Getting Organized in 2021

It has been just over a year so it was time to bring back the great Lizzy Kline to help me get reorganized and start the year off right! Even with 3 toddlers I am a little OCD about having my spaces neat and tidy. I was always taught by my parents that it is important to respect and take pride in my belongings so keeping them well and clean is a big part of that. I have started to try and teach my kids the same and they help me clean up from time to time. I believe you can tell a lot about a person by how they keep their home and car – yes car counts too! I am also a believer of making your bed every single day. Messy bed…messy head! It’s about becoming detail oriented and caring about the spaces you are in.

Having an organized home helps me stay sane so I was so happy to get Lizzy back to revamp what she did before and help me eliminate more clutter. I got her to share some more tips on how we can all be better organized and here is what she had to say!

Get Organized in 2021

How to help organize your life in 2021 and keep it that way. Where do I even begin? I’ve been home for 8 months and all I have to show is piles… that needs to be changed. Start with the room or area that causes you the most anxiety. It can even be your car 😉.

How do I even get started? 

The best way to get the party started is by emptying out the space. Yes, the WHOLE space. 

Make 3 piles 
• Keep
• Donate or sell (always remember time is valuable)
• Garbage


After you decide what to keep in the space, organizing is actually the easy part. Editing is the hard part! You can buy great containers, switch out hangers and use other organizational essentials but before you do, sort items into categories and measure.

Donate or sell:

Decide what can be given away because there is no shame in the editing game!  If you can sell higher-end or good-quality items… go for it! There are many great ways to do this! Remember your time is valuable so don’t waste it. Sometimes it takes as much time to sell something for $10 as it does for $100. So make it worth your time! You can check out @lizzykdesignerresale on Instagram to see my closet finds that are for sale, I’m always looking for new inventory as well. 


“When in doubt throw it out.” I know it’s hard to say goodbye but if you haven’t used something in years and no one else would want it it probably means it is garbage. Broken or mismatched or parts missing? Throw it away. This kind of clutter causes lots of stress with no potential for value in your life. Get rid of it!

The Editing Process

Ok now that we are edited and organized… 

How are we going to keep it that way?? If you are anything like me… We all LOVE to shop and there is no end in sight with those Amazon deliveries especially now!

Quality over Quantity:  

When it comes to clothing and accessories  or even home decor if it is not a necessity, hold off! My rule of thumb is if you can’t stop thinking about it after 24 hours go for it. 

Practice the in one out one rule:

Our instinct is to stockpile especially this past year. But the reality is many times if we have excess we still end up buying more. So take those old mascaras and throw them out. You are going to want to use the new one anyway!! 

Less is more:

I don’t know about you all but I’m hoping the days of stockpiling (unless there is an unbelievable sale) is coming to an end! We have so much access to grocery stores and especially now with delivery companies and online ordering. I challenge you to start using what you have. It’s amazing how the creative juices can start flowing!

How Do I Keep it Organized?

We all love to shop and it is only getting easier when it will come right to your front step but it’s important to keep in mind quality over quantity. When it comes to clothing we need to stop impulsively buying a top “because it was on sale” or those shoes because they were a “deal of a lifetime” we held off for 24 hours? We’d probably buy at least 50% less!

Skincare and makeup always seem to stockpile because everyone wants the exciting and new stuff before their current stock runs out. Stop buying 500 Sephora products and instead invest in 2-3 medical grade skincare products that are going to change your skin! This is where Racquel comes in! I use a few products and replace as they start to run out. Our instinct is to stockpile, forget, and switch to another routine. Sorry friends! That takes up real estate in our bathroom and costs a lot of extra money!! 

In our pantries the reality is we are going to eat what we want to eat and we are also going to keep grocery shopping. The days of stockpiling (unless there is an unbelievable sale) can be over! We have so much access to grocery stores and especially now with delivery companies and online ordering there’s no need to overstock and keep 15 cans of tuna in the pantry. 

I hope these tips are helpful and inspire you to edit and organize your space, maybe as early as this weekend. If you’re in the STL area and would like to get in contact I’ll leave my information below. 

– Lizzy Kline

Lizzy is a St. Louis based professional Organizer. Lizzy is a firm believer that organization is a skill that everyone can learn. She brings a non-judgemental lighthearted approach to decluttering with her clients. 

Lizzy discovered her passion for organization and decluttering while being a full-time mom of four. Keeping a tidy and functionally organized home was her secret to keeping schedules and a consistent routine for all four. Now that all four of her children are in school she has decided to share the love of reimagining and home organization with the community. 

Lizzy helps families dive into their closets, panteries, storage spaces, offices and much more  to help them rekindle their appreciation for the space they have. Less Is More is the concept Lizzy helps teach her clients so they can maintain a decluttered lifestyle.

You can reach Lizzy at 314-570-8942 or

Follow her @happyspacesbylizzy on Instagram for lots of helpful tips and tricks to help avoid and maintain clutter. 



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