Which Skin Pads are Right For Me?

This blog is designed to help break down the different types of skin pads I use in practice and help you decide which pads you would like to start with. You can eventually work up to using multiple pads in your skincare regimen by alternating them throughout the week.

Why Medical Grade Skincare?

First things first, I always have to address medical grade skincase. In medical grade skincare, the formulation of the products are scientifically designed to penetrate into the skin and to be able to yield real results. There are no fillers – just high quality, active products that WORK. These products contain the perfect mix of active products in a formulation that can be delivered with minimal to no irritation. That is what you are paying for! I wholeheartedly believe that you will get better results by buying 1 pricier product than you would by buying 5 bottles of the drug store version. Once you invest you’ll know it’s worth it! 

I always recommend that anyone over the age of 25 should definitely be incorporating a medical grade acid into your skincare regimen. If you are new to skincare, don’t get overwhelmed with all of this info! No one is expecting you to start with 100 new products and 25 steps every day (or ever). I recommend starting with a couple of great products and to stick with them when it comes to daily use. Consistency is key! 

When you are looking at what products to start with I always say to “splurge” on your exfoliating acids. Consistent use of an exfoliating acid makes all the difference. This is the type of product that is going to really induce change in your skin. Your exfoliating acid could be retinol, TCA (Lux Pads), Kojic Acid (Koji-C Pads), Azelaic, Phytic, etc. By implementing a product like this into your routine we are increasing skin cell turn-over leaving you with brighter, tighter, and glowing! You see, as we age, our skin cell turnover slows and slows and we are left with dull skin. These products not only brighten you back up but they also can be used to treat pigmentation and acne. If you wanted to start with just one new medical grade product, my recommendation is go for the one of the pads.

But which one is best for you!?


Think tightening, brightening and reducing pores & acne.

This is a very universal pad for all skin types.  My top recommended starting product are the Lux Pads! This is my one stop, overnight, facelift in a jar. Cleanse, apply pad, (no moisturizer), go to sleep, and wake up to noticeably tighter, brighter, and GLOWING skin! These pads are created to help tighten and brighten the skin. They are TCA acid wipes and also help reduce inflamed/active acne. I love to use these the night before an event or if the skin is just looking dull or broken out. I have an informational video on these on my IGTV

HOW TO USE: Your Lux Pads come with a bottle of liquid and a container of pads. Start by pouring the liquid over all of the pads in their container. When your pads are ready cleanse with your cleanser, apply the pad, and sleep. You do not need anything else on top of the pad. The glow pads contain glycerin, which will help keep your skin moisturized. On the nights you are not using the weekly Lux pads, you can use your HA Peptide Serum or HydraLipid Moisturizer, and that will keep your skin hydrated. Of course, if you are feeling dry it is totally OK to moisturize or add our Rescue cream on top of the weekly Lux pads to help neutralize the acidity. I always listen to my skin, and if I feel dry, I throw a little moisturizer on top. If you’re feeling really sensitive, tight or dry from the Lux Pads you can add in our Rescue cream for more as your skin adjusts. You can change it up depending on how dry you are feeling. Eventually, you will be able to tolerate the pads better without moisturizer. Read ALL about Lux pads in my blog post:  You Glow, Girl!  

FREQUENCY 1-2x per week

Glow Pads Before and After


Think reducing sun damage.

These magical pads erase pigmentation and even out your skin tone. These pads contain kojic acid, and they are created to majorly reduce hyperpigmentation and are especially great for reducing PIH (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation), which are the dark spots left behind from acne marks, sun damage, age spots, and Melasma. After my son was born my skin looked horrible and I had so many pigmentation issues. Koji-C Pads saved me!

Uneven complexion can really affect your self-esteem. I know this because I’ve suffered from it before. After my son was born I was dealing with a combination of sun damage and melasma and my skin looked horrible. 

HOW TO USE:  Make sure you mix the crystals into the solution ~2 minutes prior to use by slowly pouring the entire bottle all over the pads upon first use.  Cleanse with your cleanser, apply the pad, and sleep. Using Koji-C pads means little to no sun exposure so also make sure you are using your SPF twice a day! Read more about Koji-C Pads on my blog: Koji-C Pads- A Top Product for Reducing Pigmentation.    

FREQUENCY: You can start by using Koji-C pads 3x a week and when you feel tolerant move to every other day and then every day.

Lumify PAD

Think reversing your skin’s history.

The Lumify pads are an excellent “booster” for reducing pigment. This brightening pad contains Azelaic Acid, Lactic Acid, and Phytic Acid to exfoliate while inhibiting stubborn pigment. This pad specifically targets sun damage, melasma, and post acne hyperpigmentation while leaving your skin with a beautiful glow. These brightening pads are a great addition to our Koji-C Pads and can be alternated with our popular Lux Pad for more brightening results. These pads are great for all skin types, even those who are sensitive to TCA! They are the only pad I recommend for morning application.

Pro Tip: Use Lumify pad 3x a week in the AM and Retinol or Koji-C in the PM. 

HOW TO USE: Start your morning with a cleanse and Lumify Pad, followed by HA Peptide Serum and your SPF. Alternatively you can use at night following your cleanser. No need to use a moisturizer at night unless you’re feeling dry.

FREQUENCY: Start by using the pads 3x a week, and we can eventually bump you up to every other night as tolerated. 

Daily Balancing PAD

Think reducing pores, blackheads and acne.

This daily toning pad contains 2% salicylic acid, an acne medication and will help reduce acne, tighten pores, and eliminate black heads. These are a great on-the-go pad for oily skin, as they work well to degrease the skin. These would be perfect to throw in your gym bag and use immediately after a workout.  

HOW TO USE: Cleanse, apply the pad, and continue on with your current AM routine.

FREQUENCY: 1-2x per day

So, which pad is for you?

The choice is yours! It is normal to breakout and shed dead skin when you start with any of these pads, this is called the purging process. I encourage everyone new to pads to read this blog and consider adding the Rescue cream to help your skin adjust!

You know your skin but do you know the root problems that come out in your skin? This is where consulting a professional can come in and be very helpful. At no point in life are we trained to know everything about our own skin or our bodies in general and that comes with a lot of difficulties! Empower yourself and do some research and commit to being consistent, consistency is always the way to get the best results. Take time and really read the descriptions of these pads and narrow it down to the best one for you. You are able to make your own decisions and take your skin health into your own hands!



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