via email and in the convenience of your own home. Based on your answers, we will send back a plan within 24-48 hours that fits your needs! Never hesitate to let us know about your budget and we would love to work with you to help you fit your needs!



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