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Aesthetics nurse Racquel Frisella injects botox into a client

When Should I start Using Botox or Fillers?

Racquel Frisella is an Aesthetics Nurse who has been in practice over a decade. Her knowledge and passion for aesthetics are broad but one question that keeps coming up, “When should I start using botox or fillers?”. This blog posts answers this topic in detail

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Fillers 101

What is Filler made of? Simply put fillers are an injectable hyaluronic acid gel that is used to replace this volume loss, fill in facial wrinkles and help restore a

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My Approach to Aesthetics

Since the beginning of my career, my approach to aesthetics has always been pure. Being a nurse practitioner is much more than Botox, injections, and fillers. It’s so much more

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Botox has been blowing up in popularity over the last few years especially in younger aged people. We are seeing tons of patients in their twenties and thirties, different from

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