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My overall health and fitness are a HUGE part of my lifestyle. I want to live a long and healthy life for myself and for my family, as well as set an example for my children of what living out a healthy lifestyle looks like. Over the years I have learned a healthy lifestyle is much more than just daily workouts. Along with fitness, a healthy lifestyle includes proper nutrition, adequate sleep, stress management and an overall approach to keeping the mind and body fit. 

Supplements can help us achieve our fitness goals and reach our full potential by filling in gaps and to ensure we are getting all of the proper nutrients to meet our body’s needs. Supplements are just that.. they are designed to supplement an overall balanced diet – they are not “replacements”, they are supporters! 

I truly feel a difference when I stay regimented and incorporate these supplements into my daily routine. It can seem overwhelming with so many different supplements out there, so I want to share my supplement routine with you and why I consistently choose to incorporate them into my daily routine every single day.


First things first… research is important when it comes to choosing your supplements. Through research you can easily identify the quality of supplements you are putting into your body. 

The risk of low quality supplements is that they may not actually be what’s on the label or they aren’t able to be properly used by the body aka they are not bioavailable. In a lab we can mimic vitamins and minerals but there are only certain molecular configurations that can actually be absorbed from the stomach into the bloodstream through the intestines. Low quality supplements may never get absorbed or they are only absorbed in very small quantities! 

1stPhorm supplements are bar none the highest quality. You might think I am biased because Sal is in the industry, but I fully trust 1st phorm products because they are made in an SQF level 3 FDA inspected facility (this is not required by law, but they go above and beyond for their customers). They are tested at the ‘raw goods’ level and at the ‘finished goods’ level ensuring that you receive the highest quality and safest possible supplements for your body. This also ensures that you are getting the proper amount needed and it is bioavailable so your body can use the ingredients to their full potential.


Opti Greens 50

This is my daily dose of greens and probiotics! Like most people I struggle to get in a well balanced variety of greens and OG50 helps me fill that void. This product is amazing for Gastro-Intestinal “gut” health, it helps with gut motility, digestion, regular bowel movements, & majorly decreases BLOAT! The Opti-Greens are berry flavored and go down easy and smooth!  

How I Use:  I mix 2 scoops into my daily breakfast protein Shake.  

Other Ideas:  Mix in 4-8 oz of water or mix in orange juice or G2 Gatorade!

Micro Factor

This is my daily multi-vitamin pack. I love how easy it is that all of my essential vitamins are in one little pack ready to go. I live a super fast paced life and having everything set out for me in a convenient pack not only fills my nutrition gaps but makes it EASY! I don’t have to open and close 5 different pill bottle to get each thing. This pack contains EFA, CoQ10, Multi-Vitamin, Probiotic, Fruits and veggies cap and antioxidants! It also comes in a powder form which I LOVE because I can simply add it to my morning shake!

How I Use:  Take a Micro Factor Pack with water after a meal (do not take on an empty stomach) OR add one scoop of Micro Factor Powder to my protein shake or Opti Greens 50.

Level-1 Protein

This is a low temperature processed, whey protein blend that you would use as a snack during the day or a meal replacement on the go. The reason low temperature processing is important is because it maintains the nature of the protein and isn’t as harsh on your tummy, causing less gas and bloating.  

How I use: Mix 1.5 scoops with 8 oz of water and drink as a breakfast shake daily. I will also use a scoop of this in between meals as a snack. My favorite is Milk Chocolate.

Other Ideas: Blend 1 scoop of protein powder with ice and water (or almond milk) in blender. I often add frozen fruit, oats, or peanut butter to “beef” it up a bit. 

Phormula 1 Protein

This is my post-workout protein shake. It’s also a low temperature processed protein. This powder is a protein isolate which absorbs very fast. This is just what you need for optimal muscle recovery immediately after a workout. You want to drink this within 30 minutes of working out to aid your body in recovery and help it to retain more lean muscle mass. Repairing and recovering lean muscle tissue also helps you burn more body fat!!!  

How I Use:  Mix 1 scoop of Phormula 1 in 8 oz water and drink immediately after working out. My favorite flavors are Chocolate Milkshake and Chocolate Mint Cookie …anything with chocolate!

MegaWatt Pre-Workout

This is my favorite pre-workout. It gives me just the right amount of energy during my workouts without making me feel shaky. It helps me feel more energetic and strong during tough workouts, especially on days when I am dragging, this helps me wake up! I never took it while I was pregnant and definitely missed the energy boost! 

How I Use: About 15-20 minutes prior to my workout, I mix ½ scoop of MegaWatt into a bottle of water. You can drink it all before you start or continue to sip it throughout your workout. My favorite flavor is Rocket Pop.


Collagen is a protein found in every single joint, tendon, bone, and ligament in the body and it is crucial to strengthening and keeping all those tissues healthy! Not only that, but it also helps support our skin health, elasticity, nail strength, hair health, and strong joints … among many other things! It is important to note collagen supplementation will only give you the benefits you need if you are hitting your protein goal for the day.

How I Use: I simply add 1 scoop of Collagen in my morning coffee. The best part is the collagen comes in several amazing flavors so I don’t even need to add creamer!


We cannot forget this gem of a nutrient – this is something newer I have added in and let me tell you that at night, it really helps me to wind down and feel so much better. This is because Magnesium is an essential mineral that we NEED to function and most people do not get near enough from their diet alone. 1st Phorm blended 6 forms that help with so many functions… Helps with cell function and relaxation of muscles, nerve control (stress reduction), helps with bone growth, keeps you focused, and so much more. 

How I use: Mix 1 scoop with 4-6 oz water (cold or hot) about 60-30 minutes before bed. My favorite flavors are Peach Ring and Chocolate Sea Salt.

Hair, Skin & Nail Essentials

Being in the Aesthetic industry and knowing how important overall nutrition is to the health of hair, skin, nails I want to be sure I am giving my body everything it needs to produce these healthy cells. Hair Skin Nail Essentails is a like a multivitamin specifically formulated for this; helping to boost collagen production to help produce more growth in strength and texture in the appearance of hair, skin, and nails. 

How I use: take 3 capsules before bed

How Do I FIt All Of these Supplements INto Each Day?

I am constantly on the go and have very limited time in the morning before we head out of the door to school and work. My younger self would skip breakfast or grab something convenient (and likely unhealthy) to eat in the car… but not anymore! Now, I set myself up for success and start the day off on the right food with an on-the go protein shake! It is so easy for me to mix and take with me on the go. It’s important to start the day off with protein as it is the building blocks of cells and help with everything, including our skin too! 🙂 You can read more about my protein shake recipe HERE.

My Morning Protein Shake Recipe

This 3 ingredient shake is my morning staple that ensures I am starting the day off on a positive note and giving my body what it needs to be its best as I run around from the drop-off line to the office. I mix it with water but you can add some ice and blend into a smoothie, change the flavors, add fruits/veggies or mix them separately. That is the beautiful thing, you can create your own morning health blend. 

There you have it! Having these supporters in my diet helps me achieve all the nutrition I need thanks to the added vitamins and minerals. Plus they are super convenient! I’ve built my supplement routine for me and what I need and I LOVE it!

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