Chins Are In: All About Chin Filler

Here’s the deal guys…when it comes to filler….Chin’s are IN! You might be thinking…wait what, filler in my chin? Why would I need chin filler or what does that do? This is typically not the first area a patient points out when coming in for a consultation, moreso an area I point out and educate the patient on what a difference that can make for them. Chin filler may not sound as exciting as getting your lips done, but believe it or not it’s a subtle tweak that can make a huge difference in contouring the face. Optimizing the chin helps to create definition in the lower third of the face. When injected in combination with the cheeks and jawline, it can create the desirable heart-shaped face. The chin is one of the central pillars of the face, and if your chin is recessed or weak, it can throw off your facial proportions and overall symmetry of your look. A small chin can accentuate other features like the nose while also weakening the jawline and neckline.

Do I Need Chin Filler?

How do you know if you need chin filler? The important thing is to seek expert consultation from a provider who has an aesthetic eye for facial balancing. A good injector will listen to your thoughts and concerns, assess your anatomy, and give you options on how to enhance your natural features. In this blog, I talk more about how enhancing the chin just might be the one thing you’re missing!

If you want a better profile, chin filler just might be for you.  As we age, we lose fat, tissue, and bone. As our cheeks fall and the jawbone shrinks we start to notice those lovely jowls and saggy necks. Think of a tent with a collapsing tent pole…if we fully support the tent pole again, the tent will again be taunt and smooth. When I place filler underneath the chin I can elongate the chin and further help with jawline definition. Injecting filler to the anterior part of the chin will also help to support the jowls and prevent a frowning or angry down-turning of the lips. 

As with all filler treatments, I always begin by talking through your goals and looking at your entire face as a whole.  Oftentimes, the chin is not treated in isolation. Treatment should be done with the context of the whole face in mind. Many times I inject the chin in conjunction with the cheeks and jawline. 

Here is an example that Dr. Rivkin used to demonstrate the importance of a prominent chin. Look how different JLO would look, crazy right!?

Customizing Your Treatment

I start every consultation by explaining my natural approach to aesthetics and especially injectables. I believe that less is more. I want you to look and feel refreshed and rejuvenated. No one wants to look “plastic” or overdone, and part of my job is to keep you from having that ever happen. Your will should and will be undetectable and leave people thinking “wow you look so refreshed…getting more sleep or is it your hair!?

I also explain that what is great for your friend might not be great for you. Every chin filler treatment will be different depending on what your goals are and your natural anatomical features. I always select my treatment plan regarding the techniques and fillers I use based upon those things. For each treatment I use a topical numbing cream and that helps to ensure that the treatment is as comfortable as possible. You do feel some of it, but it is honestly not bad and the treatment usually takes about 10-15 minutes. Sometimes I inject with a tiny needle and go deep to the bone, sometimes I use a microcannula technique, and many times I use a blend of both techniques. 

My go-to filler for sculpting chin contour is Juvederm Voluma. The amount of filler it takes is totally dependent on the patient. I would say I typically use 2-3 syringes in one sitting, but there are times when 1 syringe will do the trick. For reference, 5 syringes of filler fit into one little teaspoon or ketchup packet (not a ton of product!)

All of the fillers I use in practice are made of hyaluronic acid. This is a very safe naturally occurring carbohydrate in our bodies. It is also 100% reversible should it need to be reversed for any reason. I keep the reversal antidote on hand at all times. These are things I encourage any patient to ask their injector. Is it a reversible HA filler and do you have the antidote on hand? It is super important that your injector has the ability to recognize and treat a complication should it ever occur. Remember, even though filler is a “fun commodity” it is a medical procedure and should be treated accordingly and performed by an experienced provider.

Post Filler Downtime

I always underpromise and then over deliver. By this I mean that I prepare every single patient for potential bruising and swelling, and if you don’t…well then you will be really happy 🙂 As with any filler, bruising and swelling is temporary and typically lasts a few days up to 2 weeks at the most. The chin is likely to feel sore and tender for a few days. You can take a little tylenol, arnica montana, and or bromelain. I always tell my patients filler is fun because you get instant gratification. Results are “good” immediately and “great” after two weeks. During those first two weeks the filler will integrate into the tissue, soften and settle. Any inflammation will also subside during those first couple of weeks. You should always wait a full 2 weeks before following up or tweaking results. Read more about what to expect when it comes to healing after filler and post care instructions here.

How Long Does Chin Filler Last 

Chin filler typically lasts 2+ years minimum, depending on what type of filler was used and how quickly your body metabolizes the product. Even after a couple of years it won’t be completely gone, rather you will be ready for a maintenance touch up. Usually, at touch ups you need about half the amount of product you did when you were first starting out. This is nice because it is not something you need to do super often. Once you have built the foundation, maintaining the result is pretty easy! 

I spend my in-office hours focusing on injectables. I would absolutely love to help you with all of your aesthetic needs! I have over 12 years of experience with fillers and I absolutely love to help men and women feel like the best version of themselves. In order to get you more info, pricing via email, & help with scheduling please email my amazing coordinator The two of us will be in touch as soon as possible. I really look forward to working with you.



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