Why Everyone Loves Lux Pads.

This blog post is basically my own personal love letter to one of my favorite products, Glow Pads! To put it this way, if I was stranded on a desert island and I could have only one skincare product it would be Glow Pads.

Glow Pads – What’s the Hype

What do I love about them? Well, what’s not to love really?! They are SUPER quick and easy to use and you can see a very visible change with just one application. Totally worth this hype. If someone told me there was a product like this before I started using them myself I would have been very skeptical, but I am here to tell you that this is FOR REAL!

Glow pads are medical grade skincare. This means they are only sold by health care professionals like myself, as they contain the most effective and potent ingredients so that you can see results more quickly and much more effectively than with any beauty counter or drug store brands.

The glow pads contain TCA and Salicylic acid. This combination is going to help TIGHTEN and BRIGHTEN your skin! An overnight GLOW. This product works to exfoliate, shrink large pores, kill acne-causing bacteria, lighten pigment, and quite honestly makes your skin look and feel like you had a mini facelift overnight!  

If you are like me and you don’t always have a ton of time to deal with a super rigorous bedtime routine these are your best friend. They are to be used just 1-2x per week. You cleanse your skin, lightly rub the pad all over the face, and go to sleep! You do not apply moisturizer on top. I recommend starting out just once per week and you can slowly increase to twice per week or more frequently as tolerated.

Are Glow Pads Only for Oily Skin?

Not at all! Glow Pads are great for all skin tones and types. If you have sensitive skin you can still use them, but go very slow. I recommend applying the pad and letting it sit for just 15 minutes and then rinsing off with water. You may notice a warm feeling over your skin and a bit of redness as the solution sits. That’s normal! See how your skin is looking and feeling the next day. If all goes well, you can try for 30 minutes the next time, and slowly and gradually work your way up to wearing them overnight.

Can You Use Glow Pads During Pregnancy?

I recommend to hold off on these during pregnancy. Plus isn’t everyone already telling you, you have the natural pregnancy glow?! 😉 To learn about pregnancy-safe products I recommend click here. 

How Do You Use Glow Pads?

You’ll receive 60 pads in a jar. The pads are TCA medical grade wipes and look like thin, white circles. You’ll also receive a bottle of the solution. Open the jar and remove (but keep) the plastic top inside. Slowly pour the solution over the stack of pads! Let it sit for a couple of minutes to soak through everything evenly. Then add the plastic lid back on and screw on the cap! When you’re ready to use cleanse your face, grab a glow pad and wipe evenly over your face. Remember, you don’t need to apply any toner or moisturizer after! In fact, adding another product will actually start to neutralize the acid and make it less effective. So, just get some beauty rest! Even if you were to use them 2x per week – they last forever! This is hands down the biggest result for the best value. If you want to start with one great product – this is it!

Where Can I Get Glow Pads?

To place an order for glow pads CLICK HERE and use code ROCKYNP for 10% off of your order.

The Benefits of Glow Pads (one more time!)

  • stimulates skin cell regeneration
  • anti-aging
  • brightening and tightening the skin
  • dries up active acne
  • kills acne-causing bacteria
  • GLOW!

Try them out, you won’t regret it!


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