A common term we hear in aesthetics is Rejuvenation. Rejuvenation is the process of restoring your youthful appearance. After our 20s, we lose 1% of collagen each year, due to time and environmental factors. Collagen is the most important protein in the body that helps to support the skin structure.  We notice the loss of collagen in aging skin through fine lines, loss of elasticity and dullness. We are constantly talking about collagen production through topicals, lasers and Sculptra. 

As men and women start to notice the signs of aging in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s they commonly start searching for options to turn back the clock to their youth, whether it be starting with medical grade skincare, injectables or laser treatments. These are all incredible options and will help keep you feeling and looking your absolute best! 

The newest trend in aesthetics “Pre-Juvenation” which is referred to preventative treatments and skincare at an earlier age to help minimize the signs of aging. We all know that prevention is the BEST approach to anything, aging being a big one! Let’s focus on the approach of being proactive rather than reactive! In my daily practice, I commonly hear… “If I knew what I do today in my younger years my skin would be looking so much better!” I also get the question.. “When should I start using botox or fillers?” 

This is a question I get in my practice all the time. The short answer is as soon as you feel ready, because the truth is, the younger the better!  Botox and fillers are amazing preventative and corrective treatments.  The younger you begin, the easier it is to correct any fine lines and prevent new ones from forming.  With that being said, of course it is never too late to start! I see injectable patients ranging in age from 20-80 years old!

The whole purpose is to PREVENT and treat lines from forming! I tell all of my younger patients that it is never too early to start to take care of your face and skin.  Even if it’s using one great product, or getting botox just twice a year – ANYTHING is better than nothing! You’ll thank yourself later.

Investing in your skin WILL make your skin look younger, brighter, tighter and glow! It is truly remarkable what the right treatments coupled with medical grade skin care for maintenance can do to totally change your skin. 

Best Practices of Pre-Juvenation

  • Medical grade skincare
  • Injectables
  • Laser Treatments 
  • SPF

Medical Grade Skincare

Medical grade skincare is the least invasive place to start. In medical grade skincare, the formulation of the products are scientifically designed to penetrate into the skin and to be able to yield real results. Medical grade is often very different from the drug store brands. There are no filler ingredients – just high quality, active products that WORK. These products contain the perfectly crafted and tested mix of active products in a formulation that can be delivered with minimal to no irritation. That is what you are paying for. 

I wholeheartedly believe that you will get better results by buying 1 pricier product than you would by buying 5 bottles of the drug store version. Once you invest once you’ll know it’s worth it! Skincare is the perfect way to prep your skin for in office treatments as well as maintain results from those same treatments. This is the one thing you can do at home that makes a HUGE difference! 

“Okay but where do I get Medical Grade Skincare?! How do I know what to get?”

Whether you’re looking for anti-aging, acne treatment, or even pregnancy-safe regiments let me help! We help patients nationwide achieve their best skin by using medical grade skincare. We love being able to extend our reach and help people all over the country with the very same products we use daily in our practice. To get started today all you need to do this CLICK HERE and complete this form.


Botox is another great approach to pre-juvenation, like I said earlier, the younger you start Botox the better! Botox is one of the most successful treatments when it comes to preventative treatments. When you start to see those faint lines and wrinkles when your brows, forehead, around the eyes etc. are not expressing, ie. “at rest” – it’s TIME!  If you start when you first notice those little lines we can stop those little wrinkles from ever forming! 

Botox is used to prevent and treat fine lines and wrinkles on the face by temporarily relaxing the muscles. Botox can be used to both prevent and reverse wrinkles in the forehead, between the brows, the “11s” and in your crows feet to name a few. Botox generally lasts about 3-4 months. 

Dermal fillers are another injectable hyaluronic acid, injected into the face to help with volume restoration and to fill facial wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring carbohydrate in the body not only is it very safe but it’s also completely reversible! When injectables are done tastefully you will not look “overdone” or “plastic” you will look like you! The goal is to look at the face as whole and make you look and feel beautiful! 

Filler can be used to add contour in the cheeks, fill in hollow under-eyes, or add shape and definition to the lips. A lot of times this sagging or hollowness is simply genetics or aging, or a combination of both. Dermal fillers can be placed in the lips, cheeks, under eyes, temples, jaw line, smile lines and even in the ear lobes.

The last injectable treatment that I am obsessed with is Sculptra. Sculptra is an injectable collagen bio-stimulator, designed to restore facial volume loss and laxity caused by aging and/or weight loss. I love to use sculptra in my super lean patients and patients who need overall volume in the face. I LOVE it to correct the peanut shape that happens in the temples with age as well as the lower face hollowness. Sculptra can be used to treat deep lines, temples and folds and gives you a more youthful, natural appearance. It takes several weeks to gradually look younger and oftentimes a series of treatments may be needed. The results are just beautiful and look extremely natural!

Laser Treatments

Lasers are in a class of their own and are wonderful to help with a variety of skin concerns. From rosacea and telangiectasias, to pigmentation, tone, texture and collagen rejuvenation, our lasers offer everything you need. Depending on your skin concerns and goals, we have Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), VBEAM, MOXI and CoolPeel Lasers. 

Our new favorite at Racquel Aesthetics is our CoolPeel CO2 laser. This fractionated ablative laser targets the superficial layer of the skin so that only the damaged skin is removed, leaving behind healthier and younger looking skin. The CoolPeel Laser is customizable to your skin’s needs. Candidates for CoolPeel are those that are looking to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, tighten the skin, help with pigmentation, texture, acne scarring and general unevenness of complexion. CoolPeel Laser is also safe for all skin types, so we can safely treat all patients! 


SPF is one of the easiest things we can do daily to protect our skin and help with the aging process. Without SPF, you’re exposing your skin to an array of preventable and potentially dangerous effects, including fine lines & wrinkles, dark spots, and, most importantly, skin cancer. Wear your sunscreen… your older self will thank you later!! Ditch the tanning beds and soaking up all the sun you possibly can, on your next vacation with, SPF, shade and wide brim hats! 

With our customized skincare plans, we make sure every patient has SPF in their skincare routine and we have a variety of options to pick from, based on your skin type!

Putting It All Together

As you may have gathered, a multifaceted approach to taking care of your skin is the best for pre-rejuvenation and rejuvenation. No, you don’t have to do it all at once, but starting with at least one of these steps will make you feel and look younger, promise! At Racquel Aesthetics we take pride in a very personalized and dedicated approach to aiding each and every one of our clients feel their most beautiful and authentic self.

The transformation may not always happen overnight, but if you stick with the plan your best self is right around the corner. You deserve to feel beautiful and flawless in your own skin, and if a few treatments can help you get there then you deserve nothing less! 

I want you to know, it’s okay if you’re personally not ready for minimally invasive treatments like injectables or lasers, that starting with a complimentary, customized skincare routine with our amazing RFA providers will offer results. Skincare and SPF is a must! 

And if you’re worried about other people’s criticisms about taking care of your skin at a young age, those aren’t your people. Prevention is KEY! Starting at a younger age with maintenance will save you in the years to come! And don’t be fearful, we take a “less in more” approach to aesthetics at RA when developing individualized integrated treatment plans. 

Moral of the story… start today!  No matter if you are 20 or 60, investing in yourself to look and feel better is so important. 🤍 Anything is better than nothing, your older self will thank you later! 

I’m Ready To Start Pre-Juvenation

Whether you’re ready to start with treatments or skincare or both, we are so excited to care for you and proud of you for taking that next step to treating yourself. 

If you would like a facial assessment for in office treatments, please email Lea at

If you’re ready to start with a complimentary, custom skincare regimen from RFA, simply click here to complete your skin consultation form! 



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