The Highs and Lows Of Being A Working Mama #MomGuilt

Before Sal and I even conceived our first baby I knew I wasn’t interested in being a stay at home Mom. I was making strides in my career and I was so excited and passionate about it.  Of course our minds were open to the fact that my desires might change once I did give birth but from the beginning our plan was that we would both work. 

I took just 3 months off after having Enzo. The first day I went back to work I was overwhelmed with excitement, but also nervousness..and happiness, but also dread. Is that possible?! I mean, I was going to be leaving my baby for 3 whole days a week?! It felt foreign and strange to be without him. On the first day back I thought I heard him cry at least three times. But, more than anything I was craving to be back at work. Being an aesthetic nurse is my passion and I was so eager to get back to helping and serving people in that way. 

However, Mom Guilt was real from week one. I felt guilty for leaving him, guilty for enjoying the clinic atmosphere and being surrounded by adults everyday. Guilty for thinking about work when I was home with him and guilty for talking about him non-stop while I was at work (okay I didn’t feel that guilty about that). 

Just 6 months later I had our twin girls. This time I took 5 months off, I needed that time to get everyone into a routine. 3 under 14 months was a LOT. Since January of 2018 I’ve been back at the office three days a week and I work from home doing online skincare consultations as well, clocking at least 40 work hours career-wise!

The Benefits of Being a Working Mama

I even feel a pinch of guilt as I think about the things I love about being a working Mom, but I’m not going to let that get in the way of me sharing! Being a Mom looks different for everyone we don’t need to justify our choices! 

1. Job Satisfaction – My career brings me so much joy and fulfillment. I’ve loved being an aesthetic nurse since I started and that reward is so invaluable for me.

2. Self Care – I consider going to work a form of self care. It’s a totally different type of stimulation compared to being at home with the babies. I love the adult connection as well as the precision and detail of my work. It’s like a rest for one part of my brain and a workout for the other part! Haha! As Moms, we need to remember to take care of ourselves too. There is nothing wrong with doing things for yourself because in the end it means you are happier and then your babies will be too. 

3. Giving Them a Better Quality of Life – Sal and I both working means the income coming into our household is higher than if it was just him. Of course we have invested in child care but the money we will be able to save for our babies is, of course, very motivating for us. We know we are creating a future for them each and every day. 

4. Keeping my Identity – As a Mom I think it can be very easy to identify as a ‘just a Mom’ and nothing else. And when I’m not at work it IS hard to really see myself as anything else. But as Moms we have to remember we are also Daughters, Friends, Sisters, Employees, Athletes, Wives, and the list goes on. I am so grateful that I am blessed to identify as a Mother but I also love identifying as a Nurse. It gives me a different sense of purpose and one that is also rewarding. 

5. Time Together is Precious – Because I am away from these angels for most of the day I really try and throw myself into our time together. For me it’s quality over quantity. I am able to be completely present with them in the early mornings, and I’m excited to rush home after work to scoop them up and spend the evenings together as well. If you’re a working Mama you know there is nothing better than the greeting you get after coming home from a long day at work.  

6. As much as I can identify the reasons I choose to work and how happy it makes me, I am still constantly worried if I am doing enough. I want to be the best mom in the world all while I build my business, be a great wife, and maintain our household. I want to set an example for my babies…I want to show them that you can be a mom and have your career. So I continue to balance the Mom guilt, I sit with it, I feel through it. I don’t judge myself. I work hard, I give them all my love and I do things that make me happy. I do know one thing….I am giving it my ALL! 



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