30 Day Fitness Challenge 30 For The Kids X The Covering House

Working Out For A Cause

No pandemic is going to stop us from helping others! If you weren’t here last year you may not know what I am talking about when I say 30 For The Kids. This is an organization my husband Sal started. He found a way to combine two passions, fitness and giving back, and from there brought a dream to life. 

This all started on a mission trip to Haiti when he met a special boy called Marco. Getting to know him was so eye opening and he will never understand the impact he had on Sal and I’s lives. I have another blog that deep dives into the backstory of 30 For The Kids, it is so inspirational and shows you how much of an impact this group has already made. Earlier this year we raised $157,000 for children in Haiti, that is why we are making our goal $200,000 for the Oct-Nov 2020 challenge

Sal and 1st Phorm started this to bring support and opportunities to children in Haiti and in the past 3 years it has evolved into something much bigger, supporting children in multiple developing countries in the world and in the US. 100% of the proceeds from any of 30 For The Kids fundraisers always go straight back to the children. Did I mention the fundraisers are fitness challenges?! So you benefit yourself while supporting others. 

I’ve loved supporting him and his team over the last few years and for this 30 for the Kids Challenge I was able to work directly with the chosen charity, The Covering House. This is so important to us, we live in such a divided world and can be left so unaware what is happening if it is not directly in our reality. This challenge brings awareness to deeply horrible issues affecting children all over our world today. 

The Covering House

The group we chose to support this fall is local to us in Saint Louis and wow, we are so amazed by Diedre Lhamon and her whole team at The Covering House. Diedre is the founder of The Covering House, she started it all after watching a film back in 2008 talking about the presence of sex-trafficking not just in other parts of the world but the United States as well. Yes, children of all ages are being used in sex trafficking here is the United States, in every state and in our own backyard. She then realized there were very few sources to help the survivors, to take them in and help them through the emotional and physical recovery. Their mission is to create a safe home and trusted space for the survivors where they can be nourished and cared for. They take in sexually exploited minors of all ages and provide “safety, dignity and freedom” – that is their motto. They provide these children with 24/7 care and counselling, individual and group therapy, education programs and experiential learning. Their website has great information and other ways you can help.

I have mentioned The Covering House before and I featured their Amazon Wishlist in my newsletter a couple weeks ago. This non-profit is doing mind-blowing work. The Covering House has been hit very hard by the pandemic, they have had to cancel major fundraisers which would normally generate a massive percentage of their annual income and they are not able to just close their door or lay off essential staff. They have been hosting online fundraisers and we are so honored to have connected with them to be able to support them more, especially during these trying times.

The 30 Day Challenge

Okay, let’s talk about the challenge. Are you ready? You are going to be pushing your body every day for 30 days. This challenge is pretty simple, make your $30 donation and commit to working out everyday. The catch is if you miss a day you have to donate another $5, scouts honor! You are able to choose between five workouts and complete one a day. 

The 5 options are:

  1. 30 minutes on the stairmaster
  2. 100 pushups, 200 sit-ups, 300 air squats
  3. Run 3 miles (or walk 45 minutes)
  4. 100 burpees as fast as possible
  5. 60 minutes on the bike

Easy, right? I know, jk I’m sweating thinking about it too! This challenge is going to start October 26th, 2020 and you can register and make your donations now. $30 is to participate but if you donate $90 or more you get a limited edition Dues Paid T-Shirt to show your support for 30 For The Kids! If you’re a few days late don’t worry we’d love to still have you join us. 

A Season of Giving Back

I love this The 30 For The Kids Challenge because it’s an amazing way to give back and to help children while also doing something to help better your own life at the same time. It holds you accountable and is a great, healthy way to get prepared for the holidays. Exercising and moving your body is so important for your overall health but especially your mental health. Also just helping provide to such a wonderful cause is good for the soul. I personally think it’s great to use that workout time just to reflect and think about the kids that you’re helping, they are so young and have already been through so much that we can’t imagine. Every small donation is making a difference to them. Do your part in helping others and continue to spread the love the entire 30 days and forever on. We are so thankful for everyone who joins us time and time again for these challenges. We can all attest that you are going to feel so great everyday knowing your workout is not just for you. So get registered and get your body moving! I’ll be posting about my workouts on Instagram stories. 



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