Sleep… We All Need it

We all need our beauty rest, but goodness, sometimes our to-do lists with the kids, work and our responsibilities as adults really interfere with getting enough quality sleep. Sometimes we are lucky to get 6 “restful” hours of sleep, but the reality is that adults need between 7-9 hours of sleep every night. Sounds amazing right?! 

You are probably wondering what does sleep have to do with my skin health and wrinkles? Well, sleep actually plays a big role in the health of our skin! An obvious benefit is dark circle reduction, brighter eyes and less inflammation around the eyes and in our body. 

We’ve all had those nights where we get little sleep, either because of sick kids, insomnia or a racing mind and the next morning we look in the mirror and are frantically reaching for every eye cream possible. Whether I get enough sleep or not, our 2 RFA Eye Creams are non-negotiables for me! 

Not all eye creams are created equal. Medical grade eye creams are going to contain the most powerful ingredients that are scientifically proven to penetrate and CHANGE the skin around the eyes. You’ll feel more awake after applying our luxurious and quality eye creams. At RFA we offer two different eye serums to help with all things eyes! These two pair so nicely together. It is like peanut butter and jelly 🙂 We recommend The Hydrating Eye Serum in your morning routine & The Youthful Eye Cream with Retinol + Niacinamide in your evening routine. 

Read more about Helping Aging Eyes here!

Another way to help maintain youthful skin while we sleep is to sleep on our back with a silk or satin pillowcase. Sleeping on your face or even your side can increase wrinkles and crinkles on the face, neck and décolletage. I have found that using a silk pillowcase my hair even benefits with less damage and bedhead! Glowing skin & hair!? WIN WIN! 

Adequate sleep also aids in clearer, glowing skin, and fewer breakouts due to the stabilization of stress and hormones. Lack of sleep and stress have a direct correlation with acne due to increased cortisol levels and imbalances in hormones. There have been many research studies that show after just one night of insufficient sleep our cells age quicker, especially in our adult years. Just think if this happens multiple times per week, we are really doing ourselves a disservice in terms of premature aging. 

Other Benefits of Adequate Sleep

  • Helps aid in weight loss
  • Improves productivity 
  • Improves mood & attitude 
  • Promotes a healthy immune system 
  • Decreases risk for diseases like diabetes & heart disease 

How Can I Improve My Sleep?

Most of us moms work up until the very minute our heads hit the pillow, and even when our head hits that pillow our minds are still running! Or is this just me??? This year I have been really focusing on good habits to make sure I am living my best life physically, mentally & emotionally. I want to be the best version of myself as a wife, mom, sister, friend, and aesthetic provider for my patients. 

Here are some tips and habits that are proven to help improve better quality sleep. I am working on implementing these myself, even though some are really hard for me! 

Habits For Better Quality Sleep

  • Try to keep a consistent schedule of waking & going to bed
  • Relax before bed- Read, Take a bath, drink warm decaffeinated tea
  • Avoid stimulants such as caffeine & alcohol in the evening time 
  • Eat a balanced diet throughout the day 
  • Exercise early in the day, not right before bed
  • Stop electronic devices 30-60 minutes before bed (including tv, phones, tablets)
  • Wash your face every night before bed & moisture 
  • Brush your teeth before bed

And my #1 that I will always live by- Always kiss your loved ones goodnight!! 😘 



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