The Power of Manifestation

For a long time now I have been in the manifestation mindset. This means I speak out to the universe what I want for my life. It is a positive, forward thinking, destination filled mindset that guides you through life. When you decide you want something in life every decision you make from that point on should take you in that direction. It only takes seconds to make this commitment and change your mindset. I do it while I am goal setting, dreaming up ideas in my head or while I am focusing on my gratitude. Speaking to the universe works for your dreams, career, job, relationships, etc. Make it known to the universe that this thing is going to happen and it will be yours. It is also helpful to recite or speak your goals/desires in the past tense like it has already happened and then reflect on how you feel saying it like you have already accomplished it. The manifestation of this dictates feelings that will drive you to get where you want to be. 

Finding Your Time

I am very aware of the busy mom life whether you work or stay at home but this does not mean you do not get to dream and aspire for everything you want in life. Moms are declared fulfilled and complete by just having children and yes they fill a huge part of your life but you are still a human. I have another blog explaining why it is so important to remember who you were before you were a mom! Who I am now is different from who I was before my kids and I don’t want to go back to that person but I do miss aspects of her “life”. I am who I want to be right now, my kids have made me into a new person and I now navigate from this point. I find time for myself daily where I can be in my head with my thoughts, goals, and dreams and that is so important. I find my times alone are morning and evening once the kids go to bed. Even if I am doing other things I am able to be with my thoughts and check in on myself. Even making 5 minutes to slow down and reflect makes a world of difference!

Movement, Meditation, and Mindfulness

I wish I was the perfect human that could do it all but I don’t think that is really the reality for anyone. That is okay as long as you are able to prioritize and get to all the things you really want/need to do for yourself. My NEED is movement, I make sure I workout or move my body at least 5 times a week. Exercise has always been a big part of my life and it is key for my mental health. It is my own time for myself while I am taking care of my mind and body and that is so important in my day to day. Other parts of my life feel like I am pouring out of my own cup to make others happy and take care of them and working out is how I fill it up. While I workout I have got into the habit of reflecting and thinking. This is almost like my form of meditation. I would love to make time to actually meditate regularly but it is not a priority right now, and that’s okay! Being mindful while I workout is how I make time for that work. All of these are a huge part of personal development which is what growth is based around. 

Time To Work On You

Personal development seems like a big deal but it is really just a bunch of other little habits in your life that work together to guide your infinite growth. Personal or Self Development can be anything from habits to goals or education to prayer; anything where you are making yourself better is important. Mindfulness is a great first step because it means your mindspace is focused for whatever direction you are trying to go. There are different ways to strengthen your mind such as journalling, meditation, active thinking, goal setting, etc. pretty much anything that makes it very clear what your desires and path are. Approaching everyday with a positive and focused outlook can make any day easier because you are choosing for it to be good from the get go. It will help you see the good throughout the day where you may have dwelled on a small negative. There are lots of ways to sneak in personal development, even as a mom. Podcasts or audiobooks in the car are great and your kids/partner can listen along as well. 

Speak To The Universe

You are choosing your fate, there is nothing to blame on others when you are not getting where you want to be. If you are putting in the work then the results will come eventually, push through the lows and the bumps along the way. Keeping the big picture in mind and focusing on you is what will make success happen. No matter how hard you work if you are not believing in yourself you aren’t going to get very far. Be your own motivation! 

Love finds you when you love yourself

Support finds you when you support yourself

Gratitude finds you when you appreciate yourself

These are what I tell myself when I need momentum to keep going and keep pursuing goals that seem too far fetched. I will say them outloud or in my head to myself, journal them or type them out on my phone. It all works and repetition will make it stick in your mind. You do not have to have all your ducks in a row, just start with a few small habits of your top priorities and then keep going from there. 

You are worth it, you deserve it and you can do whatever you set your mind to.

The answer is YOU!



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2 thoughts on “The Power of Manifestation”

  1. Melissa Carter-LeBlanc


    I forget exactly how I found your blog, likely when I was researching to become a nurse injector. I’m a FNP and studied all last year and shadowed an individual in aesthetics and then it did not pan out for me. I am still really interested in the industry and this blog had me thinking about reexamining my life goals, wants, and direction of my life. I enjoy your blog and feel like I know you. Thanks for sharing your life and interests with us.


    Melissa Carter

    1. Thank you so much for the positive feedback…it really means a lot! The beauty of the nursing profession is that there really are so many possibilities and direction that you can take your career outside of the ‘traditional’ nursing roles. Follow your dreams, girlfriend!! XO

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